Ankara Crop Tops: 25 Styles for Ladies & Women

When it comes to fashion, no one has it better than women. And when it comes to style, class and a show of identity, no material does that better than an Ankara. Believe it or not, the Ankara evolution is real and nothing can stop that anytime soon. The dynamism, creativity and flexibility the Ankara material brings has not only transformed the fashion world in recent times, it has re-branded it, making African young men and women identify with their origin while slaying on the fashion ground. with the help of Humanize Mag make your shopping tour.

The next hit is the Ankara crop to. If you don’t have one in your wardrobe yet, you will most likely call your fashion designer to style one for you after reading this piece. The crop top is one of the trending styles in recent times and you can only imagine what amazing feat it can get with Ankara prints!  Do you have a dashing bikini body? Then you should try a nice crop top on. You have no idea a style that’d fit you? This piece is for you.


Ankara Crop Tops: 25 Styles for Ladies & Women

One of the most popular areas of women’s apparel revolves around tops! Sometimes ladies want to wear some sexy clothes, but sometimes we are not so confident about our body shape. Want to show your abdomen confidently? Don’t worry! Here are some Ankara crop top styles to wet your appetite.

Sometimes, simple just does it all. While this is not the simplest of crop top styles, you can be sure to enjoy attentions whenever you rock this. How about the sleeveless for design. Lovely.

Let’s spice up your next big outing, shall we? When it comes to Ankara crop tops, it is usually necessary to pick out a detail in the cloth and design around it. This style gives you a touch of simplicity and breeds confidence in and out of the wearer.

Gentle ladies, shall we? Talk about class without so much noise, this crop top style brings that, and lots more. Although this isn’t a style everyone would embrace, it is one you rock on days you feel bold and amazing. 

When in doubt, go with the classic – there are few things better for a casual or even classy events than an  Ankara crop top perfectly combined with a jean and lovely heels.

If you still don’t have this crop top design with complimenting trouser in your wardrobe, you are probably missing out on one of the latest styles in Nigeria today. Perfect for birthday parties, casual hangouts and not-too-formal occasions, this style is one of the most picked styles in recent months and does not look like fading away anytime soon.

It is one thing to have a nice Ankara material; it is another to rock a lovely style that compliments it. You do not always have to go all elegant. A simple crop top with a touch of quality can do the talking. This style never goes off the market. There is a reason it is rated among the best ever crop top styles.

Not a bad option for days you don’t want to be too heavy and still need to maintain your top fashion. Simple and beautiful. Suitable for all types of ladies.

If you are still confused about which Ankara style to make for that wedding or party? You should consider this skirt and blouse style. The fact that this styles gives you such a simple and yet dashing look makes it you should gift yourself with.

If you are one of those that does not like so much attention but still wants to feel so good in that Ankara crop top, then this style is one you should consider. Not the most elegant style in the world but it sure does the job in the simplest way possible. It is also perfect for curvy ladies.

This is a kind of Ankara crop top that blends perfectly for any kind of outing. Whether traditional, low-key classic or exotic wedding, this Ankara gown wouldn’t make you feel out of place. in fact, if you are the type that appreciates attention, you can decide to be more.

Last year saw lots of fashion styles erupt and this is one of the mouth-watering crop top designs. This design goes better with flashy colors and complimenting accessories. Do not attempt this style if you are not ready to steal the show.

This fashion magic has says it all. This is a fashion style that goes perfectly well with all kinds of occasions and fits all types of ladies. Be careful enough to explain this concept to your fashion designer as to get the perfect style you desire. This Ankara gown style rates among the very best this year.

This is another Ankara crop top style that has taken the nation by storm. This  style is still one to beat for casual occasions and birthday parties. Particularly designed for slim ladies, the style offers dynamism and ease of movement from one place to the other.

Throw on a complimenting pendant necklace and other accessory on this one and you are set to slay on the biggest of stages! This style is great for various occasions . Gorgeous

This crop top style also boast a great design, especially when you spice them up with lovely sleeves and finishing. A lovely design.

Comfortable, simple, free and beautiful; what more could you want in a crop top dress? This style makes you feel smart and oozes confidence from inside out.

One of the classy ladies. Wear this dress on a flat or heel and see the unique versatility of the style. The style accentuates the narrowest parts of your body.

Armless  crop top style is a delight for young ladies and it is easy to see why. They are usually freer than most other styles and can be rocked anytime and for any occasion. Another advantage of this design is that they are easier to wear and when rocked well, expect the world to stare.

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