Top 10 Fashion Blogs in Nigeria


There’s absolutely no doubt that Nigerians are very fashionable people. We spend a lot of time, energy and money to look good whether in our traditional attires or in western outfits. However, Nigerians still have lots to learn when it comes to fashion.

Fashion is something that constantly revolves and so as not to be left behind or seen as a fashion novice we need to constantly update our knowledge of the latest fashion trends in order to develop our own personal styles such as this Stylish leather duffle bag for your weekend getaway.

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Top 10 Fashion Blogs in Nigeria

There are a few Nigerian blogs that focus on supplying the right amount of information on how to dress, make up and perform proper body grooming.

Here are the top 10 fashion blogs in Nigeria:

1. Bella Naija

Although Bella Naija started as a gossip blog, it has now been transformed into a multidimensional blog with different categorieslike lifestyle, fashion, business, culture, arts and romance. Bella Naija which is owned by UchePedro, has a very active fashion section where men and women can learn a lot about the latest fashion trends, hair styles and haircuts, celebrity fashion, styling tips and lots more.

Bella Naija also has a page on Instagram titled ‘Asoebibella’ where Nigerians post different photos of creative styles for Nigerian traditional attires.

2. One Nigerian boy

I personally love One Nigerian Boy because it’s an all-encompassingblog. It talks about men’s fashion, women’s fashion and African culture in general. One Nigerian guy is owned by Terrence Sambo, a UK based Nigerian.

3. Jadore fashion

Another information-packed blog for Nigerian fashion enthusiasts is Jadore fashion. She regularly posts her own personal style, giving readers ideas on what to wear and how to combine pieces of clothing together to derive fabulous and classy styles while taking care of the clothing by using the Scottsdale dry cleaning service.

4. Fifth and Sixth closet

This is another website that focuses on teaching readers how to put dress in head turning outfits.

5. My glamosphere

My glamosphere is owned by a professional makeup artist and fashion stylist, Omobola Bolaji and she teaches make up and fashion tips that meet the needs of the average Nigerian woman.

6. The Fashion Engineer

The fashion engineer blogs about beauty, makeup, skin care and other aspects of fashion. You can also learn a lot about how to make up from the tutorial videos she posts regularly.

7. Madivas

Madivas has a huge collection of fashion picture gallery from aso ebi to corporate wears, friday night wears, church outfits and even styles for the big bold and beautiful. The list is endless as Madivas also publishes regular articles on hairstyles, skin care, food & diet. Madivas is available on web and as an android app on Googles playstore.

8. Bronzegoddessng

If you need the best skin care tips for black skin, there’s no better place to find it than on bronzegoddessng.

9. Natural Nigerian

This blog caters to ladies with natural hair. You can learn tips on how to take care of your Nigerian hair by using a Beard Trimmer and also find out where to buy natural products for natural hair grooming.

10. Sizelle

Ebun Oluwole and other writers teach everything about how to make homemade products for skin care using everyday items that can be found easily.

Other Worthy Fashion Blog Mentions:


Uberchicmimi is a fashion blog that curates global fashion content from all over the world. On this blog, you would not only find the latest fashion trends in Nigeria, you would also find international fashion trends and styling tips too.

If you are looking for fashion kind of presents you will be see these options on BeardBro .

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