7 Best Sanitary Pads in Nigeria

Women wear sanitary pads to absorb blood during menstruation when recovering from vaginal surgery or post-birth bleeding. Although sanitary pads are used primarily during menstruation, they can be used in any other situation where it is necessary to trap blood flow. This article covers the best sanitary pads available in Nigeria.

Best Sanitary Pads in Nigeria

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Longrich Sanitary Pad

Longrich Sanitary pad is highly absorbent and can handle the heavy flow of blood. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, killing bacteria and eliminating odor through its designed magnetic strip. This pad has Arion content on its surface which provides endocrine functions and helps to control mood. The Longrich pad enables you to keep dry for as long as eight hours, making it cost-effective as you use a lesser number per day than some other brands. The Longrich pad was designed to provide comfort so that its user can remain dry all through the day. Women who complain of itchiness, back pain, instability, urinary tract diseases will benefit from the Longrich pad. It has leakage prevention so that even on your heaviest flow days, it keeps providing maximum absorption with its three-dimension protection wings. Lastly, Longrich pads are packed in premium re-sealable aluminum packaging for hygiene purposes.

Always Sanitary Pad

Always Sanitary pad does not only a leading brand in the Nigerian market but in the world as well. The brand offers a wide range of menstrual pads to meet different needs. The most common of the Always Ultra pad is the normal and heavy flow. Always Ultra also offers other pads according to body types and preferences. Over the years, Always Ultra pad has protected girls and women from puberty up till adulthood. The brand’s products are rigorously tested and have undergone assessments by scientists, health authorities, and experts. Always Ultra pad is considered safe for use. It does not cause any irritation, such as itching for women. Always Ultra product is often commended on its excellent fit and stability when used. The pad offers up to 8 hours of protection.

Virony Sanitary Pad

Virony sanitary pad is a super thin and comfortable pad you can wear easily without discomfort. You do not get to experience the bulge many other sanitary pads give. It has extended wings to prevent leaks. Virony Sanitary pad is cost-effective as it contains enough to last you through a menstrual cycle. Virony Sanitary pad is a hygienic option for a sanitary pad. It absorbs 60% faster so that the lady does not feel wet or breed bacteria which can cause other conditions. Virony Sanitary pad is loved by many for its ease of use.

Lady Care Sanitary Pad

Lady Care Sanitary pad is made of cotton-like material. It is soft and easy on the skin. It is designed to fit into the female part comfortably. Lady Care Premium is long enough to absorb blood on both ends. It also has additional back protection to distribute blood flow evenly and prevent side-leakages. Its wings are made from the high-quality adhesive, which helps keep the pad in place even during stressful hours or high physical activity. Ladies with heavy flow during their menstrual period will find Lady Care Premium most suitable as it absorbs well and keeps dry for long.

Molped Pad

Molped is made with cotton-like material. It is soft on the skin and absorbs three times its weight in seconds. Molped is nylon-free and skin-friendly. You will not experience skin irritation such as itchiness, heat, or leakage while using the Molped pad. The Molped offers varieties of options for different ladies’ needs. TheMolpedMaxi Thick Sanitary Pads is ideal for heavy flow users, and the Ultrasoft Extra-long is for light flow users. MolpedSanitary Pad offers maximum protection and comfort. It has 100% leak protection that guarantees you a hitch-free menstrual period.

Drylove Sanitary Napkin 

Drylove is a trusted brand in providing female protection and baby diapers. The company uses native, soft, and comfortable materials in making the Drylove sanitary towel. Materials used are also of good quality, according to strict European industry standards. Drylove is gentle on the skin and does not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. It is also designed to be a perfect fit for a lady’s privates providing extra comfort. Dry love has wings that keep the pad held fast and will not shake or slip off.

Ladysept Sanitary Towel

Ladysept is a safe and super hygienic-sanitary towel designed to provide comfort and maximum protection. Ladysept is a trusted brand that is used both for menstruation and postpartum purposes. Midwives, in fact, recommend this pad in hospitals for women who have just been put to bed and are experiencing postpartum bleeding. LadySept is highly absorbent yet comfortable to use. It has 100% leak protection. You will feel dry, secure, and safe throughout the day when using the Ladysept pad.

Kedi Active Sanitary Pads

Kedi Active is a hygienic brand designed to tackle health conditions that come up with the use of unsafe sanitary pads. This pad contains a negative ion and is 100% natural. It can prevent the growth of any bacteria that will cause vaginal infection or other long-term health problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), genital inflammation, congenital disabilities, cancer, and immune issues. It is also has a natural deodorant that eliminates odor-causing bacteria. Kedi Active absorbs blood twice as fast as regular pads’ capacity keeping you dry and safe throughout the day. It has a breathable layer that will allow airflow to the female genitals to keep inflammations at bay.

These sanitary pads have been available in the Nigerian market for a long time and tested by many Nigerian women. You can try them out to see which you most prefer and which is fit for your body and skin type, as well as meeting your body needs.

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