Where to Buy Shoes Online in Nigeria

Wondering where to buy shoes online in Nigeria? Then this post is for you. Read on.

Cute shoes are a way to make a fashion statement especially in Nigeria where looking good is hot business.

But if you think all those cool guys and sexy ladies you see with very nice looking shoes have to spend their entire paycheck or have to travel out of the country to get those trendy shoes, you’ve got it wrong. Here in Nigeria, you could get cool shoes at unbelievable prices online if only you know where to look. If you are looing for new shoes, you might want to read the vessi shoes review.

Here are a few places to get nice, good quality shoes at the cheapest prices online in Nigeria:

  1. Jumia: Jumia is another great place to find lovely shoes for men, women and children at great rates.
  2. Konga: Konga has stocks from various merchants that you can check out. On Konga, you would find both Nigerian and foreign brands at great prices.
  3. Heels.com.ng: This is where you would find genuine Italian and American brands for men and women. You can also get lovely bags and purses on this website.
  4. Kaymu: I once bought a lovely pair of silver shoes on Kaymu and I totally loved it! You should check Kaymu out too.
  5. Mall4Africa: Mall4Africa is a shopping platform that allows you to shop from US, UK and Chinese online stores while you pay in naira and have the items delivered to you right here in Nigeria without stress. On the Mall4Africa platform, you would find dozens of stores with good quality shoes at eye-popping prices.

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