10 Best Lightening Serum in Nigeria

One product you need to step up your skincare game is a lightening serum. A lightening serum can contain any safe lightening ingredient. However, you will find that many of the lightening serums you will find in Nigeria contains ingredients such as vitamin C or Niacinamide. These are ingredients that brighten your skin naturally without bleaching it.

Best Lightening Serum in Nigeria

Find out the best lightening serums in Nigeria.

Dr. Rashel Vitamin C Face Serum

This is a thin, lightweight serum that is highly effective. Dr. Rashel Vitamin C serum helps with all skin blemishes. For example, it will fade sun spots, hyper-pigmentation and other skin discolorations. It will also help to refine skin texture by reducing the formation of wrinkles or minimizing existing blemishes. This serum also contains high doses of pure vegan hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid also plumps the skin and repairs skin cells. Dr. Rashel Vitamin C serum also contains powerful antioxidants which neutralize free radicals that cause skin damage, thereby reversing past skin damages. This serum not only brightens and smoothens the skin but protects and restores its radiance so that you are left with a youthful complexion.

Pei Mei Retinol C Facial Serum

This is a high penetrating serum that can stay in the skin for more than 6 hours. This allows the product to sink into the skin and work effectively. This product is known to brighten the skin by up to six shades. Pei Mei Retinol C facial serum also promotes collagen production in the skin to make the skin firmer and prevent it from looking loose. Retinol is easily absorbed by the body. This ingredient helps to restore whiteness to the skin and leave it feeling supple. Lastly, Retinol is a natural ingredient that is able to protect the skin from external environmental pollution known as free radicals. This product effectively brightens dull skin, smoothens fine lines and reduces other skin blemishes.

F&W Gold AHA Brightening Lotion Gold Serum

The Fair and White Gold Serum does not only work as a brightening serum but also exfoliates the skin. It is loaded with AHAs which shed away skin cells on the surface of the skin to reveal brighter skin beneath. This serum contains Glycolic acid which effectively softens the skin. It also effectively reduces fine lines and smoothens rough skin texture. F&W Gold Serum also contains Argan oil which addresses uneven skin tone and fades dark spots. It also brightens the skin by revitalizing dull skin and balancing your skin tone. With consistent use of this serum, you will be left with a more youthful appearance.

Radha Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Radha Beauty contains 20% Vitamin C. This serum is able to brighten the skin. It also repairs the skin from sun damage and fades skin discoloration. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient that hydrates the skin by drawing moisture from the environment, thereby leaving the skin plump and hydrated from within. Radha Beauty Brightening Serum also contains Witch Hazel Water which soothes skin inflammations and effectively calms blemishes such as pimples and rashes. Lastly, it contains Green Tea which is a nourishing ingredient to detoxify your skin and solve skin blemishes such as pimples. This product stimulates collagen in the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Rahda Beauty Brightening Serum is safe for all skin types. It is dermatologically tested as it is cruelty-free and organic. It also does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is safe for all skin types.

Advanced Clinical Vitamin C Serum

The Advanced Clinical Vitamin C Serum is a great product if you are battling with dark or uneven skin tones. It also works as an anti-aging serum to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known to effectively lighten dark spots and other dark pigmentations on the skin. The Advanced Clinical Vitamin C Serum works as a skin clarifier, thus clearing away any skin blemish that clouds your complexion. Advanced Vitamin C Serum contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin, Vitamin E, and Green tea to soothe and nourish the skin. One is left with a clearer and even skin complexion.

Aichun Beauty Brightening Serum

Aichun Beauty serum is packed with nourishing ingredients for your skin to effectively fight blemishes on the skin. It contains Collagen to firm the skin and make it look youthful. It also smoothens fine lines and wrinkles to reveal younger-looking skin. Aichun Beauty serum contains Vitamin E which helps to nourish the skin. This serum is 99% oil-free and is ideal for oily skin types. It contains powerful anti-oxidants which act to inhibit the harmful effect of free radicals in the environment. It also contains Arbutin to effectively fade dark spots and hyper-pigmented areas on the face, thus brightening your skin color. This product is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. After use, one is left with deeply moisturized and brighter skin.

The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution

The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum is made from Ascorbyl Glucoside, a stabilized Vitamin C derivative. Vitamin C acts as an effective antioxidant neutralizing the effects of free radicals. It also effectively brightens the skin tone and reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. This form of Vitamin C is more compatible with water thus making it have a fine serum texture. The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum is easy to use and offers specific skin brightening benefits such as fading dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. It is also cruelty-free and does not contain parabens or alcohol, it is thus ideal for sensitive skin types.

Good molecules Daily Brightening Serum

Good Molecules Brightening Serum helps to maintain an even-toned complexion. It contains Beta Arbutin to effectively brighten the skin and fade dark marks and hyper-pigmentation. It also contains Hyaluronic acid which works by hydrating the skin from layers within and retaining moisture so your skin remains plump. This serum gently brightens the skin and also promotes a healthy, youthful complexion. It is a lightweight formula that is easily absorbed into the skin and can be used under makeup.

These are effective lightening serums available in Nigeria.

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