Best HMOs in Nigeria

A Health maintenance organization (HMO) is an organization that provides health insurance to individuals and organizations based on a monthly or annual fee. The need for Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria became more obvious as health complications among many Nigerians appeared to be on the rise. Medical care is not only urgent but financially demanding, so much that many cannot handle the bills on their own. This is why many individuals it is advisable that you subscribe to an insurance plan with any Health maintenance organization (HMO) of your choice to guarantee proper medical care without having to go bankrupt. There are many Health maintenance organizations in Nigeria and deciding on which to subscribe to is just as important. Your preferred HMO must be accredited and run by experienced medical insurance experts. This article covers a list of the best Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria.

Best HMOs in Nigeria

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 AXA Mansard Health Limited

AXA Mansard is a member of the AXA Group, renowned for its leading position in insurance and asset management. AXA Mansard was incorporated in 1989 as a private limited liability company and is registered with the National Insurance Commission of Nigeria (NAICOM). Axa Mansard Health Limited provides flexible and quality healthcare plans designed to suit individual needs while offering quality healthcare and delivery. Axa Mansard Health Limited provides affordable health plans for as low as N12, 000 where one is able to pay for half a year or a full year. Services under EasyCare coverage include consultation, inpatient, outpatient, investigations, surgeries, dental care. The organization also caters to companies who want group/employee plans, international health plans as well as third-party administrator plans.

Hygeia HMO Limited

Hygeia Limited was established in 1986 and has grown to become one of the top health insurance companies in Nigeria. The company was given its license in 2005. It has various affordable health insurance plans that cater to different needs. There is the Individual plan, Family plan, Small business plan, Corporate plan and Senior citizen plan. Each of these plans has subgroups, which are basic, prime, premium, and plus. For example, under the individual plan, the Hybasic goes for as low as N39, 000 to include consultation services, surgeries, outpatient services, Emergencies, Diagnostics, Immunizations, etc. Hygeia Limited is renowned and commended for its fully packed services in each plan in spite of its affordability. Those who are on a budget can be sure to receive the necessary and quality health care services needed.

Reliance HMO

Reliance HMO offers one of the most affordable health care plans in Nigeria. The organization is known for its efficiency and swiftness in operations. It also offers flexible plans such as primary health care tailored for individuals, families and businesses. The organization uses only the best hospitals in serving its customers. Under the individual plan, prices go as low as N3, 500 per month where one will not have to worry about primary health care services. Services provided include surgeries, unlimited consultation services, immunization, ambulance services, dental care, accommodation, and gym sessions. Unlike many other Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria, Reliance HMO runs flexible policies that are simple to understand by its customers. With their various plans, you can choose your manner of payment that is yearly, quarterly, or monthly. The organization also promises 20% of one’s annual payment, if one was healthy throughout the year.

Redcare HMO

Redcare HMO is one of the best Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria with pocket-friendly options. Individuals get to have their own plans tailored to personal needs. There is also a plan for private and corporate organizations. All plans at Redcare HMO range from the high to lower end of the market thereby catering to everyone in spite of their budgets. Redcare HMO partners with organizations overseas to cater to customers who need health care services that cannot be provided within the country. Redcare also offers Clinic Services Management providing medical personnel and drugs to corporate organizations. Whether individuals or organizations, all plans are designed to grant its customers access to quality health care services close to their homes or offices so they can maintain optimum health and wellness.

Liberty Health Nigeria

Liberty Health Nigeria under Total Health Trust grants its customers access to affordable and reliable healthcare services. The organization partners with the best healthcare providers to assist them to deliver quality healthcare services. Total Health Trust was founded in 1997 and began operations in 1998. It has grown to become one of the leading Health Maintenance Organizations in the country. With a membership of over 300, 000 and 500 corporate clients and government institutions, Total Health Trust is one of the preferred choices of HMOs in Nigeria. The organization has one of the largest networks of independent service providers made up of both NHIS accredited hospitals all over the country. Liberty Health Care runs two plans, which are Liberty Health Cover which is better suited for companies with medium to high budgets, and The Managed Care Capitation which is for companies with low budgets. All plans cover day-to-day treatment, chronic care and hospitalization.

Integrated Health Care Limited

Integrated Health Care Limited offers health insurance plans to individuals, families and corporate organizations. All plans are affordable and tailored to meet each person’s health care needs. Under the basic Individual/ family plan known as the Iroko plan, one is guaranteed consultation services, laboratory investigations, nursing care, drugs and medications, surgical services, eye care, preventive healthcare services, dental care. The basic plans are designed in such a way that one will not miss any primary health care services. Corporate Health Plans provide coverage to a minimum of five employees of an organization at a reduced cost. Across all plans, Integrated Health Care Limited offers excellent customer experience, prompt emergency services, prompt settlement of bills as well as 247 call centre operation

AIICO Multishield Limited

AIICO Multishield Limited started operations in 1997 and is accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme. Members of this HMO have access to customer service lines on a 24/7 basis with swift operations and responses. AIICO Multishield Limited runs the Standard plan, Magnum; Super-Executive; Executive plan. The most basic plan which is the Standard plan covers General consultation services, Specialist consultation services, dental care, immunizations, emergency medical services, out-of-hospital benefits, laboratory investigations, preventive health education, chronic care consultations, minor surgeries and more. The Standard plan goes for N350, 000 per annum while the other plans range from N500, 000 to N5 million naira. AIICO Multishield partners with the best healthcare providers in the country to satisfy its customers.

These are the top Health Maintenance Organizations in Nigeria that guarantee you quality health care services even in emergency situations and in spite of your budget.

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