25 Hot Ankara Maternity Dress Styles (2024)

So, you have this big event coming up really soon; a business dinner, a friend’s wedding, a classy outing with friends and loved ones; and this only puts one thing to mind: it is absolutely necessary to find the perfect dress for the perfect occasion!

This time though, it isn’t like any other occasions you have had to prepare for in terms of what or what not to wear. This time, you are pregnant. You know you wouldn’t have to look all dull, cranky and heavy. Your state also restricts you from wearing any kind of dress as they can be uncomfortable and prickly.

The fashion world has grown of late and has brought a solution to scenarios like this; who says you can’t be pregnant and still look your best and classiest on the red carpet?

Are you still confused about the best maternity style to make with your Ankara aso-ebi? You are on the right page. In this post, we will take a look at 25 different Ankara maternity styles you can rock for that event.

Latest Ankara Maternity Dress Styles

Who says you can only rock some stereotypical maternity dresses to events? The fashion world has so much grown that pregnant women can now look much more beautiful, set, classy and appreciably exotic while maintaining their comfort and ease in their dresses. Smile world; the fashion magic has cast a beautiful spell on the generation.

This page showcases the very best Ankara maternity styles currently seen in the fashion world. It should be noted that some the Ankara maternity dresses displayed below are for some specific pregnancy stages and may not be totally convenient for all pregnancy stages.

Sip a glass of water; relax and take your time; because this could be the piece your wardrobe has been craving for. Let’s make the fashion world jealous, shall we?

ankara maternity dress styles 1

This is one of the go-to styles for pregnant women in recent times. Apart from the fact that this dress gives you freedom and is very comfortable to wear, the fashion class is top-notch and for lots of women, the way to go.

ankara maternity dress styles 2

Throw on a complimenting pendant necklace and other accessories on this one and you are set to slay on the biggest of stages! This style is great for various occasions and can be rocked at various stages of pregnancy. Gorgeous

ankara maternity dress styles 3

Why not add an off-shoulder to your dress! Maternity dresses on this list are lovely, this though, is exceptional. You can always add a touch of the latest styles to your dress in off-shoulders.

ankara maternity dress styles 4

Who says you can’t rock the best fashion styles when you are pregnant. This styles is one of the most common maternity dresses in Nigeria today. Deservedly so, the style is a blend of comfort and elegance.

ankara maternity dress styles 5

Dresses have the ability to enhance the beauty of the wearer in a lovely manner. Ankara maternity dresses can be easily rocked for both casual and semi-formal events. Depending on the styles, one can easily rock these types of dress to big occasions, wedding parties, business dinners and other similar events. Some of the elegant outfits are styled to accentuate a woman’s new curves during pregnancy to ensure her look their best in whichever event she finds herself. There are plenty of styles ranging from short dresses to long lovely gowns to perfectly fit the body type of the wearer.

Off-shoulder maternity dresses also boast a great design, especially when you spice them up with lovely sleeves and finishing. Off-shoulders add that hint of class and smartness to your style. A lovely design.

This Ankara style is a top choice for baby shower, birthday dinners, evening parties and some other special occasions. A pick for the world to savor.

Another beautiful maternity dress that you can rock at any stage of pregnancy. Ensure your fashion designer pays attention to the lovely sleeves.

You’d be forgiven to assume this style will feel so heavy on you. Surprisingly, it wouldn’t. In fact, it is as comfortable as any other style on the list. This style gives you a longer and leaner look. Perfect for heavy ladies.

One of the classy ladies. Wear this dress on a flat or heel and see the unique versatility of the style. The style accentuates the narrowest parts of your body.

Comfortable, simple, free and beautiful; what more could you want in a maternity dress? This style makes you feel smart and oozes confidence from inside out.

One of the simplest and loveliest styles on the list. Ensure you rock with appropriate accessories.

A styles that shouldn’t be missing in every modern woman’s wardrobe, pregnant or not! This style is bot versatile and figure flattering. A perfect pick for ladies between 3 to 6 months in.

Another off-shoulder gown on the list! You can never go wrong with this lovely maternity gown. Beautiful. 

What a style! You can rock this all day without the world even knowing you are pregnant. Fashion exotica at its peak.

Pregnant or not, this is one style you should try keep in your wardrobe for days you want to go simple and yet stay on top of your fashion game.

If you want to go out wearing a sandal or a flat shoe, this gown is a great pick.   

Let us go classy for a minute! This style is appreciated by the older generation and loved by the new generation.

Picking just one detail in your future Ankara maternity dress and building the rest of the outfit around it is a very lovely strategy the fashion world applause.

Here are some other lovely Ankara maternity gowns you can draw inspiration from.

Maternity dresses are designed to make a woman feel very comfortable with a touch of class at every stage of pregnancy. With Ankara being the reigning material in this part of the world at the moment, various Ankara maternity dress styles have been introduced in recent times.

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