10 Best Wedding Colour Combinations in Nigeria

A typical Nigerian wedding is second to none. Speak of the glam, elegance and crowd in matching clothes and colors. Colors are an important part of the Nigerian wedding. The right colors can make a wedding glamorous and the pictures more admirable. This is the reason selecting colors is usually a big deal for wedding couples.  If you are planning a Nigerian wedding, you might want to know about the up-and-coming best colour combination for a Nigerian wedding in 2018. They are numerous colors with elegant themes but we are here to show you the best color combination at the time.

Best Wedding Colour Combinations in Nigeria

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Peach and green

Peach and green are popular colors even individually. Combine them and you will have a dazzling wedding color combination. This colour combination is bright, cheerful and very ideal for a Nigerian wedding. More so, many Nigerians have brown skin colours, and the peach color accentuates people’s looks. More so, peach is a warm and floral kind of colour while green is a deeper colour. These colours look best in pictures. This colour combination evokes a feeling of elegance and joy yet with a burst of energy. If you are someone who likes contrasts, this is the colour combination for you. There are other colours you can combine with the popular peach colour. Take for example, mint colour and peach, which is perfect for outdoor weddings because of the greenish shade of the mint colour.

Blue and yellow

Blue colour makes a couple look like a royal family. Think about it, blue is a refreshing colour and whatever shade it comes in, its fit for every season. Yellow is a colour of sunshine, happiness, and optimism. This colour combination makes wedding pictures pop. There are so many shades of blue, for example, navy, sky, aqua, dark, turquoise, cadet, royal, cobalt and others. Each shade of blue can be combined with other colours to touch it up. This colour works effortlessly with any fabrics and print without looking dull or unappealing. In addition to this, blue is such a universal colour that can be combined with many other colours such as silver, pink, white, gold, orange and others.

Champagne gold and black or white

If you are a bride who wants a heavenly look for your wedding, nothing beats Champagne gold. The champagne gold colour has an aura of elegance and class. More so, you cannot see a wedding picture with a Champagne gold theme not to be admired. You can combine champagne gold with any shade of colour, but it especially looks good with dramatic shades such as white or black to make you look even more golden. What is there not to love about the elegant champagne gold and black or a white combination? It is truly a classic. We cannot say enough about how Champagne gold adds a classy touch to your decoration and pictures and makes it look more elegant.

Green and Gold Aso-Ebi

Green is a vibrant colour that can be paired with many other colours, particularly gold. Green represents nature, and it speaks of fertility, growth, hope, and youthfulness. One of the most used shade of green is the emerald green. It is a dark color that pops on all skin tones whether brown, dark or fair. It is also unselective and perfect for both male and female as it exudes class, strength and power. Gold represents wealth and value and can bring such elegance and class to your wedding photos. You can only imagine what the whole wedding experience will be like when you have wedding decorations that match this colour combination. You can have your green fabric which can be aso-ebi or lace and then match it up with a gold gele, purse and jewelries.

Pink and silver

Pink is known to be one of the main symbols of femininity. Many brides choose pink and pair it with other classic and warm colours. One classic colour is silver. Silver colour is sleek, glamorous, modern and rich. It also has a soothing and calm effect which then tones out the brightness of the pink colour. The silver colour pairs well with pink without disrupting its beauty. Other colours that work with pink include white, ivory, beige and other pale colours. If you want an even bolder look, you can combine pink with colours like gold. Some have even tried a baby pink outfit with a shade of purple. Pink is such a versatile colour.

Orange and gold

If you are one of those who used to think the orange colour is harsh and unattractive, then you need to think again. Orange colour which is gold-ish promotes elegance. There are many orange colour combinations that will give you a glamorous wedding. Orange goes well with light tones such as lilac, delicate peach, cream, light brown, soft pink, pale coral and sky blue. However, we have selected one of the classics; orange and gold. You can only imagine what the wedding picture will look like with the sun rays and the dark or brown skin tone of the couples. Combining fresh, inspiring, and bold colours like orange with softer shades has become a trend promoted by many African fashion designers because it is such a great combination.

Wine and Pink

Wine is such a deep and symbolic colour. Wine is associated with energy, passion and love which has won it its place as a part of Nigerian traditional wedding colour combination. Wine is also a trendy colour in Nigerian fashion. The wine colour can be used to create elegant and sophisticated pieces. Wine is a very striking colour that goes well with softer shades such as soft blush pink. Blush pink is the sweetest fairy tale and romantic wedding color, which balances out the deepness of the wine colour. Wine also looks good when paired with classic colors such as white or black.

Take a look at these colour combinations and choose that which fits your personality and style.

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