Ankara Long Jackets: 25 Hot styles for Ladies

Ladies! Are you looking to make a subtle but undeniable fashion statement? Effortlessly, I might add? Do you want to strut into work, that formal or informal gathering and command attention as well as sustain it? If you answered “YES” to all of my questions, then go get yourself a long beautiful Ankara Jacket. But first, here are more reasons why you should. Visit Tadam black stock for more info.

The Ankara long jacket is among other things is beautiful, bubbly, and effortless and an attention magnet. It gives the wearer an air of sophistication and class. Additionally, this hot style is suitable for almost all kind of engagements. You can wear it to work, church, dates and hangouts with friends.

The good news is, all women of all size, height and stature can pull off this look! Like the little black dress, this is a must have for every female because you do not know when you would need to drape something other than a scarf or trench coat over your shoulders.

This article will showcase 25 amazing ways you can sew and style your long Ankara jacket. Ready? Let’s get started!


Ankara Long Jackets: 25 Hot styles for Ladies

The length of the Ankara long Jacket varies. It could be above the knee, knee length, ankle length or floor length, right where you use an amazon ankle brace.

A long Ankara jacket automatically transforms your simple looking Jeans and top into something elegant chic and beautiful. Want to go to that neighborhood party but are too tired to get all extra glammed up? As a lady, these days come. All you have to do is to throw on your beautiful Ankara jacket and slay all the way!

While you are on the binge for this hot fashion trend, why not get creative? Play with colors. Mix and match colors that blend well together especially two Ankara with similar colors and patterns. As we often say, “Girls with the brightest clothes, have the most fun!”

However, you do not want to make it too busy and conflicting though. So we would advice you stick to two colors max.

One more thing you can do to make your above Knee length Ankara jacket look even more special, is to play with the sleeves. Ruffle it up, pleat it up and pad it up. Why have all your jackets with the same sleeves? No reason!

You can pair your jacket as in the picture above with a fitted dress or skirt with the exact length. This look will have everyone seeking the phone number of your designer and who knows, you could score some referral bonus from him/her.

Can your Ankara jacket have collars? Big yes!  Make it  long sleeved and even make it look more like a suit. Friday work day never looked better.

Spice up your little black dress with your Ankara jacket. Give it a burst of colour and observe how you will draw attention like a magnetic field. This is perfect for church, for work and even for a date.  Match it a pair of stilettos and strut on your own private runway.

Long Ankara jackets are usually losely sown so you can be versatile with your look. Want to wear your jacket buttoned up and still radiate sex appeal? All you have to do is: cinch it on your waist with a bold belt. This would make your waist appear thinner and pronounce your curves. This style  is great for work, the birthday of your colleague and church.

This look says. “admire but do not touch”.

Sew a matching pencil skirt for your jacket. Why not? Pair it up with pumps a clutch and you are ready for that outing. If you are opportune to work in a place with flexible dress codes, then you do not have to wait till Friday to rock this.

This style combo is a showstopper! Don’t you agree? Fashion is all about being bold and different while looking like a million bucks. It is not just enough to ensure the external part of your clothes look beautiful without minding the kind of fabric used in lining the internal.

Do  pay extra attention to the fabric used on the inside. Use a check or raw silk fabric like the lady in the above picture. Use patterns or plain fabric. However, irrespective of the kind of lining used, ensure it is properly sewn and weaved on the inside. Although you have to be careful so you not make the ensemble too loud and conflicting. Every part of the design must be in sync.

Do you want to look simple and chic? Then this look is for you. Whether you are going to the movies, for a picnic, lunch or shopping, this super casual and chick Ankara jacket got you. Pair this with a pair of sneakers or flat sandals to complete it.

You can decide to add more details to the neck and to the sleeves of your jacket. Choosing the right accessory is essential so do seek the advice of your designer.

Isn’t it so great to know that you do not have to move heaven and earth to look this good? This style is perfect for brunch, lunch, movies and even meetings. It is conservative and classy.

This style could pass for the African version of the English trench coat. However, the Ankara jacket is more flamboyant. It is perfect as a cover up for your mini-skirts and well fitted cut out dresses.

For that attractive look, pair your floor length jacket with a mini-skirt and camisole. If you want to leave more to the imagination, pair it with palazzo trousers sewn from the same fabric as the Ankara jacket.

Admit it, you love this style! Who wouldn’t? This is a dynamic style that shows why long Ankara jackets wouldn’t go off the grid anytime soon. Masterclass? You bet. You can comfortably rock this on days you want to feel fly and can also combine with befitting accessories for classy occasions.  

Beautiful! One of the best styles in recent years.

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