How To Build a Brand Through Instagram Marketing Only

Instagram comes with great features that you can leverage to grow your brand. Aside from brand awareness, you can use Instagram to not only engage with the target audience but also build engaging ads.

With slightly over  200 million brands now using  Instagram to engage with their audience, the importance of Instagram in the digital space can not be underscored. The unique advantage of Instagram over other social media platforms is its visual nature.

If you intend to leverage the visual appeal to promote your brand then Instagram is a perfect option. Commanding over  1 billion users, you can leverage the tons of users to expand the scope of the audience and improve conversions.

What makes Instagram a great platform for marketing and advertising is that it lets users target the right audience. In fact, research indicates that Instagram delivers up to 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.

In this article, we explore how you can build your brand through Instagram marketing.

Use Branded Hashtags

One of the most important tricks that you can use to build your brand on  Instagram is through creating branded hashtags. Besides using niche-specific hashtags, it is important to create at least 1-2 branded hashtags.

In this case, a branded hashtag can either be inspirational or a brand name. For example, Nike uses #JustDolt.

 Instagram Marketing Campaign

You can leverage Instagram’s marketing and advertising features to target your audience. This will enable you to cut through the noise and showcase your products to the market. To get the best out of Instagram marketing, you can run an array of campaigns to attract potential buyers.

You can either incorporate user-generated content or run giveaway contests to attract potential buyers. If you opt for giveaways and contests, you can use an Instagram contest sticker to select and announce the winner automatically.

Use a Branded Theme

One of the crucial steps that you can take to build a brand that people will always memorize is to create a special theme and stick to it. When you have unique background colors, a special layout for Instagram posts, and use the theme consistently, over time people will notice your brand even without having to introduce yourself. This gives you an edge over your competitors since people will easily distinguish your brand from others.

Eventually, you will stand out among other brands and increase the potential of improving conversions.

Aim At Targeted Followers

Having dozens of followers may not mean anything if they do not resonate with your brand. As such, it is important to invest time and effort in targeting the right audience. This not only unlocks more opportunities for your brand but also makes it easy for you to improve engagement.

The bottom line is that you should focus more on creating and sharing high-quality content to keep the conversation alive. The more valuable information you can share the better the chances of growing your impression and reach.

Use a Business Profile

Switching to a business account is ideal for improving brand visibility in the digital space. Aside from attracting new followers, creating a business account makes it easy for you to appear on the Instagram explore page.

Unlike using a standard Instagram profile, a business account helps in generating more likes for your posts. Plus, a business profile not only helps you acquire new followers but also builds brand awareness.

Create a Captivating Profile

There are over 1 billion Instagram users across the internet. That means if you do not work on the layout and appearance of your profile then you may lose out on a big market segment. To improve organic followers, it is important to use your brand name on your profile.

Additionally, you should set your logo as the profile image for easier identification. If you are struggling to grow your audience, you can leverage Instagram follower apps available in the digital space to grow your audience. Remember the more followers you have, the higher the growth potential.

Set Clear Objectives

Before you start marketing on Instagram, it is important to first set clear objectives for your brand. In other words, you have to figure out what you need and how you want to present your content and define customer persona.

It would be disastrous to run marketing campaigns from an informed point of view. You have to first ascertain what customers want, their interests, and buying behavior. That way, you will be able to roll out marketing campaigns that have a high success rate.

Engage With The Audience

The worst mistake you can do to your brand is being unable to respond to customer inquiries. Regardless of how effective your marketing campaign can be, it may not yield results if you don’t create time to engage with the audience. This not only plays a crucial role in building trust but also enhances a good relationship with the target audience.

The more active you are on Instagram the more people are likely to be attracted to your brand. That means you increase the potential of getting more loyal customers which is important in building credibility and brand reputation.

Instagram Sponsored Posts

Just like Facebook, Instagram sponsored posts to let you reach out to people outside your network. All you need is to pay to boost organic posts on your page to reach out to more people. Besides improving engagement, Instagram posts are not only effective in growing the audience but also improving engagement.

Any brand can use Instagram to boost posts and widen the scope of the audience. If done correctly, you are likely to improve brand visibility and generate more sales from your business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a common trick used by many brands to get new followers. While using Instagram influencers for marketing is ideal for improving growth potential, it is important to work with influencers in your niche. This not only improves the potential of attracting new followers but unlocks more opportunities for your brand.


Instagram comes with great features that you can leverage to promote your products and build your brand. However, it is important to first understand what your audience wants. Failure to market to the right audience not only minimizes chances of improving ROI but also puts your brand at risk of being upstaged by other players.

It is therefore necessary to spell out clear marketing objectives for your brand before joining the bandwagon. With  Instagram marketing, you not only stand a chance to grow your audience but also improve ROI.




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