10 Best Rehabilitation Centers in Nigeria

If you are looking for rehabilitation centers in Nigeria, https://www.drugrehab.agency/verify-insurance give you a list of the best 10 among them. Read on to find out.


Physiofit Physiotherapy Clinic

They are located at Plot 4, Block 1, Agric Road, Fagba, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria. Their telephone number is 08033273197. Their former name was Redeemed Physiotherapy Clinic; this was the name it bore in 2000 when it was first established.  Its name was however changed in 2010.

Anti Narcotics Revolutionary Chaplaincy

They are located at Elder Sunny Estate, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria. Their telephone number is 08098165111. Just as the name implies, the center is set up to help rehabilitate individuals who may want to stop alcohol consumption. Canna Express Cannabis Delivery 24/7 if you are looking for the best cannabis.

Falade Traditional Medicine Center

It is located at Plot 895 A, Jikwoi Phase 4, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria.  It is a trado-medical center and makes use of herbs to cure clients. Their telephone number is 08033807325. They provide both trado medical treatment and rehabilitation care.

Ralphasal Global Limited

They are located at 14, Owela Street, Maitama, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria.  Their phone number is 08187015239. They are among the leading rehabilitation care centers in Nigeria.  They provide both physical and psychological rehabilitation services.

Synapse Services Limited

They are located at Number 24, Bujumbura Street, Wuse 2, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria. They have clinics and rehabilitation care. Thousands of people have benefited from their services over the years. Their telephone number is 07059637431.

They are more concerned with mental healing.  They are simply among the best in Nigeria. Individuals from across Nigeria do travel down to Abuja to patronize their services.

Mendie Surveys

They are located at 28, Atimbo Road, Calabar Municipal, Cross River State, Nigeria. They are involved in providing full healthcare. They equally have one of the best rehabilitation centers in Nigeria. Their telephone number is 07036909376. Aside their Understanding Functioning Alcoholism rehabilitation programs , they are equally involved in Quantity Surveying Consultancy.

Iblawy Investment Company

They are located at number 10, Gbadamosi Street, Ota Ona, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.  They have highly functional rehabilitation center and sarasota detox treatment. Their telephone number is 08054132588. They are known for top quality rehabilitation service delivery.

Sinas Survey and Spatial Data Nigeria Limited

They are located at number 35, Ondo Road, Isinkan, Akure South, Ondo, Nigeria. Their phone number is 08034642100. Many of their past clients claim they are among the best in rehabilitation service delivery. They have many years of experience too and have clients from across Nigeria.

Guiding Light Foundation

They are located at 10, Pipeline, Satellite Village, Oyigbo, Rivers State Nigeria.  It is a nongovernmental organization and also a non-profit organization. They have one of the best rehabilitation centers in Nigeria. Their telephone number is 08092134923. This charity organization had been able to help innumerable people over the years of its existence.


It is located at Isale Haruna Street, Off College Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.  It is undoubtedly one of the best rehabilitation centers in Nigeria. They also offer top line healthcare services. Their telephone number is 08139166949.


38 thoughts on “10 Best Rehabilitation Centers in Nigeria”

  1. Hi, I am Salau Aanuoluwapo, my kid brother is into weed smoking and he is addicted, it is now affecting him mentally,
    Please what can I do, he needs help. But he is a very sturbborn boy, that believes what he is doing is normal

  2. Please I need a free Rehab home for my Father, he’s addicted to Alcohol, and now it’s affecting his brain, he can’t think well, all what he think about now is how to drink please, I leave in ibadan around Sawmill area.
    Please let me know if there is a free rehab home, it very urgent. Thank you

  3. Hi dearie,

    Thanks for all your doings regarding recovery and rehabilitation. I need a hand please, think am free of mental illness though not certain. Can u please direct me to the right place to go for confirmation and if possible am out where can I go to get help as a new recovery.

    Also, I want to be productive and stop being a dependant. Please assist, xx

    Thanks, OLA

    • Since you live in porthercourt try to reach Benchway in Imo State, my younger brother went there, we live in mile 1 here in porthercourt, for 3 years now my younger brother is doing great and he has his family now, working for a brighter future, try Benchway here is their number of the doctor 08163276670, contact the admin 08020934029 , they will assist you for him to be better.

  4. Please I need a free rehab for someone I know at Enugu state. His case is chronic for he beats his wife and maltreats his children almost all the time. Last weekend he tried hanging himself at the realization of his miseries. Please help.

      • You are right, my Nephew here in Jos was sent to Benchway Rehabilitation Services, to my surprise the Psychologist was a white lady with a calm voice, The doctors are all doing great, infact, So far i will recommend them 5 star because my Nephew is a new man today, with wife and one kid, manage a good business for himself for the first time after 16 years of addiction. Thank you Benchway for your services God Bless you guys in Benchway Family

    • If both of you lives in Lagos you better find him a rehab faraway from lagos, research shows alot of relapse dwelling in patients /home treatment. I suggest you take him to benchway rehabilitation in Imo state, that’s where I took my cousin brother And he spend 13 weeks in Imo state ,since he return it was like God transformation . He is pure ,God dear, best manner so far and the future thinker. Here is the number of the admin 08020934029

  5. Are you a recovering addict and want to remain clean? Try Health Inheritance: School of Allied Health. We have a program for all types of addicts, recovering from addiction, we help them break that cycle of addiction so they can remain free from addiction. Program consist of Psychotherapy, Teaching sessions, consultation with medical specialist, Psychologist, religious leaders, mentors and also re-integration into society.
    Location: Lekki phase 2, Lagos. Nigeria
    This is the pathway to wholeness.

  6. I am addicted to tramadol but I am a perfect student and I need a place to come and get clean in one month ,so my life plans don’t get changed or delayed.

    • Hey there! Seems we got same challenge. How far have you gone with the rehab? I’m in terrible need of an affordable or possibly free rehab center too. This thing is slowing my life activities in total. Kindly relate possible solution centers and processes you’ve been doing for recovery please.

  7. am seriously looking for a good rehab center where i can take my younger brother of about 20yrs old to. he is very stuborn, he steals, lies, and move up and down like a mad man. infact he behaves like something is wrong with him up stairs.

  8. I need a rehab where i can take my Younger brother to, he is stubborn, steals lies and leaves the house randomly. He has been away from the house for about 3 months now and just came back still stubborn.
    We are Nigerians and we live in Lagos, i want a rehab which is out of Lagos somewhere not too far but we need to ensure he is not familiar with that place

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