How to Get Rid of Head Lice in Nigeria

Head lice are tiny parasitic insects that live on human hair. They are sometimes found on eyelashes, eyebrows but mostly on hair. Head lice feed on tiny amounts of blood that they draw from the scalp. Lice are a common problem, with both kids and adults.

Head lice are contagious, irritating, and can be tough to get rid of sometimes. Bites from head lice can make one’s scalp itchy and irritated and scratching the bite can lead to infection. However, head lice do not spread any other diseases that can endanger life. It is always best to treat head lice quickly once you find them because they are contagious and can spread easily from person to another.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice in Nigeria

Head lice really do not have much to do with personal hygiene. The most common way head lice spread is by head-to-head contact. This means that if you happen to touch head with someone else’s who has lice, you could have head lice. This may happen during sports, parties, etc.

Another likely way to get head lice is by sharing personal items used on the head, such as hats, hair accessories, hair brushes with someone who already has head lice. Head lice need to have a blood meal every 12 to 24 hours in order to survive, hence they cannot survive when away from a human head for longer than a day.

This article teaches how to get rid of head lice in Nigeria.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice in Nigeria

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People consider the use of insecticides as an option when trying to kill head lice. This is very deadly and dangerous. There have been death reports of people who have tried using the popular sniper on the head to kill lice. These insecticides can cause respiratory issues and lead to death.

Below are the ways to get rid of head lice:

Contain the Problem

Once you have a confirmed case of head lice, take steps to prevent lice from spreading to other family members. Take the following steps:

  • Avoid hugging or other close contacts.
  • Check other members of your household for head lice.
  • Most times, by the time you have a confirmed case of head lice, you must have had it for a while. Your whole family may need to be treated to prevent re-infestation.
  • Wash items that are used on the head such as hats, pillowcases in hot water
  • You can also consider disinfecting your entire house although transmission of head lice from inanimate objects is rare.

Consider cutting your hair

Head lice need a human host and blood to survive. If the hair is gone, so are head lice. Cutting your hair might seem like an extreme solution, but it is a viable course of action. It is a much faster way to deal with head lice- destroying their habitat.

Learn How Over-the-Counter Head Lice Treatments Work

Your first step against head lice is an over-the-counter (OTC) head lice treatment which typically comes in the form of a shampoo. Check out the active ingredients used in the product you want to use. You will also find the stage of head lice that it kills written on the product.

Some over-the-counter head lice treatments use pyrethrins as an active ingredient. If you know you are allergic to pyrethrins, you may also be allergic to the head lice treatment that contains pyrethrins.

Ensure you use the treatment as directed. One of the reasons over-the-counter head lice treatments do not work is because people do not use it as directed. Do not deviate from the directions or use more than the prescribed dosage.

Other remedies to get rid of Head lice

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner – Condition hair properly till it is as soft as possible so that when you are blow-drying, it will not be too difficult to get it straight.
  • Carrier oil (such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc)
  • Essential oils such as Tea Tree oil, Rosemary oil, Eucalyptus oil, Citronella, and Peppermint oil. Use any of these oils cautiously, Essential oils can hair breakage and scalp irritation if too much is used.
  • Neem oil: This is quite helpful
  • Shower cap. Get a shower cap or a plastic bag that you can tie securely around your head. So, you can keep the essential oils in.
  • Blow-dryer
  • Nit comb: To thoroughly comb through your hair
  • A clean towel to wipe your Nit comb off.

Step 1 – Apply oil to hair

Mix carrier oils and essential oils together and apply to your hair. Wrap for at least one hour or longer. You can also get under a dryer for at least 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Washing out the oil

Wash out your hair then condition properly. Allow the hair to air dry a bit and then straighten it.

Step 3 – Combing out lice

Using the nit comb and combing method, pick your hair in small sections and go through your hair while combing it gently, especially if your hair is natural. Remember that natural hair does not smoothen up as easily as relaxed hair. Be gentle. This step is the most important step as you will try to comb out the lice. Therefore, take your time and do not be in a rush

When you have gone over your hair, combing it at least 3 times without encountering any head lice or nits, then you can stop. For best results, go over these steps at least every 2 to 3 days for a 2-week period.

Step 4- Wash your tools well

As written earlier, Lice are not able to survive on inanimate objects. They cannot live long outside of the warmth and supply of blood that the head give, so it is unlikely that they will be on combs and pillows. However, it is good practice to wash everything that may have been exposed to your hair.

Use relaxer

If your hair is already relaxed and you do not mind keeping it that way, then by all means, apply relaxer again. Ensure you apply the relaxer not just to your new growth but to the base of the hair strand. The chemicals help to get rid of head lice.


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