Lepacious Bose’s Weight Loss Story (Before & After)


When you talk about contradiction, Olufunke Abosede Ogunboye’s stage name is certainly one of such. On stage, she’s known as Lepacious Bose which literally means slim or slender Bose.

But this young lady has always being the opposite of her name sizewise. Well, not until recently when something dramatic happened.

In this post, you’ll find out how it all happened for Lepacious Bose and how she’s beginning to look every part like her stage name.

lepacious bose weight loss

Lepacious Bose: Weight Loss Story

You probably won’t really appreciate Bose’s weight loss journey if you don’t know her obesity story.

According to Bose, she used to start each day with a cup of delicious rich creamy coffee. Then on her way to the office, she stops by at the snack shop to buy puffpuff some with the goal of devouring it at the office.Typically, a bottle of soft drink washes down the snack.

Interestingly, it’s not even 10 am yet. Once it’s time for lunch, she’s already feeling hunger pang despite the in betweens of biscuits, sweets etc.

Usually, lunchtime for Bose is ofada rice with fried stew and well seasoned pieces of meat. This is just a sneakpeek of an average day for Bose.

Her motivation

Lepacious Bose describes what motivated her to go on her weight loss journey as one very important encounter with her nephew, Simi. It was this incident that served as a wake up call for her.

According to Bose, it was a few years ago while she was holidaying Namibia. Simi had approached while she was taking a nap. He was looking worried as he touched her forehead gently and asked if she was okay. Although she replied in the affirmative, he had said she was breathing funny and he thought her heart was going to stop.

This was a turning point for Bose as she knew she had to do something about her weight problems or she might just be dead in no time.


When Bose started losing weight, many people didn’t know because she didn’t change her clothes. It was only her close friends that knew what was going on. Bose still wore her big clothes and by the time she began revealing her new look, eighteen months had passed.

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As a result, some people claimed that the change was the result of a liposuction but Bose has since dispelled such speculations. According to Bose, it took her 18 months to lose 70 kg. If she could use liposuction it would have taken her less time but when she sought counsel on the ideal weight loss therapy to administer she realised doing to naturally was her best bet.

Plus, based on what she was told, even with liposuction she would still need to do things like exercise and dieting after the procedure. And when she considered that the liposuction could go wrong, she realised there was no point taking the risk when she could lose weight naturally even if it would take longer.

Her strategy

Bose started by changing a few habits. Interestingly, it wasn’t so difficult to change these habits but the difficult part was seeing the results.

According to her, absence of results could be discouraging and it could make lose interest in continuing the process. However, Bose advises that any one looking to lose weight by starting a new diet should work at their pace so that they won’t be under any unnecessary pressure.

Another thing that helped Bose in the course of her weight loss journey was a particular drug which she discovered after using countless others.

Bose had tried several weight loss medications but they all had one inconvenience or the other as a result, she couldn’t stick with any one of them.

But when she discovered EZ Slim, she didn’t have to look any further. The drug was easy to use and it had no side effects. The instructions were also quite easy to follow. All she needed to do was take one capsule in the morning before breakfast and that was it.

Overall, Bose attributes her change of lifestyle and EZ Slim to her successful weight loss story.

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The new Lepacious Bose

Lepacious is now more confident and healthy. Interestingly she has gone from a size 32 to a size 14 in less than two years.

Now she loves herself more and she feel sexier.  People often commend her good looks. And the best part is she can go to the boutique and she will find her size unlike in the past when she had to settle for what was available even if they didn’t fit her.

Bose’s advice to those who want to lose weight

Based on her weight loss experience, Lepacious Bose gave ten tips that can help anyone lose weight

  1. Make A Decision
  2. Focus On The Decision
  3. Fight For The Decision
  4. Be Determined
  5. Be Consistent
  6. Be Stubborn
  7. Ignore Negative Thoughts/Words/People
  8. Be Patient
  9. Work Hard
  10. Do Not Give Up

She also shared another secret with this four letter word – MISS

M stands for Movement

According to Bose, you can lose weight just by merely sitting or lying down all day. And your sedentary job is not an excuse. There are creative ways to keep moving. Some of the examples she gave include:

  • parking at a distance and taking a walk to your destination,
  • window shopping,
  • taking the stairs,
  • walk to your colleague’s desk instead of using the intercom

I stand for intake

Bose reiterates that you should always watch what you put in your mouth. You can make a food diary where you write down everything you put in your mouth. This will help you to be more conscious of what you eat

S stands for Stressless

Stress is another weight gainer. According to Bose when you’re stressed, you will seek comfort in eating which will make you gain weight.

S stands for Sleep

You can’t underestimate the importance of sleep in weight loss according to Bose. Staying up late can make you binge and can cause an energy imbalance in your body. Bose recommends seven to eight hours of sleep daily.


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