Off-shoulder Ankara Tops: (2019) Latest Styles


For a lot of interesting reasons, fashion has become one of the biggest industries in the world and millions of women now depend on fashion to ensure they look their very best in every situation. While a lot has changed in the international fashion scene, a lot more revolution has popped up in the local fashion scene, one of which has seen

Ankara off-shoulder tops among the leading styles in the fashion business in Nigeria right now.   Off-shoulder tops have not only dominated in Nigeria in recent times, the style has also opened doors to more creativity, innovation and dynamism in the fashion world.

Here, we will take a look at some of the latest Ankara off-shoulder styles in the fashion world today.

Off-shoulder Ankara Tops: Latest Styles

There is something about an off-shoulder Ankara top that makes it one of the most coveted styles in the fashion world today. A lady who is conscious of her fashion sense and dynamism can make the world sit back and appreciate the beauty of fashion with the vibe off shoulder Ankara tops can generate. Off-shoulder tops without a doubt stand right there among the very best styles in the fashion world today.

Let us take a quick look at some of the latest, loveliest and most scintillating Ankara off-shoulder top styles in Nigeria today.


off shoulder ankara top 1

One of the trendy off-shoulder Ankara tops in recent time. This top can make you look smart while keeping you comfortable the whole day. To get the best out of this style, pair it up with some nice denim or a pencil skirt. You can decide to go on a sandal for a casual look or high heels for a classier look. One of the best styles around today. off shoulder ankara top 2

If you are a lover of fashion and follower of latest trends, you would have come across this style in the biggest of fashion stages. Simple, yet this styles speaks class from inside out. Perfect for casual occasions and some semi-formal events. off shoulder ankara top 3


Ankara off-shoulder tops can be rocked with various types of outfits. They go perfectly well on jean trousers and depending on your height of adventure and fashion sense, they go hopelessly well with other materials as well. While these tops are perfect for occasions. You can rock them in for various traditional events as well as for the semi-formal parties. With Ankara materials being the talk of the town now, you can as well be creative with your styles. All you need to do is look for the materials that go with the colour and style you are looking to make. off shoulder ankara top 4

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Not a bad one to have in a wardrobe for days you don’t want or need to be all dressy. This is similar to the style above, just a little twerk with the sleeves shows the difference; and a big one at that. off shoulder ankara top 5

If you have an Ankara material and you are still confused about the style that can go perfectly with it, you should consider this top style. The fact that you don’t need so many Ankara yards to come up with this beauty is a plus to the style. This is one style you wardrobe will appreciate. 6

If you don’t have this in your wardrobe yet, what are you still waiting for? If you are one of those that don’t like so much attention and yet wants to feel so dressed and classy, then you can go for this style. This everyday fashion style is among the most dynamic off-shoulder designs currently ruling the fashion world. Easy to wear, comfortable. 7

“Class” is not a word you come across so often in the fashion world these days but this top makes the cut. From its unique sleeves to smooth finishing, everything about this top is amazing. You can comfortably rock it with jean trousers or pencil skirts. Make sure you pick a soft colour Ankara material.


This styles is one of the reasons a lot of people have fallen in love with off-shoulder tops. Just look at how simple and beautiful this top is! One note though, ensure your designer takes note of all the details of the top before even starting. One of the great tops to combine with denim or pencil materials. Don’t forget to rock this with your heels. 9


If you want to go a little foreign with your off-shoulder Ankara top, here is one you can share with your fashion designer. The lovely sleeve gives the style a new dimension and a plus for fashion lovers. 11

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Now let’s talk creativity.12

Who says you cannot rock off-shoulder Ankara tops to weddings? Gone are the days when we are restricted when it comes to styles and what to wear and what not to wear. This top, when combined with the right trousers or skirts and right accessories, can be rocked for almost every occasion. This is a plus to your wardrobe.

13You want to go with a unique off-shoulder Ankara style? This is one style you should try. The great news about this top is that it is a perfect fit for all types of ladies. You can even decide to add some glamour to the sleeves.

Off-shoulder Ankara tops are the new trend right now. The fact that they look so great on almost every physique has made them one of the top choices on almost every lady’s list. Even the shyest of ladies are beginning to embrace this trend and as it stands, this fashion innovation will remain on the scene for a very long time.  They are comfortable to wear, very easy to adjust, and if worn and rocked properly wit necessary precautions taken, these off-shoulder Ankara tops can heighten your fashion quotients to a level above the ordinary.


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