Kambo Ceremony: How to Prepare for Marriage in Nigeria

Marriage is a solid commitment between two people who intend becoming a couple, and it should be taken very seriously.

It is therefore not surprising that it is the only institution where you are given a certificate before going into it.

Dating is quite a different ball game therefore adequate preparation is needed to equip with the challenges of married life.

Marriage is neither always a bed of roses nor full of thorns. It comes with ups and downs.

It is therefore, important to know how to prepare for marriage in Nigeria so that you can have a happy home.

Emotional Preparation

Living together with a new person is not always easy. When preparing for marriage you need to understand that you have to make sacrifices and this goes both ways.

There is need for both parties to understand the roles they each play.

The man should be ready to be the head of the home and the woman should give all the necessary support and understanding.

Here you should know what your partner likes and doesn’t like, as well as how they feel about certain things.

Both of you are from a different background with each person used to doing things in a certain way.

Patience is however, key as emotional challenges will surely come your way.

Make yourself available emotionally for your partner and don’t be stuck with memories from previous failed relationships.

Financial Preparation

Have you gone ahead and prepared to have a lavish wedding without taking a moment to think about what happens after the wedding?

Granted, weddings can be financially consuming but you must also learn financial discipline and plan your wedding within a budget that will not leave you with a marriage full of debt.

Next is to clear up all debts before getting into marriage (learn how at moneyexpert.com). This will help you establish financial discipline and trust with your partner. Having a huge debt to pay while getting married or as newlyweds is not a pleasant experience.

Both couples need to learn how to plan their finances together and probably also make room for unforeseen expenses.

Spiritual Preparation

A spiritual mismatch can be deadly and should be taken very seriously, that is why before they have a kambo healing session.

Marriage comes with challenges that will shake both parties and this can easily be overcome via prayers.

Couples are encouraged to be prayerful as marriage can be seen a test of faith.

You need to connect with your partner and have a spiritual understanding of what is required in marriage.

Self Control and Discipline

Intending couples must understand that they are accepting each other into their lives.

There is need to establish self control.

For example, if you are the flirty type you should be aware that this kind of behavior will be offensive to your partner and therefore you must desist or risk hurting the feelings of your partner.

There are so many forms of temptation out there but it takes discipline for married couple to cope with them.

Always have it in mind that you are about to embark on a journey and you will do everything possible to make it a pleasant and happy one.

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  1. I liked your tip of not being stuck with memories from previous relationships before getting married. My brother is wanting to propose to his girlfriend tomorrow. I’ll be sure to tell him to forget about his previous relationships.

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