5 Best Powders for Oil Face in Nigeria

Oily skin types go through lots of troubles when it comes to skincare and make-up. We all want that smooth, flawless face, or else what is the point of makeup if it does not achieve this. However, oily skin can get in the way, adding shine and grease to your face. If you are tired of having your makeup gone before you get through half of the day, then it is time to invest in a good face powder. A good face powder has a huge role to play if you want your makeup to remain set and flawless. This article provides you with a list of the best powders for oily skin in Nigeria.

Best Powders for Oil Face in Nigeria

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Tara Powder

Tara Powder includes foundation and serves as an all-in-one powder, providing total coverage of all blemishes. This powder has thin particles that will not seem heavy on the skin. However, it has strong adhesion and will instantly hide flaws as well as seal up oil on your skin so you have a fresh look all day long. Tara Powder is ideal for all skin types and its users do not complain of any skin irritation. This powder is ideal for oily skin types as it is oil-free. It also contains sunscreen, vitamin E and aloe Vera. Tara Powder is a natural-based medium coverage powder that helps to give you a natural and smooth finish when used. This powder is very ideal for work as it remains set even when the stress of the day is ongoing. Even at the end of the day, one is left with a matte- finish the look.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

The Rimmel Face Powder offers an absolutely flawless look. It is a finishing powder that effectively reduces shine and blurs out other skin imperfections. All you need to do is put it on your face and on your oily T-zone and watch your face remain smooth and dry throughout the day. You can use the powder over the foundation for a smooth look. With the Rimmel Face Powder, you can say goodbye to a greasy, oily look as the powder gives your skin a matte finish and controls shine. The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is easy to use. With just a sweep of the brush, you have covered your imperfections and achieved a finished look. Rimmel Face Powder offers up to 5 hours of perfect wear. It is indeed a wonder makeup product.

Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder

The Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder is translucent, that is ideal for all skin tones. It is a one fit all powder that takes away the stress of trying to find your shade. This powder is weightless and gentle on the skin. It is a natural powder that leaves the skin soft and smooth. The Mary Kay Mineral Pressed Powder is effective at controlling shine and excess oil for a minimum of eight hours. It gives an invisible layer of coverage that absorbs excess oil to keep you looking fresh throughout the day. This powder also contains light-scattering properties to soften the appearance of imperfections for a flawless look. It helps to minimize the appearance of lines and adds color to the skin. Since the Mary Kay Powder is mineral-based, it is also beneficial to the skin.

Milani Mineral Compact Makeup Powder

Milani Make up powder offers full coverage for the entire face. It is a weightless formula and gentle on the skin. It is also compact and easy to carry around. The Milani Make up Powder instantly covers up imperfections such as age spots, dark circles and scars. It offers full coverage with just one swipe. Milani Powder is a silky multi-purpose powder that can be used to brighten up your skin tone. It is also used to set the foundation and control shine. Oil skin types will benefit greatly from the Milani Makeup Powder as it gives you a natural matte finish. This powder is cruelty-free and can be used even by sensitive skin types.

Avon Powder

Avon Powder is the perfect face powder to set your makeup and perfect your skin tone. It is an ultra-fine, silky powder that glides over your skin leaving you with a natural matte finish. It is also weightless and gentle on the skin. The Avon Powder contains light-diffusing pigments that control oil and shine giving your skin full coverage. This powder easily covers up blemishes and other forms of imperfections for a natural and soft look. It is formulated with Color IQ Technology which helps to give your skin an instant radiance. Lastly, the Avon Powder is available in seven shades.

Maybelline Poreless Matte Powder

Maybelline Poreless Powder face makeup lives up to its name. It gives the face a matte finish and a poreless look with long-lasting shine control. This powder is ideal for all skin types; from oily to normal skin. The Maybelline Poreless Powder is formulated with Perlite Mineral technology which is able to absorb oil. It also contains blurring micro-powder properties which reduce the appearance of pores. This powder is easy to use and blends effortlessly into the skin. The Maybelline Powder can be worn alone or used to set one’s foundation. It is also dermatologically tested and cruelty-free, which makes it ideal even for sensitive skin types. Lastly, it is non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.

Zaron Powder

Zaron Mattifying Powder is a must-have for oily skin types. It is specially formulated for black women. It is available in 11 shades so you can find your appropriate skin tone. Zaron powder effectively blots out oil and reduces shine. It is lightweight and gentle on the skin. After use, one is left with a smooth and flawless matte finish. Zaron Powder is ideal for oily skin types because it is oil-free. Zaron Mattifying Powder easily loosens when used such that it has the same effect as a loose powder. It also contains SPF 30.

These powders will guarantee you flawless makeup by providing a natural matte finish.

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