Natural Hair Care Tips

As it is said that “Experience is the best teacher” Most naturalist have the big challenge of hard hair. Unlike the others, finding a great heat protectant for me is not really hard to find because my hair is not a sensitive type. Maintaining my natural hair through the years it really got me to the point of relaxing my hair and after i did, in a year and half year or more i missed my natural hair, missed my puff, saw my hair pictures and noticed it was actually growing but i wasn’t keeping it so well. That’s why I have always considered trying out the hair removal treatments since my hair is always a mess. 

Natural hair

Then i started the ‘Transition process’ i departed the relaxing life and started googling, making researches. Now it’s 8month plus toward this step and I’m so happy my hair is finally a bit all natural so I can even go choose hair extensions! I still have a little permed part though. Still, the big chop of barbing off the permed hair is acceptable if you have the courage and can’t maintain the process of having two hair textures, but it was fun. Learn more about unprocessed Natural hair ponytail.

Majorly all the hair needs is moisture and Shea butter will just be alright because we don’t want harmful products sinking through our hair scalp and boom maybe brain cancer, health issues. Most importantly we should stay away from harmful products of which majority of product made nationwide are toxic. Make researches on what we want to place on our body because they are definitely sinking down the pores of our skin. This holds true to even the body hair, of which, some of the best hair removal options you see online actually work. You might say you have thick skin but I’ll say we all have pores on our skin whatever type there may be.

The journey to a soft hair for me after all my research is just castor oil soaked down in melted Shea butter for easy circulation. I prefer the melting process of the Shea butter in a plastic container and placed into a bowl of warm water so the container doesn’t bend into the water, this is preferred to using the microwave because from what I read, the essentials in the Shea butter might die off. Placing the plastic covered for the sun to heat through is also good but time consuming.

For mild shampooing dudu osun soap will just be fine, I also found the best shampoo for wavy hair at Barbie in a Blender website. For conditioning, egg white mixed with olive oil will be okay in the proportion of 3:1 and for deep conditioning, Shea butter and castor oil will be fine especially when used overnight and covering the hair through with a satin scarf or a mild cloth material to just protect the hair.

Precaution from the MacGregor Hairdressing specialist:
Flee from hot flat iron. Read these Cortex Flat Iron reviews. That is, stretching out as those hair follicles will die gradually and they are the factor in hair growth, also use wide tooth comb, e.t.c…

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