Fashion Schools in Canada: The Full List

Fashion Schools in Canada & Vancouver: The Full List

Canada is a very special country in all sense of the word. The economy is among the best in the world. Additionally, the educational institutions in Canada are of top standard and have global recognition. Canada also has a number of vocational training outlets that are globally recognized.


They offer top quality training and are opened to virtually everyone across the globe. If you would love to learn fashion designing in Canada, you can look up any of the fashion outlets in Canada listed below.

George Brown College

This fashion institution is located in Toronto in the State of Ontario, Canada. They offer various fashion related programs, like jewelry, fashion business industry, fashion management and fashion design.

They have over 800 fashion students in their institution. Their tuition fee is between $10,800 and $20,100.  Their students are full of praises for the services rendered. They offer both technical and hands-on fashion training.

They are more practical than theoretical.  They tend to focus more on the business side of fashion designing, which makes their students top fashion entrepreneurs aside being respectable designers.

They even make it compulsory for their students to run retail fashion stores in the course of the training so as to determine how much of the training the student has been able to grasp and to teach the student what to expect in real life situation. They are the 24th best fashion school on global rating, these school even let you get homework English assistance.

Ryerson University School Of Fashion

They are also located at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They offer various programs in fashion communication and fashion design. They have up to 600 undergraduates in their fashion.  Their tuition fee is between $19,320 and 22,500, depending on the particular course you register for.

Some of their former students are Todd Lynn and Erden Moralioglu, both of whom are top class global fashion designers. The fashion school gives its students opportunity to meet with top class fashion experts from across the globe, which serves as morale booster to the students.

The work is hard, but the result is always very good.  The students have to spend up to 21 hours in class every week.  Their design program is solid and their price seems to be reasonable considering the standard of training they offer.  They offer overall fantastic fashion training.

Lasalle College International

This fashion school is located in Montreal, Canada. Aside the headquarters located in Canada, they also have satellite campuses all across the globe. They offer programs in fashion marketing and fashion design.

They have over 900 students in their Montreal campus alone. Their tuition fee is among the most affordable at $6,800. The fees also vary depending the particular program you register for in their institution.

They have built partnership with a number of fashion companies and fashion brands across the globe.  This gives their students the opportunity to make garments of various forms and designs for these brand and companies.

One of their global partners is Rudsak, a fashion brand located in Canada. Their educational system at Lasalle College International is huge and their instructions are consistent.

Ryerson University

It is located in Toronto, Ontario. They offer various fashion programs, like fashion Design, Fashion Communicational and lots more. They also offer fashion training at different levels of education, both undergraduate a Master’s level.

Their annual tuition fee is between $6,814 and $7,561 for their undergraduate fashion courses.  They are among the best for fashion education.  They first teach their students together in the first year and the students are now separated in specialized areas in the second year.

They encourage sense of communication and knowledge sharing in marketing, construction and fashion manufacturing. They are the very first outlet to offer Master’s Degree in Fashion in Canada.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

They are located in Surrey. They offer various fashion programs, like fashion and Technology, Fashion marketing and Technical Apparel Design. They offer all these courses at different levels of education, like undergraduate and post graduate.

They only charge their undergraduate students $6,300 per session.   They have carved a niche for themselves in Western Canada.  They provide faculty knowledge and cutting edge technology kind of training in fashion to their students.

Their postgraduate students are able to explore clothing creation with specific people, like military, health and wellbeing, survival, protection, recreation and sports.

Humber College

They are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  They offer various fusion courses, like fashion management, Fashion Arts and Fashion Promotion. The courses are offered both at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

They charge their students $6,838.80 per session.  You can register for college diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate courses in fashion with Humber College.  Their bachelor’s program takes 4 years to complete.

They are pragmatic and highly competitive.  The postgraduate degree in Fashion Management and Promotion offered by the school only takes 1 year to complete provided you already have a degree in related fields.  They will teach all the practical know-how required by you for success in your fashion endeavour.


They are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They offer a number of fashion programs, like Fashion Styling Design, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Management.

They charge their students some of the lowest rates available in the industry; their undergraduate students in Quebec only pay $3,107, while their undergraduate students in other parts of Canada pay up to $7,466.


They are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They offer training in Fashion and Textile. They charge their students $3,000. It is a degree awarding fashion institution.

George Brown College

They are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They offer fashion programs in fashion Business Industry Program, Fashion Management, Fashion techniques and Design and International Fashion Development and Management.

They offer these courses at different levels of education starting from Diploma level to Postgraduate level. They charge their students $3,896.00.  They offer their students hands-on skills that will make them standout in the industry.  They are highly esteemed in Canada and they offer nothing short of top quality fashion training.

They are equally offering Jewelry Design Training to their students.  They stand out among all the fashion schools in North America. Their affordable fee is yet another factor worthy of consideration.

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  1. I’m interested in gaining admission into any affordable fashion school in Canada I already have a certificate from a private owned fashion school here in Nigeria, detailed information on the cost, mode of application will be highly appreciated, looking forward to your prompt response. Thanks

  2. I wish to be admitted into any affordable fashion school in Canada I already have a certificate from a private owned fashion school here in Nigeria, detailed information on the cost, mode of application will be highly appreciated, looking forward to your prompt response. Thanks

  3. Am a graduate looking to explore and continue a good career in fashion. i would like to know more on how i can be offered admission to UQAM and NSCAD.
    Please contact me.
    Thank You.

  4. I wish to run diploma in fashion design in George Brown College… have already have certificate in fashion design program run by Lagos State Government Vocational Training, please ma or sir kindly fill me in details of application. thank you …Aikoreoluwa

  5. Goodday. I will love to do a diploma in fashion designing (female couture dresses). I already have a diploma in Nigeria here from a private fashion owned school. I am looking at George brown college or NSCAD because of the prices as well. I will be looking forward to a reply.

  6. I have interest in fashion design and would like you to give me the full details on how to gain admission into George brown college as an international student.

  7. Hello,
    I àm 43 years old mother of 3. Married.
    I wish to run diploma in fashion design in George Brown college because the fee is reasonable and within my reach.
    I, however, already have a diploma in fashion design from a private sewing institute here in Nigeria.
    Kindly fill me in with details of application.
    Thank you
    Mary onome warigon

  8. Dear Sir / Madam,am 41years,ugandan,single mother with a diploma in fashion and design.I would love to have a scholarship to help me upgrade as well as work part time to support my kids.Can you help me?

  9. Am looking for admission into any of the Canadian schools and quiet affordable. I have diploma in public administration, degree in HRM and so many other certificate programs, please will this be considered as to my starting point?

  10. I am interested to join a fashion design institute of Canada .. but I want to know is this required ilets for admission.Please give me a solution .. and what the score has to be for Canada

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