GoTV Customer Care Number & Contact Details

GoTV is a paid satellite TV service by Multichoice and its services is available in various African countries including Nigeria.

To contact GoTV, find details of GoTV Customer care number, GoTV official email address, GoTV Twitter & Facebook account, GoTV  Nigeria website and Physical Contact Address below.

GoTV Nigeria Customer Care number: 08039044688

GoTV Nigeria Email:

GoTV Twitter Account:

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GoTV Facebook Account:

GoTV Nigeria Website:

GoTV Nigeria Contact Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island Lagos State.


UPDATE: GOtv Subscription Reset SMS Code

If you subscribed/renewed/just paid your GOtv subscription and its yet to activate, please give it at least 2 hours and send the following sms with your mobile phone:

RESET IUC  to 4688

example, if your IUC number is 123456789 send RESET 123456789 to 4688

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Ensure your decoder is turned on when you send the code. Service would be restored immediately.

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  1. Splendor Moses Oseghe

    I subscribed yesterday for 1900 but was replied with a massage that I had not yet completed the specified amount of money for the max bouquet, so I later paid another money this evening Makin 3800 but yet am still told to subscribe though in my gotv account it had been updated that I paid… So please help
    My IUC NUMB:


    Plz am having issue with my gotv since January ending because i pay for recharge and is not showing up till now..
    Gotv num 4613581443

  3. Rume Sekobe

    I pay 1900,yet I can’t watch big brother show, what’s happened

  4. Moyosade Moses A

    I Moyosade M A did a subscription on 9th of Feb but it has not been effected through my gtbank my decoded number is 0028905900 please I need your help

  5. Josephine

    Please I can not view channel 29, do something. My IUC number is 4613655988

  6. Wilson Kayode Akpeji

    It will be highly appreciated if you could immediately address my decorder with details below:
    Name: Wilson Kayode Akpeji
    Amount Paid: N1300
    Date Paid: 30th January, 2018
    I.U.C Number: 2028665296
    Phone: 08022239589
    Complain:Till date subscription not effected
    Location: Bwari Abuja
    Remark: Thanking you in anticipation.

  7. Osinowo ayodeji

    hello i need help as soon as possible.
    i mistakenly transferred 3500 instead of 3800 to subscribe.

    what can i do as 1900 package as been showing already.
    will my money be transferred back or i will need to add 300 naira to it.

    IUC NUMBER: 4613743918

  8. Orunsolu

    Pls I’ve complained on all our social media pages,I subscribed to GOTV plus and still don’t av access to sum channels. Especially 29.Pls do something very fast and I’ll appriciate it. My IUC 4620975944.Name ORUNSOLU .PHONE NO 08061667133

  9. Odum

    Since yesterday I subscribed my gotv 1900 n discovered that most of the stations are not showing especially channel 29. This morning I went to one of ur offices at Rumukurushi portharcourt and they couldn’t rectify it.I will really appreciate it if u can fix that for me. My IUC 4613921135

  10. Ajibola Aabiola

    Dear Sir/ma,

    I subscribed on my Gotv decoder with IUC number 2017108780 at about 2.00pm on Wednesday, 31/01/2018 but to my surprise after several hours of subscribing am yet to receive signal on my decoder.

    The package I subscribed on is Gotvplus of #1900. I would be very glad if you can rectify this for as early as possible because this has once happened to me on this very IUC number in the past without rectification which led me to abandoned your product for your competitors. I wish what happened in the past would not repeat itself.

    This (888832944091) is the reference number sent to me after the completion of my transactions on e-transact quick teller indicating the transaction was successful.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Ajibola Abiola

  11. bldr Lukas.

    Hello good day. 

    Plz for a long time now I don’t enjoy your service any more, 

    1. Due to network problem,.

    2. Your station NTA which u people  said is free is no longer free,.

     u will notice for a long time I have not subscribe, due to dissatisfaction in your services, Now subscribed and we can’t even enjoy the station,  even the BB Naija can’t even show.

    I have called your office line can’t understand. 

    Well this is very painful,  for just spending our hard earning money for what does not fetch us Good. 

    UIC 2020991030

  12. Akintande

    What is going with your company? Everyone is having the same problem. My subscription suppose to expire 27/02/2018 and I am having E16 error. I even made another payment may be that will reset it automatically, yet the problem is still the same. Can you just find solution to this problem now or we throw away your useless box away.This is very frustrating and we have not see any response.

    My IUC number: 2028606980

    Phone: 08060129377

  13. Anlemi Rotimi

    Please, am tired of the E16 showing on my TV, please RESET my decoder, I paid 1900, my IUC no is 2019513157. My decoder is on. please treat as urgent

  14. Jeremiah Elizabeth

    Gud morning pls I made my subscription yesterday evening an my account as b debited but yet I can’t view any channels, still telling me dat my subscription is expired, pls work on it, tnks

  15. Akingbade Idris

    I subscribed for GOtvmax 3,800 on 30/01/2018 but am getting only the stations for GOtvplus.Kindly fix this problem.IUC no is 4613518872


    Please, am tired of the E16 showing on my TV, please RESET my decoder, I paid 2900 on Sunday using quick teller, my IUC no is 2020725044. My decoder is on.


    I made a new sub this morning on my gotv on the 29th January 2018 iuc(4622452796) is tell me no signal since then till this moment pls rectify and i mistakenly sub for DSTV instead of GOTV lite 400 PLS help change it to GOTV lite 400 sub


    I made a new sub this morning on my gotv on the 29th January 2018 iuc(4622452796) is tell me no signal since then till this moment pls rectify and i mistakenly sub for DSTV instead of GOTV lite 400 PLS help change it to GOTV sub

  19. Salami Azeez

    Pls Am tired of the error I38-E: Service is unavailable showing on my Gotv all the time, my ICU # is 4601653542

  20. ayoola

    what all this you doing gotv ,with the hard economy going on in our country you people still eat our money and never give us what we pay for . i subscribe just for the gotv max of 3800 naira and keep tell me my subscription is expire and E16 Error .i want my Gotv to work as soon as possible cause i have to watch fothball match tomorrow .my ICU code 2028922107….

  21. Emeka Ali

    I subscribed the 1900 naira bouquet 9/1/2018 but up until now (more that 24hrs) the error massage is still in my screen. I have tried calling the customer care but couldnt reach them. Pls help me correct it.

    My IUC number is 4613979781.
    Surname is ALI

  22. abdulhamid abdullahi

    my name is abdulhamid abdullahi and my phone number is 08138086954 i payed 2000 from my atm this morning 9/01/2018 and yet my gotv service as not been restored this is my iuc number 2020877433

  23. Chiamaka

    can I buy only Gotv pole because mine just broke into pieces now and it’s affecting my decoder. Some channels are missing and those that are showing are all doing cracking. Am not enjoying it again. So tell if me if I can buy only the pole or not.

  24. Tayo Emmanuel

    My name is Tayo Emmanuel I paid over a week now through zoto app nothing has been show. Why ?this is my iuc number 4613468389 this is not you people first time gotv is now total mess

  25. olugbenga

    Please I paid since 5am but I’m yet to have my service restored. 4613660622 is my fix it asap please

  26. barrister ukekwe

    my parents are complaining bitterly about the error code E16 .you better resolve this problem immediately.this problem was the major reason why i switched to CTL since then i have not encountered any problem with them .unless you people want me to change them from GOTV to CTL. I U C number 4620941164.

  27. barrister ukekwe

    GOTV is very stupid,i cant imagine paying for five days yet i cant have access to the channels.every time my parents will be complaining of know channels yet i will always subscribe the nonsense network.if you know what is good for you better clear off the error code on the screen.I U C number. 4620941164.

  28. nayons Titulo

    please i am a dealer on gotv subscription .I subscribed for a customer since 24_12_2017 with recorder no 2014273568. uptil today the customer still complaining that her gotv is expired. my question is these a general network and how thecustomer will know that it has connected?.

  29. Adeniyi

    I made payment against my usual 1250 subscription to 1900, since yesterday 24th dec i have see any channel displaying.
    My iuc no is 2022401985

  30. STEVE

    I subscribed since yesterday am yet to have service restored on my GOtv. P!ease l don’t understand.

    My IUC number: 2021960047


    i made a recharge via Quickteller on the 22nd December 2017. up till now the channels has not come up MY iuc NUMBER IS 4622432796.

  32. Shaltagu Joseph

    My decoder number is 2029039202 I have been subscription through a dealer Mr Kecee Amechi but I wanted to subscribe by myself and change the package from 1900 to that of 1,250. The subscription indicated successful but until now it has not been subscribed. Please either refund my money or let that subscription be activated.

  33. vikthur A

    I subscribed today but still showing your subscription has expired
    My iuc number is 4601919343
    Kindly fix it



    IUC NUMBER IS 2029252967
    SUB OF 1900

    1. adelaja adedotun

      pls I subscription from 30th Nov, 2017, and I was told and call of one month additional free will be added to me as a promo to expire January 31 but since on Saturday 30 I hv been cut off from the gotv service and no message was to me to know if was withdraw from the promo. dotun adelaja, iuc no 2022020325, sub 1900,. thanks

  35. Okanlawon Mary

    When I subscribed for N1,900 you include waptv and tiwantiwa and other channels but one day I just wake up and see both waptv and tiwantiwa has vanished, what happened?

  36. Akin Ahmed

    Good day all
    I reside in Felele, Lokoja Kogi State capital, does Gotv work here or can one get access to Gotv signal just brought my own from Benin city to LokoJa . and if yes I how can I get delear contact for installation.
    Regards Akin.


    RESET 4613173536

  38. Aleru Vincent

    Aleru Vincent

    Good day
    my Gotv plus(1,900 NGN) subscription ended today 26th November, 2017
    I made a new Gotv MAX (3,800 NGN) subscription today through same as last subscription and my subscription was successful but till this moment it’s showing E16 error. I do not want to make a new subscription not until this is rectified. Please help me fix it as we wait to watch programs. Thanks

    My surname: ALERU
    MY IUC NO: 4613310348
    MY PHONE NUMBER: 07030182042

  39. adekitan rasheed

    Iuc Number: 2019513136
    I made a payment on the 20th if November 2017 via other outlet but yet to receive any msg although I still have a running subscription .
    please kindly give me my details before the old subscription expire.

  40. oladele solomon

    can I get information on how I can renew my damaged or spoilt decoder adaptor around agbado oke aro area,my iuc number is 2005150104. Thanks

  41. omitoogun Sunday

    Omitoogun Sunday

    I just subscribed via Zenith Bank mobile App. My IUC number is 4620871289.
    Kindly work on it so the channels can show.





  43. Olufemi Jagun

    Please help out. After renewing my subscription, i can’t get some stations like Sony max, super sport 4. CBS reality. I will very much appreciate your response. My IUC number is 4620857038. Thanks

  44. Ejike Emmanuel

    Please I can’t get all the channels on GOTV decoder.I have lodged the complain via facebook and chat but still am not getting all the channels after several scanning,Please do upgrade my system,below is my IUC number and I paid 1,900 something.

    My IUC number 2019008202

  45. mary james

    I Made payment on October 27, 2017 and i was give few channels y?

    My IUC NO is 4613815413

  46. ajibade samson

    WAWU! Congratulations, you have just won a special offer. Dial 08069850000 and enter your IUC 2003016757 to get activated.
    Thank you for calling into GOtv WAWU. We have enrolled you for 3 months uninterrupted viewing on GOlite . Your package will be activated within 48 hours. Enjoy!
    Welcome back and hope you are enjoying your GOtv Lite package. Watch the funny series, Jenifa’s Diary by Funke Akindele on AIT Ch 93, every Sunday at 7:30pm.
    Yet can’t watch noting telling me no signal 4 how long dos it take signal abeg make una find somting do oooo

  47. Durojaiye oluwagbenga

    I subscribed since 25/10/2017 #3,800 but have not been reconnect back. My iuc no 2003691497

  48. Durojaiye oluwagbenga

    I paid since 25/10/2017 till now have not be reconnect back

  49. Olubunmi Kareem

    subscribed since thursday 19-10-17 and till today 22-10-17 yet to be reconnected. my IUC number is 2005137665

  50. Ethel

    Have made payment but have not been reconnected.
    Kindly help
    IUC 2028852192

  51. Ethel

    Have made payment but have not been reconnected.
    Kindly help

  52. Olaoluwa

    Please i subscribed to GOTV max (N3900) at about 3am (15-10-2017) Monday morning from my GTB mobile app which i was debited but i’ve not been reconnected nor refunded. My ICU is 4601415419 pls help.

  53. Adetunji

    Ive made a payment and its not yet active. 2019269446

  54. Osaro Precious

    Good day, Please my Gotv subscription was to expired on 15th October,2017 so to keep my account running, i now renew my subscription on 14th Oct,2017 from your dealer close to my house in sapele road ,Benin city Edo state,but today been 16th Oct,2017 was showing my Gotv has expired.
    where is my IUC Number 2028747872,please help .

  55. Mabel Abiodun

    Good morning I made a payment of 1900 on d 2nd of Octobe via mobile banking, pls , till now av not been connected after d expiry of d previous payment. Pls help me out. My iuc no is 46622458168. My mobile is 08134290623.anticipating an urgent reply asap pls.


    MY IUC NO 2028823214

  57. Olajide

    Please i made a payment with my phone this evening and its not yet been activated please this is my iuc number 2028925655

  58. Sedara Toyin

    I recharged my gotv since on the 3rd of this month via UBA mobile banking but didn’t connect me. It is still asking me to recharge, pls connect me. My IUC no. 202874701 Thanks.

    1. Ibrahim Abdulkarim

      I subscribed gotv max on saturday and sunday respectively using interswitch. first from my GTB Internet banking N3900 was deducted and the next day using Gotv online subscribtion it also deducted N3900 uptill now has’nt been effected and no reverse of money deducted. pls do something about it my IUC is 4601453976

  59. prince alex onu

    i subscribed my go tv yesterday, and uptill now it has’nt been effective. please do somthing about it iuc no.2029162696

  60. Mina okangbe

    pls I paid 1700 in gotv account since yesterday and till now it’s not working. I paid for gotv value I even over paid, send back myself balance Pls and activate my decoder iuc 2028833091


    Pls gud evening am not getting d oh channels on my GOTV & for some days My GOTV has been switch off & on by it self pls how can U help me out of dis now i can’t enjoy my subriction on it pls i need your assitance dis is My ICU NUM 2021974334

  62. Adeoye

    What is happen on my gotv etv is not working there on my subription of 400 gotv lite these is my decoder no 2009387811

  63. Augustine Bassey

    My decoder is not working after I have Recharge using my bank account. My IUC no is 2016844580 my name is augustine Bassey

  64. Okey Bright

    Pls I mistakenly made a below payment of 1600 against 1900 online. I ve been trying to complete the payment but the amount is not available in the space box. I’ll like to know how I can complete it. IUC 2022459937. thanks.

  65. Okey Bright

    I mistakenly made a below payment online, i paid 1600 against 1900 I ve been trying to complete the payment online but the amount is not available in the space box. pls I’ll like to know how I can pay the balance of 300. The IUC No: 2022459937. Hope to hear from you. Tnx

  66. Prince adebayo

    Good morning, i recharge my gotv decoder since Sunday, 1st of Oct. and my decoder is not yet been activated till now, my IUC number 4613492754

  67. Olatunji omotayo

    Hi I recharge my gotv since yesterday via my bank account,the money has been deducted from my account and the sub isn’t been activated till now. My Iuc number is 4601460418.reolve this for me asap please.

    1. omenyuru

      Good evening please I subscribed my gotv this evening around 3to4 pm via my diamond mobile app and upi tll now it has not been activated. Please my iuc no is 4613547129

  68. Emmanuel Adams

    please could you revert a subscription i mistakenly made to an IUC 2020761067 yesterday 01/10/2017 instead of my IUC 2020791067, This was transacted from my mobile apps through my bank a/c.

  69. Adeyemo Bolaji

    Good day Pls i recharge my gotv decoder this morning and i keep getting the E-16 error code even after trying the clear error code option. Pls help me resolve it urgently.

    IUC Number – 4613279399

    Thank you.

  70. Chukwurah chika

    Goodevening.please am not getting all the channels on my gotv decoder i have scan several times but since the same ,please help me activate IUC number is 2029019337. Please help

  71. Uchechukwu

    Pls i make payment of 1250 value online for my gotv subscription yesterday and up till now is not working my IUC 2021757051
    Pls help me out thanks

  72. Adamu Ennah

    i just sent RESET 4613367407 to 4688 please connect me back. i paid since 18/09/2017


    hi, i made payment yesterday and till now still gives me E16 error message that my channel is suspended i have tried using my phone to clear error to no avail
    IUC 2003638331

  74. imoka ifeoma

    pls my iuc number is rejecting been recharged since 15/9/2017. they say it is technical fault pls rectify fast and the said iuc number is 2029005306

  75. bravewale

    please, I subscribed my Gotv with IUC 4622641324 since Friday 15/09/2017. up till now, still showing subscription expired. pls I need to watch it today, kindly find solution to it.

  76. Olatunde

    Hi, my friend did mobile subscription online and instead of 1,900 naira, he mistakenly typed 19,000 naira and such sum was deducted. Can such fund be refunded?

  77. Feyisayo

    Hi,since i bought my gotv i did not used it and i subscribe yesterday night but not showing. My IUC number is showing e16 error code. Please kindly help me out.

  78. Ejiro Blessing

    Good evening!
    This IUC number 2003660034. My sister was the one using it b4. Though it been long she stopped using it. I decided to subscribe on it today but I was told the IUC is no more in used. What can I do to make it work again?

  79. okeke judith

    Pls I subscribed it is still showing subscription expired

  80. Okeke Uzondu Chiwetara

    2003619777 is my IUC number. Made payment for subscription and my subscription is still showing scrambled.

  81. bonjay

    My own complaint is that I subscribe 1250naira on 4th of SEPTEMBER 2017 and up till now it has not been activate, though have try all the option like sending reset to 4688, and dialing of *288#. Don’t know what to do again because I don’t have time to visit Gotv office. Kindly help with anything you can do. My IUC number: 2022094921


    a wrong pin was pressed on d remote and our decoder is displaying pin lock on our screen our iuc number is 4613088844…. thanks will really appreciate if there will an instant solution to d problem i am not a spammer u can verify d iuc number.


    a wrong pin was pressed on d remote and our decoder is displaying pin lock on our screen our iuc number is 4613088844…. thanks will really appreciate if there will an instant solution to d problem

  84. Mojeed Adeboye

    please, i mistakenly subscribe into a different account instead of my customers acct kindly help.

    *Wrong account – 4613663360
    Name Olateju

    Kindly Note that this is my customers detail
    my customer’s account – 4613663560
    Name Adebowale Rasheed
    phone 09082947301

  85. posh owotuga

    pls my gotv in nt shwin again seening yesterday,, IUC 2020720789 just searching n no channel found.. tnx

  86. posh owotuga

    pls my gotv in nt shwin again seening yesterday,, IUC 2020720789 TNX

  87. tayo

    i subscribe to this decoder 1250, but is not coming up, IUC number 2020715545 name on it Afolabi please kindly help

  88. Okeke Uzondu Chiwetara

    My name is Okeke Uzondu, I made a payment a week ago exactly on sunday 6th August 2017 and up till now no service. 2003619777

  89. maryimelda Adeogun

    The signal strength of my gotv just kept fluctuating y do something about your signal. Someone cannot just enjoy watching anything at this period of time and end of month


    hello, my name Abiodun Adebola , my iuc number is 2004436114,my phone number is 08074531026 & 09061591948, my complain is that i just subscribe to your #400 Gotv lite package, but up till now, it has not pop up, pls i will like to know if you have any contact number. and please kindly look into the situation for me. thanks

  91. samson

    i subscribed 1900 for a month this night and it wasn’t working, my iuc number is 4601732397

  92. Agu Charles

    I recharged my account(GOTV) on 08/08/17 but it has not been reactivated up till now. Please do the reactivation to enable me enjoy your good services.

    My IUC number is 2028747579.

  93. brown egharevba

    hello pls i cant get any of my channel after i have renew my subscription iuc no 2018617760 from d me

  94. ugboma chinonye (agwunobi)

    Please i recharged my GoTv since sat 5th august 2017 but i am yet to be activated please this is my IUC : 4601469729 please help

    1. ounoha samuel

      p/s i recharge my Gotv since 4th august 2017 and up till now it has not come up why? my number is 2017501836

  95. uzoma joe

    my iuc number 4613599629 . i resubscribed for gotv on saturday, 05-08-2017 with quickteller via gtbank but it has not been activated.

  96. Agbagwa Kingsley

    Please I lost my decoder to burglars and my IUC is 4613383333.Is there anyway I can track my decoder as the carried my Plasma TV aswell.

  97. David

    Please, there has been a bad signal service
    here in Irete. This has rendered the use of GoTv useless
    here in Irete, Owerri, Imo State. Please, endeavour to
    restore the service.
    I won’t be able to subscribe until this issue is restored
    because, my last subscription was wasted due to this
    Nevertheless, my GoTv Anthena is very high above zinc
    level. My number is +2347061039199 .
    MY IUC NUMBER IS : 4613802304.

  98. Ogechi Okere

    The channels are no longer complete when I subscribe and no matter how many times I reset especially my favorite channel zee world. Please rectify this issue, my IUC number is 2019366145. The name is Emeka Adiele. Thanks

  99. Johnson Helen

    Good morning I subscribe my decorder this morning through Zoto and I was told to call or send message to u for u to activate my recorder. The number is 2009420541

    1. Johnson Helen

      Iuc number is 2009420541

  100. IFEANYI chukwukadibia

    Am having 23 channels while I subscribed 2000 what is wrong My no is 2022707655

    1. modupe

      pls i paid dstv on the 5th of august.package access of slyvester,iuc no 4290951383,but up till now is not showing.

  101. Augustine Chijioke Okafor

    I just recharge today but is only four channels is showing, this is part of the reason I have not recharge this Gotv for some mouth now , I don;t see reason I will recharge and cannot view what I paid for it is to bad.

    Here is my IUC number 4613037624

  102. Onwughara Justina n

    Good day,i am onwughara juntina n.pls I paid for my Gotv subscription yesterday,4 August 2017,but it is not activated up till now. Pls help out. My iuc number is, 4613419639.and phone number is 08105581055


    GOOD MORNING. Please i subscribed my decoder on the 29th july via quickteller through my bank my IUC number is4622432796 it showing erro code 16 i need your help.

  104. please i subscribe yesterday’s night and its showing E16 error after my money has been deducted. i need help urgently or i stop using Gotv. my IUC 4601801478.


    Please I subscribed my Gotv via guickteller 2days ago and now it’s showing not showing but only displaying E16 error that my subscription has expired.
    Kindly fix this error because I needed to watch it now.
    Am Seriously angry now had every means It’s still not showing why should my money be wasting like this.
    My IUC number is 2022436442

  106. Uthman Kazeem Mohammed

    Please kindly reactivate my gotv decoder with IUC 4613639136. I have recharged since yesterday 27th July, 2017 but up till now still not coming up.

  107. Mufutau Adewale

    I just subscribed now 26/7/2017 but my govt decoder is showing no signal. Help
    IUC 4623358246

  108. mathew o

    Goodevening,please i just subscribe my gotv value through a Quickteller payment method and is over 10min and is yet to be activated,please i need your help as soon as possible because i have a program i and my family want to watch and enjoy together tonight


    IUC 2009566182 pls i am trying to activate but refusing me


    pls can u reactivate my Gotv IUC 2009566182,trying to subscribe but declining me

  111. adike Emmanuel

    Please I needed it urgently to fixed since two days now I subscribed iuc number 2028626317.

  112. adike Emmanuel

    I subscribe my gotv since two days now iuc number 2028626317 please I needed it to work now.


    My name is mr johnson and my IUC number is 4601700049 hv subscribed this morning through my bank account and yet to be activated ever since . Kindly get Me activated. 08050966429

  114. Mr Ogunsusi Bankole

    I just recharge with 1,250NGN now with my IUC no 2020716383 and not yet coming up now. Pls verify and resolve.

  115. Ejesieme Franklin

    Please I subscribed via my mobile banking and till now E16 code still display on my screen. IUC 2019380674. Kindly rectify and resolve this please.

  116. jamiu amusa

    i recharge my gotv 2 hours ago and is not shown
    my gotv number is 4601590245

  117. Atine David

    You people are full of drama,gotv is not reliable, u will loose your customers. U are so unprofessional .

  118. rapheal waritimi

    I subscribed gotv today 13th July 2017 but my acct is still not yet activated and my due date wic is suppose to be on d 14th of august was brought forward to 5th august.iuc no is 2028578568

  119. ogheneovo omwa

    Paid since morning and it yet to be connected pls help me on that. IUC Num. Is 2029111106


    Please, i have subscribed yet, Error message stii display on my screen.. E16..

    pls activate for me.

    IUC- 2028907269

    1. If you subscribed/renewed/just paid your GOtv subscription and its yet to activate, please give it at least 2 hours and send the following sms with your mobile phone:

      RESET IUC to 4688
      example, if your IUC number is 2028907269send RESET 2028907269 to 4688
      Ensure your decoder is turned on when you send the code. Service would be restored immediately.

      1. Ndubuisi

        Please i recharged today 1,800.00 and my IUC Number is 4622282782



    Subscribed monthly #2000 GOTV via online since morning, but to no avail. My IUC is 2021794492, pls kindly assist me, Tnx & God bless.

  122. olakunle

    I my Gotv decoder on 28/6/17 (4613821156 iuc) till now it has not been activated what’s all this trash

  123. Yusuf oladoja

    Pls I recarch my Gotv plus all Chanel did not show my iuc no, 4623373537.


    I made a payment of 2000 yesterday 05/07/2017 and its still yet to be iuc no is 2029032259.

  125. Olusola Sosina

    Pls I was debited twice on my account via different platform, i will like if you can make it 2 month subscription. my IUC Number:4613507003, Transaction Ref:888813885152 and the second Transaction Ref:02JTFU66561CB4116.


  126. MR ALAO

    i recharge my gotv online with quickteller and they sent sent me a message that the subcription is successful in the next the customar came to us told us the his gotv is successfull with the amount of 1900(GOTV PLUS) REFERRENCE NUMBER 129318614992771 IUC NUMBER 2004404392

  127. okobi ekele

    I have recharge my Gotv but the stations refuse to come up.iuc no. 2015979036. I paid through quick teller and I have been debited and transaction succeful

  128. Ugwu Damian Ikechukwu

    I made paid for one month subscription today 5th of June 2017 by 7.07pm. kindly assist me to activate my decoder IUC NO. 202856374

  129. Ikechukwu Timothy

    I use diamond mobile app to subscribe my gotv for 2000 I did twice diamond bank debit me 4000 stil yet nothing has show,i dnt knw how diamond bank runs dar business with gotv

  130. Catherine Okereke

    Hi. Please i subscribed on sunday(25th june) for Gotv lite. None of d subscribed channel came up till now. My IUC no is 4623511165. Please help pls.

  131. mutiu hamza

    Good evening Sir/ma
    I want to sadly write to customer online that I subscribe since on Sunday but uptil now I cant be able to view it. Please that is my smartcard number please verify for me and make it work. Thanks in anticipation.

    Smartcard number
    2021822014 Mutiu Hamza

  132. Hello,
    I upgraded my gotv subscription on 22/6/2017 but till now, it has not been activated. i have done the error code reset but not still working. Help. My IUC number is 4601584095

  133. Hello,
    I upgraded my gotv subcription since on Friday, 22/6/2017 but till now it has not been activated. I have done error code reset but not still working. Help. My IUC Number is 4601584095

  134. Hello,
    I upgraded my gotv subcription since on Friday, 22/6/2017 but till now it has not been activated. I have done error code reset but not still working. Help.

    1. Hello,
      I upgraded my gotv subcription since on Friday, 22/6/2017 but till now, it has not been activated. I have done the error code reset but still not working. Help! My IUC number is 4601584095

  135. Mr Asabia

    Pls I just pay for my subscription on Gotv and no station is coming up. gotv iuc number 4613427597

  136. Anthem orkuma

    Please I made a payment for someone on line via “vtpass”and up till now no signal. User IUC number is 4620965680. Kindly assist.

    1. Ugwu Damian Ikechukwu

      i just made a payment for my subscription and no channel is coming up. Kindly help me out. IUC NO. 2028756374

  137. Sekat Technologies

    please, we have recharged for more than 2 hrs but not activated.
    IUC no: is 2022287106

    1. maxwell ovine agwase

      l just subscribed for my go tv for almost 2 hour4s now and yet still not activated this is my IUC number 4623147540 pls my moble number is 08022233386 i need an urgent response pls.

  138. Nwegbu nmachukwu

    i subscribed my gotv but still shows E-16, pls kindly re-activte my IUC number:2020787150… thanks

  139. Nwegbu nwachukwu

    i subscribed my gotv but still shows E-16, pls kindly re-activte my IUC number:2020787150… thanks

  140. TAOFEEK


    My gotv scans and loads properly.then minutes later,it starts scanning all over again and sometimes even lose signal. what could be wrong?

    reply please

  141. Ayeni Omoniyi

    I just pay for my subscription on my got with iuc 4613133946 but it’s not showing any station on my TV. Please help me out

    1. John Stephen

      I paid my gotv subscription since yesterday 06/09/2017 but till now not showing IUC 2022023544

  142. olaoluwa o.

    pls I lost my sim card DAT I take to register my gotv, it is very discult for me to do any tin on it, pls help me to reactive it wit dis no: 07061840979, the problem is DAT the gotv display error E16.. pls help me out… the iuc no: 2019186318.. thank

  143. Harry

    I just recharged my Gotv about 3hours ago and I am yet to start receiving signals. Please help me restore; mu IUC number is 4601711345.

  144. please i can only get 37 channels after i had made a payment of 2000naira i have been scanning for 3days now and it is still the same thing and this is very annoying when you pay and you and get the service here is my IUC NUMBER 2002960455 please help me i am not so happy about this it looks like scam

  145. wisdom ogbodu

    please I made payment via quikteller but up till now its not showing my iuc number is 4601594091

  146. OLAITAN

    please, I don’t receive message for gotv subscription expiring date any more. I need this message to remind me time to subscribe for my gotv. my mobile I used to register is 08113322899.

  147. mr sule

    Please re activate my gotv. I paid 1200 for gotv standard bouquet. My iuc no. Is 2020673886.thank u

  148. Daramola

    Dear gotv customer care ! I subscribed to my gotv and until now my account has not been activated : 2022275838 is d IUC . Plz help me do something about this

  149. andre

    I subscribed Gotv 650 package today from zoto transaction.. and yet, it has not started showing. pls rectify this. name-Dombin. ref numb-#1170606122111896. IUC- 4613255356

  150. Christiana Pedro

    Please i noticed that some stations in my GOTV have been having low signal and it affects the stations as it cracks while we view it.stations like TELEMUNDO,ZEE WORLD and few other stations have this problem.please do something,my IUC number is 4601896632.thanks

  151. Yusuf Oriyomi Abass

    Can you please re-activate my subscription which i paid for yesterday 5th June,2017, my IUC NUMBER IS 2020694832.
    Thanks alot

  152. justina chinasa

    Pls I Rechard my gotv since on 3rd of dis month till now it has not been activated dis is my iuc number 2020680725

  153. Joseph Samuel A

    wat sort of inconsistency is this? I complained about this last month, yet repeated again. I swear dnt let me remember my other decoder dat will b the end BTW I and gotv. How on earth will I make a subscription using FCMB until now am yet to receive the benefit of this subscription. Pls i attend to this with emmidiate attention or I forget about this gotv services foreva. IUC no. 2016021345 mobile no. 07030386789.

  154. yemisi

    I subscribe on 31 may 2017 but it is not showing the channel want like 24,25,72 my iuc number is 2022134554

  155. Please you guys should try and solve the problem because it is really driving people crazy. , how we be spending money on something we are not enjoying. Iuc number 4623106434


  157. M. Okoh

    Please I recharge my gotv since 26/5/2017 up till now it has not been activated. My IUC no is 4623694894.
    Please help!

  158. obasi lucy

    We experienced a strong wind which drew our inhouse antenna we kept on a lil pole outside x the antenna cut.we went to gotv office and was given a wire fir the outside antenna which we put in a pole yet no service,no channel.pls help

  159. vera Inwang

    Now have been charged 1,900 for subscription and bank charges plus 100# and still can’t enjoy the benefit of my sweat of 2k just like that. Every time I tune to gotv, the channels never complete. Only from 5 and some minor channels not interesting will view while the major channels like Chl 13, 14 and 25 I do watch wont come up not until I go start shaking my pole before I have a complete channel or sometimes may not even come up at all. What is the problem? Even my subscription to expire today but since Friday can’t view any channels, and I recharge thinking it has expired but still the channels or errors code is screen show

  160. vera Inwang

    Please I recharge my gotv since last night 29/05/2017 ,and up till now it has not been activated through my Access bank pay. Still showing Error code on my screen tv and also can’t view all channels for a while now especially “Channel 13,14, 25, etc. My IUC number is 2018996383. Vera Inwang.

  161. akinola

    Please I recharge on 27th May online with 2000 yet to be on as at today. IUC No is 4601740271

  162. Anthony Okafor

    i made one month subscription for GOtvplus on the 25/5/2017, but the subscription have not been activated till now, My IUC number is 4623816607 kindly assist

  163. Adigwe Emmanuel

    I have recharged my gotv account but my TV is still showing the error code E16. Please fix this.

  164. Adigwe Emmanuel

    I recharged my gotv account on Saturday and since then I am yet to receive any channel. My TV keeps showing E 16, I have tried to clear the error code by every legal means possible to no avail. My IUC Number is 2022661713.

  165. chukwuma kingsley

    Please, I can’t get all the channels on my decoder. My subscription supposed to expire today being sunday but I subcribed last friday via zenith bank as usual but few channels are showing. My iuc 4601527454. Please treat as urgent. Thanks

  166. olubunmi odunayo

    My name is olubunmi Emmanuel odunayo i reside in ijoka akure ondo state,my iuc number is 2017044677 I paid for gotv on 25_of may through my bank GTB internet banking up till now I can not view any channels please help clear the error I paid 1,900.

  167. Paul Ukoh

    My name is Paul Ukoh, i recharge my Gotv 2028817046 with my Diamond Bank online banking #2,000 naira but all my channels remain unsubscribe.

    please i need your assistant for the subscription

  168. ekpo john

    pls my gotv iuc number is 4601890363,I recharge 1300 always But since last month I recharge 2000 And dis month too.but it still showing d 1300 channels pls upgrade my payment and channels for me.tanks 08133073454,my number dere.

  169. Opeyemi oyewunmi

    Please my brother tried to subscribe for us twice and they deducted the money since 23rd of may and its not still showing my iuc number is 4613141995

  170. mfon williams

    Please I subscribe my Gotv this morning but up till now is not showing anything and is still telling me that E16. Please here is my Iuc no 2003601026 is very urgent treat it now. Tanks

  171. Omaji Owoicho

    Hi my name is Omaji owoicho iuc 4623219223 gotv sent message to me that if i recharge with in 24hrs i will get 600liters of petrol. Till now no further communication for me to claim the prize

  172. Israel Okokhuele

    To Whom it May Concern

    My name is Israel Okokhuele, and I reside in Lagos. I made payment Via Access Bank Mobile transfer on 20/05/2017, and cannot watch my Gotv channels with an error code. IUC:4622627676

    Please, help me rectify this issue to enjoy my Birthday with my family.

    God bless you.

  173. Godwin

    I recharged my Gotv 1,250 yesterday through UBA successfully transfer. with IUC NO. 2021830339, Godwin, but yet to receive signal pls confirm it and help hook my signal up, thanks

  174. olubunmi odunayo

    I paid through my bank Internet till now I can view any channel what can I do please

  175. LIZZY

    Pleae i recharge my Gotv Account through my bank, the payment was deducted from my bank account but my Gotv is still showing me Wrong E16. my Gotv IUC Number is 2028535905. PLS HELP

  176. emmanuel oluyemi

    I recharged my gotv of 1800 monthly wit IUC 4613919277 yesterday online tru my bnk acct which has bin worked immediately nd today stopped working.i error E16 is wat is displaying.kindly treat as urgent.

  177. umesh yadav

    I just recharge my gotv and I paid two times please kindly assist to make it two months or send back to my account #1900.
    No 4622289030

  178. MARTINS

    Please, the number of my gotv channels has suddenly reduced from 53 to 23 and it has been like that for days now even after several scanning and changing the position of my antenna.

    My IUC NUMBER IS 4613733693

  179. Rabiu Mohammed

    I want to know my expiry date and I send a text “DD IUC” to 4638 and its being over 48 hrs now and no reply for me, This is more painful for the fact that NGN 10.00 was deducted from my account for the SMS.

    Please l need to know my expiry date and please refund my NGN 10.00 asap.


  180. Amughan collins

    please i want my account to be activated because l subscribe my Gotv , through my ATM about 2hours ago and up till now no channel is showing .. here is my Gotv Details

    Amughan Collins

    IUC :2020925143

    please l need your help urgently

  181. Amughan collins

    please l want my account to be activated ,because l just subscribe my Gotv .. through my ATM for about one hour now and still not up .. no channel is showing … please here i my Gotv details

    Amughan Collins

    IUC Number : 2020925143

    please l need your help


    I paid hrough my mobile banking #1,800 and was charged #1,900 now I can wach any on screem if you people did no connec me pls don call me anymore complain is much from you people please change 2022007684

  183. taiwo daniel

    Good afternoon
    I made payment for gotv on 19/05/2019 an till now is still nt showing anything amount paid: (1900)
    Payment mode quickteller
    Pls treat urgent

  184. Ezinne Ukoh

    Hell, I just subscribed for gotv plus yet its not working my iu-4622545051

  185. Humphrey Oruwari

    I subscribed to my Gotv (IUC no: 2022178278) with the sum of N 1900 in the morning on the 15th of May. It started working in the evening of same day and later stopped working. I got the E-16 error and tried to reset but to no avail. I have emailed the customer care on this development. However, the system is still not working.
    Please treat as urgent.

  186. Ayodele Orijegun

    I subscribe for #1,250 on 15/05/2017 with IUC NO. 4622385997, But yesterday when I switch on my decoder and it was written on the screen that my subscription has expired.

    Pls. kindly treat as soon as possible.


  187. Joseph Samuel A

    sincerely, ur services are no longer appreciative. How on earth will I subscribe on 8 may geting today it has expired, this is not the first time. Pls kindly fix this or I will be left with no option to go for STL. My REF 02BA33566F32036. IUC No. 2016021345.Joseph Samuel

  188. Emeje karim

    Pls my gotv is suppose to expire on 17may, but now I no channel is showing. IUC. 4613561642

  189. oyeh gift

    please my IUC decorder 4613052468 was deactivated today by 12:04pm and i subscribed on the 5th of this month. pls kindly reactivate my gotv because i made payment for it already. thank you.

  190. Chimere

    I subscribed gotvplus on 12th of May 2017. on the 15th May 2017 I was told that my subscription has expired. my decoder no is2020731938.this is embarrassing

  191. Gyiwanyin G. Sunday

    Pls kindly activate my gotv decoder I subscribed today at 8am ,till now,the channels are not open. My receiver no.4613983834 for 1800 using Skye Mobile to make my payment today

  192. Zachariah Olubayo Taningbola

    I subscribed yesterday 12th may,2017through Skye bank Itori,Ogun state. Till now not activated .my iuc number… names….Zachariah Olubayo Taningbola.

    1. Oyedeji funmilayo

      I did my monthly subscription on 2/5\20/17 1900,and today is 15/05/17,I don’t know why Gotv will be asking me to subscribe for another month,and none of the station is showing again, I tried to call the customer’s number, but it didn’t go, please cash you please correct this error, Oyedeji funmilayo, my IUC number is 2022053045, thanks

  193. Zachariah Olubayo Taningbola

    I paid 1900naira for my Gotv subscription yesterday 12/5/2017 but till now no activation after I lost a month subscription due to my damaged TV set.I have spent alot reset my iuc no phone names.Thanks.

  194. Jennifer

    I recharge my gotv on 10th of this month up till now is not activate pls activate it for Iuc number 2020737210

  195. nwachukwu Emmanuel

    please i made a payment yesterday been 12th/5/2017 till today no channel is showing including channel 1 which is Gotv channel this is my IUC number 2028710722

  196. Bolarinwa Olabanji

    Hi,I received a text message from Got and also a confirmation calls from the customer care centre that I should recharge with #1,250 that I shall be upgraded automatically to Go plus because my number has benn selected for a month promo which I did,but to my utmost surprise, all I can be viewing is all go value…. Look into this ASAP

  197. Aderogba Emmanuel

    I made a payment via a quickl teller through first bank wrongly to this smart no:2009425724 instead of this smart no:2009425623. I subscribed to gotv plus of #1900 .The payment was made on 9/05/2017. The channels were showing instantly but later scrambled within few minutes thereafter. Pls , help me retrieve and reconnect. Thanks

  198. John Ugwuanya

    Hello I made payment yesterday for my GOTV subscription via Access bank and up to date i have not been reactivated.

    My IUC number is 4613109342

  199. Ogechi Amadi

    Pls I just recharged my Go tv din know it is now 1,900 but I recharged 1,800 as usual n I payed thru quick teller pls what do I do my iuc no: 4613449908. Hv been calling some go TV no pls tell me what to do tnx

  200. omah umeh

    I recharge my Gotv on 8/5/2017 through U mobile up till now is not activated please activate IU 2005131622


    Good morning Gotv…Please i subscribed sum of N1900 yesterday..Immediately i subscribed my decoder show all channels but in 45min all the channels didnt show again and show MY SUBSCRIBTION HAS EXPIRED OR I SHOULD UPGRADE MY GOTV..Please help me do somthing about it..

    MY IUC NUMBER ARE 2019111974



  202. FEMI aro

    2018679625 I subscribed online today and it’s not activating
    Please help

  203. temilove

    I Temilove, from FCT i what to be an agent, how can i reg.

  204. Donald Amagbo

    Good morning my name is Donald plz help me, I subscribed but no signal plz help me uc no 4622549462 thanks

  205. nnebi

    please i paid for gotv 2020611602 yesterday evening and till now no update, no channel please help

  206. Idoge emmanuel

    I recharged my govt on #600 yesterday 4/5/2017 through u-mobile up till now is not activated please activate it my U-2020622502

  207. Abajingin Olatunbosun

    Please i subscribe since 2nd of May 2017 and till now i have not been able to view channels,please assist my IUC no 4613941084

  208. Stanley Ogolo

    stanley Ogolo
    please I subscribed since today 4th May 2017 through my mobile banking and up till now it’s not showing my IUC number is 2019256376 please assist.thanks


  209. Kelvin Agbogu

    please I subscribed since yesterday morning 3rd May 2017 through my mobile banking and up till now it’s not showing my IUC number is 2022248396 please assist.thanks

  210. Olamide

    Hi, please can you kindly,activate my Gotv as soon as possible! I paid by access internet banking this afthernoon and have not connecting yet,my IUC # 2028838157.

  211. David Gofwen

    Dear Gotv I subscribed with the sum of 1800,and the sent me a Text message that I should recharge with the sum of 1900, I don’t know what to do my IUC number is 4622265165.

  212. Good day Gotv, i subscribed with #600 on Gotv mobile access package, but my decoder is till giving no subscription. I recharged again today with 400 on the same iuc, but no subscription is still showing. My IUC no is 4621004682. pls do something

  213. Regina

    I paid for gotv since 8am and I’m still unable to view the channels. My IUC no is 4613693440.

  214. Lanre

    I wanted to subscribe for my gotv via diamond bank mobile app but i mistakenly pressed gotv mobile access and my money was deducted. Please i want it reversed. The IUC number is 2021998739

  215. Kayode

    pls i subscribed via quickteller 2 days ago, up till now, nothing is coming up, still asking me to go and subscribe. my IUC number is 2022471265, name is Kayode.Pls urgently regularize. thanks.

  216. Ologbenla Ademiju Kehinde

    My GOTV decoder was recharged via Diamond Bank for #1800 some hours ago but up till now the decoder did not open on.My IUC No is 2019222771.Please help in opening the channels. Thanks for your anticipated quick response.

  217. Ologbenla Ademiju Kehinde

    I recharge my GOTV some hours ago but it did not open. My IUC No is 2019222771. Please help to unlock.

  218. Fortune

    Good day, I subscribed on the 21st of April, but only 25 of the channels is coming up. My IUC number is : 2020799841.I have scanned as many timed as possible but to no avail Please help attend to this.

  219. seye

    Hi, ve nt bn enjoyin watching some channels on my GOTV since my last subscription. channels like africa magic yoruba, hip tv, soundcity. i try change my antenna position but still not working well. pls i wud need you guys to do something on time before i change my mind

  220. Oyewumi

    I load my Gotv on my account.. and i was given a message, apart from my alert from bank… since 24th april.. kindly work on it IUC

  221. ataram simon

    Hello gotv good evening, please I subscribe 21/4/2017 but it’s showing error, none of the channels are working, please look into it IUC no: 4613145123
    Phone no : 07010406899

  222. ataram simon

    Please I recharge my gotv yesterday but it’s not working
    Pleasw help me rectify this issue my iuc number:4613145123

  223. Pakuta osho

    Pls, I recharge mm gotv yesterday and is not working uptill now IUC no 4613128142, pls do something about it

  224. M. Okpoho

    Good Day to Go TV
    Please I made a recharge at a Go T Station at Ekete inland Junction along the express road on 8 April but the service provider entered the recharge to this IUC NUMBER 2020851825 instead of my IUC NUMBER 2020851828. UP ONTILL now it has not been rectified.
    I have been there twice but nothing has been done instead I was told it will take a week to rectify and the week has expired today 17th April still nothing has been done.
    Kindly look into this
    Mr. M Okpoho

  225. Talabi Taiwo

    Good morning , I recharged my subscription yesterday’s evening, though my decoder was off. Till now, no channel is showing. My iuc number is 2003006781. It’s urgent please. Phone number 08023509770

  226. Gotom Joshua

    pls what is wrong with this GoTv i made payment on the 8th april and you guys still went ahead to suspend my account…. with IUC 4601472985.

  227. Clifford

    My iuc is 4622548410 and my due date is April 21 but you keep sending me message to recharge before April 14 or I will be disconnected. Pls stop the fraud; you promised free airtime if I pay before due date but till today have not seen any airtime after almost a month.

  228. seniortheme

    i paid my gotv subcription via quick teller my acct is debit buh d decoder is nt active yet iuc 2028792622 pls look into it

  229. Samuel Idakwo

    I subscribed my gotv since morning 13/04/2017 through mobile app but is not yet activated please see to it… IUC number 4613335621
    Phone number 08107513032. Surname:Idakwo

  230. Abonyi chinedu Christian

    Please connect my gotv iuc no. 2019295838 which I recharged on 11-4-17 via my mobile banking.

    C. C. ABONYI

  231. kemi olatunji

    Please I am begging you guys in the name of God kindly activate my gotv I made 1800 naira payment 3 days and its yet to be activated. UIC number 4620949797 kemi olatunji



  233. Ezekiel Udouwak

    I recharged my GoTv 2003001451 yesterday 10/04/2017 but not working. Please look into it. I hope I will not be billed for the missed days!

  234. Akinyeye Steve

    I subscribed true my mobile application since Friday on 7th April but uptill now u pple not subscribed me my IUC no is 4601787509 pls do something about it

    1. Ololade

      I subscribed to my gotv on the 9th of April on ICU number 2004315383 but my account have not been activated since then. 1900 was deducted from my GTB acct via quickteller. Your soonest reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  235. Sonia Ekeleme

    Good evening, I recharged my subscription in the afternoon, though my decoder was off. Till now, no channel is showing. My iuc number is 2028744070. It’s urgent please.

  236. chuks frank

    my name is chuks frank my ulc no is 4623315620 from ph i paid 1800

  237. maryann

    I subscribed April 7th and my ICU no is 4601923594…. It’s showing error e16… Pls help… Maryann from Benin

  238. uche christian

    am pissed have subscribed good two times now but you guys keep on deducting the money from my account please help get it fixed asap here is my iuc number…..4613539393…….uche chibueze christian that’s the name on my gotv.

  239. ATILOLA

    Hello,i top up ma gotv account with 1800 on the 3rd of april ,but still scrambled error showing.IUC NO;2021777967

  240. ATILOLA

    Gudday,i made payment through quickteller on d 3rd april buh ma account as not top up of ma recharge,also bigbrother naija show went off d channels pls also restore.i will appriciate if ma request is urgently ganted.IUC NO;2021777967,from ibadan

  241. Bernard Olabisi

    Yello Mr and Mrs Gotv. Abeg, help us fix channel 12 Zeebolly movies and channel 19 Viasat life. Our IUC na 2028739132. Thanks as u help us fix am else I collect my thanks back #na joke I dey o

  242. Idowu Olalekan

    My is Idowu Olalekan, one of your staffs called me and told me my decoder has won #1500 recharge car and need to subscribe to my decoder before 6th of April, immediately I did so on the 5th of April but since then nobody credit my line please kindly look at this issue. My IUC no is 2019542806. Secondly I was able to watch at least 60 channels before but now only 34 channels are appear please kindly solve it. Thanks.

  243. Josephine Aguocha


  244. Are ezekiel

    i load my gotv since on 31st of march i was not be able to watch anything pls do ulc 4613686928.

  245. mary J

    Please i am using my zenith app for subscription and they are asking of channel description…i dont know what to write there..please reply its subscription is finish and will like to subscribe to watch BBnajja

  246. Abejide toba

    My iuc is 2028555600 i wanted to subscribe yesterday but is telling me that my iuc is not validate

  247. Rasheed

    Good evening, is it that each time I recharge my decoder, i will be suffering and begging before channel 29 is added. I just subscribed today 05/04/2017 and channel 29 is not included. please include it. IUC 4622586681. Rasheed.

  248. Mumiyo

    I recharged #1200 on 2nd April and my gotv account has not been rectified till now. IUC 2022175566. Please confirm it. Thank you!

  249. Adetuberu Bolu

    Hello, most of my gotv channels disappeared since Tuesday…i have only 34 channels presently and they are mostly stations that I don’t watch often… Signal strength is 74%…4622298333

  250. Oluchi George

    Hello Gotv! I recharged on the 28th March but since yesterday many channels are not showing like 25, 29, etc. Pls kindly rectify it. My iuc no is 4622714370.

  251. kenn

    hello any body online please

  252. Stanley duruebube

    Tis Stanley duruebube.I recharged on the 2nd of April, it came up and in the evening it didn’t show again tin date. Pls rectify asap.1800 sub. IUC no is 2022662624 tnks

  253. Toyin

    138- E service unavailable kindly work on it,location Ibadan, 2019452830

  254. banjo sesan samuel

    hello gotv i subscribe from my bank account up till now my decorder is not showing iuc 4613073634

  255. Toyin

    I’m Toyin, kindly help to work on this decoder 2019452830. Some chanels such as 25 and 29 are not working since yesterday. Thanks

  256. Irefin Joshua Rotimi

    I recharge my Gotv today at about 6:25pm via internet banking (quick teller) uptil this moment it has not been activated, my IUC number is 4613736258. Kindly assist please.

  257. Abel Agada

    My name is Abel Agada, I recharged my GOtv through my mobile banking the sum of #1,800.00 on the 31st March, 2017, it work through the day, on 1st April 2017 it stopped working later in the evening it came up again up to mid night. On the 2nd April 2017 till date it stop working. Please try and rectify it my IUC 2016090343 and my phone number is 07038445398. I await your quick response on this. Thanks.

  258. yusuf

    Pls gotv I subscribe and still showing scramble I try to clear error and it’s replying incorrect iuc no and it happens last three u people said it has been corrected

  259. Gotv, good evening
    Please help us check o. We subscribe last month and didn’t enjoy the channels. Amyoruba,am epic,etv, channel 12 and many more channels aren’t showing. Here is the number o, please help look into it.

  260. babafemi

    I recharge on my gotv since yesterday via mobile money with iuc number 4601580735 and up till now it has yet to be activated,

  261. sandra

    I subscribed since Saturday but channel 29(big brother nija) still ain’t connecting….2028596953 datx my iuc number

  262. Akande

    hello i paid for my sub since afternoon up till now is yet to be activated IUC number4622513645.

    kindly urgently fix

  263. ayodele damilola

    I paid via mobile bank at exactly 7:30 today 27/03/2017 and yet is not connecting, dis is my IUC number 2022316753 pls do something. Or u call dis contact 08148746944

  264. Toyin

    I sell gotv cards,where can I get the advert materials so more customers can patronise me.

  265. Saka Ayomide,i just paid my subscription now and you people sent me a message that if i subscrib before on the 27 march 2017 that i will have rechage card of 500 hundred naira,so please am waiting for it.thanks Saka Ayomide.

  266. odeme cosmas

    Gotv, am still waiting for my N500 airtime promised to me if I recharge before 27th March 2017 being the date of the expiration of the previous month. Thanks. IUC no:2019485984

  267. Rita

    Pls I recharged my Gotv account for #1800 2 weeks ago, only 4(four) channels has been showing for the past one week.I tried doing a reset only for my decorder not to see any signal again. Pls help rectify the fault. My iuc no is 2005139547

  268. nancy adong

    i paid GOTV for my hospital for six months last month but today its showing only zee world. could you please rectify that mistake immediately?
    the IUC Number is 2028552456.

  269. George Tella

    Hi, my Gotv decoder went faulty 2 nights ago and i recently renewed my subsription. what is the way forward; is it repairable or swapping?, my iuc number-2009585494. pls act as soon as possible.

  270. Elijah Babawale

    Please, the due date of my Gotv is not yet due but while did they cut me off from not watching any thing again. I made a payment on 4/03/2017 around 1:00pm at airport road. or gotv have been coming another things rest, please help check what is the issues.

  271. thomas Bassey Ndarake

    I paid N1,800 subscription fee on 18th March 2017. Most of the channel are not showing like Big Brother. Please kindly fix this problem for me.
    My IUC number is 2020757747

    1. ukaigwe jon ikechukwu

      i also paid N1,800 on the 17/03/17 thro Agent:03JDVT Paga TXn ID:HBW26
      Confirmation No.:1094700 but big brother channel is not also showing.
      iuc no. 4601517663 pls help!

  272. owoyemi Matthew

    I paid through my mobile banking on 19th of February and I received msg from quick teller dat it was successful is not showing. My iuc number 2022210733 dis is second time dat is happening you can go true my account you will find out my complain pls do something

  273. okonkwo vivian

    hi my name is vivian and my gotv num is 4613886256 have been having this e017 showing on my screen.i cant view any channel and have try calling customer care till not connecting.

  274. Jane

    I subscribed 1800 for on go tv on the 17th of March 2017

    *** Big brother channel is still not showing even after I tried to clear the E16 error message.

    *** Just 33 channels are showing instead of 50 channels. IUC 2020627201 Please help

  275. Uboma Chinenye Uchenna

    Pls I bought my GOtv since last week.I can’t seem to access the Big brother channel.E16 error is in front of the screen. I have tried all measures to clear it, all to no avail. Pls rectify as soon as possible. IUC is 2028856573

  276. Mr Allen

    I just paid with my Ethernet banking but yet to connect me on 2028643549.

  277. Funmi praise anyanwu

    I just paid on my mobile banking and my gotv is not showing

  278. Onyekachi ugwu

    I subscribed since 16/3/2017 (1200) for value and up till now, it has failed to connect .
    IUC number: 2020780174…. mobile number 08064609888 pls help out

  279. Obioma

    I recharge my gotv and big brothers channel 29 is not showing pls help me. Iuc number 200960913 help me to upgrade it

  280. Chizoba C

    Pls I just got got and I don’t have all the channels. What’s happening? My IUC number is 2029203994. HELP PLEASE

  281. Mrs Harry

    Good day, I did make payment for subscription for Gotv via quickteller yesterday been the 15th March 2017,Ref no for successful transaction is 1224440479280, my iuc num is 4613737449. Yet my cable has not come up, please consider the situation and act urgently.

  282. Ejeagwu Vincent, C

    Please how do I clear the error code on channel 29? I can’t access big brother naija.
    My IUC number is ; 2018666682.
    I’ve tried clearing the error manually and online, but no luck.

  283. Okonkwo Ukachukwu

    My Gotv is only showing 33channels. some channel are missing pls i need all 50 channels i paid for. my IUC No is 4620946402

  284. adeniyi

    Plz I cant find channel 29,and some other channels, and its becoming unbearable and annoying, I can’t watch my program since 4 days now.plz act fast on it. Iuc number.4601421019.

  285. Ijay

    Please I can’t find some channels anymore after NEPA restored power.Channels like 29, 11, 51 etc are now missing.I am running out of patience bcos I can watch big brother Naija.

  286. Stephanie

    Yesterday I was watching my gotv all of a sudden the decorder went off and restarted but I realised that only 34 channels came up, so many channels were lost and most of them are my favourite channels. Since yesterday I’ve been scanning but the channels are not coming up. Please I’ve not been enjoying my subscription since yesterday. Please gotv customer care do some thing about it. My IUC number is 2018873532.

  287. Helen ijeh

    I subscribed on the 28 of Feb for #1800 it was working fine until yesterday when it stopped showing some channels.pls kindly look into it cos my subscription has nt iuc no is 4622826927 thanks.

  288. Olasunkanmi

    Ican’t acess the full channels on my decoder.

  289. Bello

    Why do you Gotv have always disconnect some stations three weeks into my subscription, this is really not nice. please re connect me with immediate effect.


  290. Please help me reset my Gotv decoder, been having just 7 channels since yesterday. IUC number 2028633543.

    I await a swift response.

  291. jejeniwa fatai

    i recharge iuc no 601458279 belonging to fred o erha on 10th friday at about 9pm which comfarm succesful but up untill the decoder is stil scrambled why pls supply or ferund my money transc ref no 999951245409

  292. Adeshina kehinde

    I pay my gotv from my account #1200 but it not showing anything, they deduct but they don’t show my station KS I have yet to call but nothing help me to activate it 4613494959

  293. Abayomi Aina

    Subscribed but not activated (1800) on 4th March, 2017. 4622280503

  294. owaboye temitayo mutiu

    Please subscribe since yesterday by umobile and it as not work yet 4613665220


    My name is Nnamdi Osoji, pls i recharged my gotv account #1200 since last week sartuday throungh mobile banking uptill now it has not been activated.IUC NO.2022409429

  296. Hembaor

    I have paid my full subscription of 1800 online since yesterday been 08_03,2017 et about 2:58pm and until now,I can’t access my gotv service, is this some kind of 419 or what?

    1. have you sent the reset code. Sometimes it takes up to 4hours for payment to reflect so I suggest you send the reset code after 4hours.

  297. oyebade

    Kindly activate my GOTV.i paid yesterday and has not been activated again


  298. akinduro olusola

    My name is akinduro decoder number is 2003669409.I subscribed today.I have not been able to watch any channel.E16 appears on the tv subscrition is gotv plus

  299. olarewaju lekan

    Please I subscribe on my gotv since on 6 March 2017 till date they neva activate it.please help me on it iuc no is 4622343114 thanks

  300. Grace Obende

    Good morning,

    i subscribed 1200 yesterday to my new decoder but it is not working yet.kindly help me fix the problem. IUC: 2020904970. Name:Grace Obende

  301. Emeka Gregory


    Please help me to activate my GOtv with IUC number 2009403903. I subscribed for NGN 1800 since 18th of February and on 24th of February, i got a text that it has been activated but up till today, its not activated.

    I have called your customer care but non of the lines is going through.
    Please i need to see my GOtv work for my children.

  302. Kingsley Eke

    Sir/Madam I paid my subscription yesterday full pakage 1800, only 33 channels are on exluding big brother nija

    kingsley eke
    iuc 4620842619

  303. Mr Akindunbi

    I load my gotv since yesterday and is not working pls help me on it my IUC no 4691863132

  304. Favour Wokeh

    My Name is Favour IUC 4623469525. I am a GOTV PLUS Payer. For the past 4day after my subscription, I have not been able to view plus channels. I have been missing my Favourites show. It’s frustrating. Gotv is fond of this. Please kindly rectify it for me.

  305. Nnamdi Osoji

    Pls here is my IUC no.2022409429 (#1200)

  306. Nnamdi Osoji

    I made my subcription for over 3days now and is only NTA channel 91 that is showing. pls am running out of patience

  307. Osas Jesurobo

    I have paid 1800 naira for subscription for the past five days still my Gotv is scramble, IUC Number 4623314551 please do something about this, it is very boring, thanks

  308. oscar onyinyechi nkemka

    I can’t my account update and e16 has has has on screen since I paid have all my best to clean bot no way and day is going pls do something fast iuc 2004490767 07035772766

  309. Olaitan

    Pls I dnt know what happen to my Gotv. Some channels re not showing again e.g 2,4, 29, 45 etc Pls help me activate it. IUC -4622424546

  310. Jennifer samuel

    2017744473 pls do something i CNT watch channel 29 nd 13 pls help

  311. Jennifer samuel

    Pls I CNT watch channel 13 nd 29,wat is happening for a month now is not fair pls help nd do something my iuc nos is 2017744473 my nos 08068623511 pls am calling ur line no picking

  312. Jennifer samuel

    I don’t knw wat is happening for a month I CNT watch channel 29 nd 13,nd I subscriber becos of telemundo am very angry is bad I will paid nd I CNT watch anything I will call ur line u will not pick pls do something,is not iuc is 2017744473,my nos is 08068623511

  313. Jennifer samuel

    I don’t knw wat is happening for a month I CNT watch channel 29 nd 13,nd I subscriber becos of telemundo am very angry is bad I will paid nd I CNT watch anything I will call ur line u will not pick pls do something,is not fair


    Dear GOtv, I paid for my GOtv subscription on 2nd March 2017 through my mobile app. I have been debited by my bank and have also received payment acknowledgement from quikteller, but up till now my decoder have not been activated. My IUC number is 2021766651 and my phone number is 07069247145. Please act fast!


    Please activate channel 29 BBA for me,IUC 2028848612, i just got the gotv i have used it for three days

  316. Obioma Kelechi

    Please activate channel 29 (BBN) for me. IUC 2021786608. All the channels are showing excluding BBN. I’ve been patiently waiting for 3 days now.

    1. Obioma Kelechi

      Paid via quick teller N1800 plus charge. Kindly help me resolve the issue. Thanks

  317. Mbah James

    Please I subscribed my Gotv decoder this afternoon but on reaching home now I didn’t see anything. My IUC 4601870877. PLEASE RECONNECT ME NOW

  318. Elijah

    Good day please i made a mistake yesterday by paying into another IUC number. the number is 462284814 instead of my own number that is 4622284817. please can the money be return back to my iuc number?

  319. Odukoya Olukorede

    I paid for gotv subsription on d 24th february dts last week friday via online banking. I paid 1800 plus 150 charge but it is yet to work. 1 Week gone now. Pls do something. IUC number is 4601889341. Tanx.

  320. Seun Oriowo

    I paid for my subscription since 28th February when my TV was switched on, as I speak my subscription is yet to take effect even after activating it on *288#.2022276779 IUC number. Subscription was through online bill payment which was successful. Amount N1800 plus N150 charge. Kindly assist activate subscription renewal.

  321. Chinedu Idika

    Plz activate BBN for me on 2028616745.bought a new Gotv all the channels are showing excluding BBN which is the very reason i went for Gotv.

  322. Akin

    Cant view channel 29. Kindly address. IUC 2028564909

  323. Hillary Uroye

    Hi GoTv i paid 1800 for my Gotv and is not working till now pls do some ting about that. my IUC IS 4613663655.


    E16 error IUC No. 2021837188



  326. Adekunle olori

    I paid #1800 for gotv plus today 27th Feb.but its still reading E16 error code. Pls I am tired of miltichoice attitude and treatment of Its subscribers. Kindly look into this quickly

  327. fadipe olushola

    God day channel 29 are still not work up till day an I have complane before 2003579412

  328. My decoder does not show signal for two days now.Antenna power is on while strength and quality are at 0% each

  329. ebuka

    I need to watch big brother on my gotv plz active it for me 2029075735

  330. Adedotun David

    I subscribed on my Gotv ds morning. #1800 and yet it’s not activated. My iuc number is 2015976884…


    1. Hillary Uroye

      Hello GoTv My Name Is Hillary Uroye i subscribed on my Gotv yesterday and up on teill now am not activated. my IUC NO: 4613663655
      my phone number is 08023139768

  331. Oge Nnadozie

    Please i made payment through my mobile banking and it’s been 24hrs and it’s yet to be activated my iuc no is 4622260515. Kindly assist reconnect

  332. Okere Chioma

    Good day, pls i don’t know what the problem is on my decoder made a recharge from one of your outlet since on Tuesday the 21/02/2017 and yet, can’t view any channel.
    I have two IUC numbers due to factory fault and after fixing it i was given a new IUC number which is 4601818585 that’s the current one and the old one that came with it is 4613367479. Pls kindly help to rectify this challenge phone number :-07030318377

  333. okulaja okulaja olawale

    I subscribed via quick teller using my zenith bank online internet banking for N1200 plan today friday 24th of February 2017 at exactly 9:30 am . my UC number is 2022215203 but i mistakenly input 2022213205 as my go tv uci number . i want the mistake to be resolved. the email address i used for the payment is and the phone is 08111766766

  334. Ogbonna

    Hi , I was using gotv plus but on Wednesday I recharged d one of 1200, till now it hasn’t been activated. My iuc number is 2019163381, lease from Wednesday that I recharged with diamondcapp it hasn’t come up.

  335. henry Emeka

    Good Aftermoon,

    Kindly restore my IUC 4620994736, i made payment since on friday last week Via Internet banking from my phone but the secrive hasn’t been restored up till now, Ref No: 02KF69903525251,

    thank you.

  336. Please I need channel 29 for Big Brother Nigeria to be activated for me.
    IUC NO: 2020851317
    Phone no: 08028265823

  337. Fortune uviase

    I subscribed For GOTV on the 17th, I paid 1800 uptill now I am still unable to view any channel. My iuc no is 4622697873

  338. Abdulrahid

    Please my go tv is full of scratching and some channels are missing including NTA and AIT my iuc is 4601601979

  339. Owonibi

    I paid twice (3,600 for two month) through my mobile banking and yet am not connected please kindly assist. ….Owonibi…IUC: 4613654947

  340. Ogbehase Collins

    Please i want you to activate my Big Brother Naija on my Gotv 2020786305

  341. micah ada

    I recharged my gotv in the 14th of this month and it has not come up still showing e16 error code.

  342. obanla johnson

    i subscribe my gotv monthly since yestarday and the thing is not showing till date. please me to rectify the problem thanks
    iuc NO 4622525414, NAME: Onyije Innocent

  343. Uchechukwu

    I just subscriber my Gotv for dat of #1800. Through skye Bank mobil app, i was sent message that the gotv sucription was successful. 11hours now yet to bé activated. The following are my details. IUC nos 2021757051 , ref nos 02pp64353720647. Pls help me out

  344. Nkem

    I was using Gotv lite and it has not expired but i decided to switched over to Gotv Plus yesterday which i paid (1800), through Diamond Bank mobile App, until now i have been activated. My IUC No is: 2020676954. Please kindly assist to activate my IUC no.

  345. musyoka makau

    paid 160 in the last two hrs
    no changes has been made coz no channels showing.
    iuc 2016815906

  346. Dare

    i have a signal problem with my GOtv decoder and i want you guys to fix that up for me

    1. Dare

      my iuc number is 2022173260

  347. Juliet Nwosu

    Is still Juliet Nwosu my ius no. is 4622632564 and my phone number is 08067948285 pls help me.

  348. Juliet Nwosu

    I just recharge now and many of my govt channels are missing, i have rescan my gotv yet is not working. What do i do?

  349. Olalere Yisa

    I paid #2100 for Gotv suscription two days ago,i was sent message that the Gotv suscription was successful,through the message sender nos 2022,the ref.02JTIG354814D9434, iuc nos is 2021836196,pls,help me out

  350. wisdom jonah

    I just subscribed my Gotv for dat of #1800 through a friend’s firstbank mobile app.and for the past 5hours now am yet to be activated.
    The following are my details:
    IUC number:4601835889. wisdom jonah.
    Date:10th February 2017.

  351. Adeniyi Adedotun

    Please GOTV kindly remove the error message on decoder, error E48-32 SEARCHING FOR SIGNAL, i was unable to enjoy any station with this error coming; only station 29 for Big Brother naija that is bit favourable. And subscription is up to date. My Name is Adeniyi A. IUC NO:- 2020762543 Phone 08038881515

  352. I did 1200 subscription but can’t receive Jimjam, Nickeledon and African magic epic, pls retify UIC number 2028596872

  353. mimidoo Dan

    IUC is 4623655878. reference of transaction number is 214335994897. Please I need a quick response Mimidoo Dan

  354. mimidoo Dan

    Hi. I’m Mimidoo. I have paid for GoTv two days back but it is not working. Can you people please help me to activate it so that I can enjoy my subscription


    i made payment of 1800, 200=(#2000) through bill payment via mobile banking on 6/02/2017–zenith bank; 2088809911 but since then my chanels has not bieng activated

  356. otolorin

    hello some channels has dissapered yesterday on my gotv 4613957171 . channels like bigbrother naija, and mtv base. please do something to it

  357. Bankole

    Gotv, you need to work on your call center as calls never go through. My IUC no is 2021872271. I have not been able to watch many channels since yesterday like CNN, Channels, Zee etc. Kindly do the needful…I hope someone works on this!


    Pls kindly assist in reconnecting back my gotv, over 24hrs since I recharge and yet to be connected IUC No 2014247414

  359. SEGUN

    To whom it may be concern

    I paid for 4 month today 07/02/2017 (Gotv plus ) and yet it has not scan all the station for me instead of 68 plus 4 radio , now i am seeing 32 please rescan for me here is my icu 4601525546 , i need to watch channel 29 tonight

  360. olayinka shakiru olawole

    hello oyedele,
    please help me out! i subscribed to my parents gotv through quickteller application on Saturday 28th Jan, 2017. it was up, until 3days ago they called that the subscription has expired.
    here is the IUC number : 2004495766
    The transaction came from my gtbank and my money was deducted.
    Account name: olayinka bukola f

  361. Irele monday O

    Pls gotv kindly remove the E030-0 that appears on d tv screen of my gotv. And d network here is nt too good dis is my IUC number: 2004323970

  362. Ogbe Onyi Ann

    Hi,I made subscription for two(2) months on the 6th of January and I have been disconnected today when my subscription has not expired.I have tried to call customer care but its not connecting.Pls kindly activate me.
    UIC no is 2018797265.
    Ogbe Onyi Ann

  363. Victor Ukoh

    Have been receiving messages that my gotv plus subscription will expire on 11/2/2017 will the due date is 20/2 /2017. it was extended bcos I was on credit. Thanks, Victor Ukoh. 2004502114. PH.


    Gud morning,I tried subscribing yesterday online,but I made a mistake,I paid 1800 but instead of choosing GOTV PLUS I chose GOTV lite monthly,Please my IUC NO IS:4620862962.

  365. obanla johnson

    i’m paga agent from port Harcourt i subscribe for my customer yestarday and the thing is working iuc number is 4620911969

  366. Nkem

    I paid 400 gotv lite through my mobile app but cannot connect me since friday. My IUC no 2020676954, pls connect me

  367. Babatunde Mosadijesu

    I paid my ogtv online kindly activate iuc no: 4613044150

  368. Olanrewaju saheed

    My name is olanrewaju I do my gotv subscription on 4th Feb he has not been work iuc 4622379282 pls check it

  369. Shosanya Mohammed

    I have made payment since 30th of this month I.e before my due date but to my surprise the decoder was switched off on my due date upon making payment and I tried calling the customer service but they refused to pick up the phone. So please do something about it and connect my payment to my decoder.

  370. ebhoma

    I just paid for a good subscription online today(04/feb/2007). And the channels is still showing as if I have not subcribed..pls kindly UIC number is (4613604179).this is the payment ref no:100111211076

  371. Julius Oroupa

    Please i paid my Gotv subscription on the 27th of January 2017 via first bank mobile banking app, my subscription was to expire on the 28th of January. Yesterday i was disconnected from service and i don’t know why.. I have tried calling your customer service line but no response was given. My details are as follows :
    IUC number :4623452845
    Name :Julius Oroupa
    Mobile number :07068104229

  372. Mr Kehinde Ogunrinde

    I made subscription for two month on 30th Dec.2016 with iuc number: 4620977005 only to see that my subscription has expired have tried all suggested solution thru the goeazy.

  373. shuaibu

    Hello GoTv, I made a payment in respect of IUCno:2028723721 via Internet banking on 3:02:2017, but still not activated. Kindly look in to it and rectify asap.


  374. Oguekhian Godwin

    I paid through mobile banking yesterday that was 2 of feb 2017 and not connected yet the ICU Numbers are 2016078425. Or is there any number i can call to fix?


    My name is DUREKE ozioma with IUC number 4613317696,and my phone number is 08064471912,I pay my Gotv subscription fee of 1900 on 28th of January 2017 which is same day it will expire, so to my greatest surprise, I was disconnected today 2nd February 2017 after paying my subscription fee.
    This is very bad.
    Please reconnect me now to avoid any problems.
    Thank you.

  376. okoye

    i paid thru internet bank today 2/2/17 iuc no 4620823009.kindly activate.thanks

  377. Mayowa



    IUC – 2020796235

  378. Mayowa

    I paid subscription via my mobile wallet since Sunday 22/01/2017 but yet to have account reactivated even after series of SMS and email requests.

    May I know what the problem is?

    IUC – 2020796235

  379. Mayowa

    I paid subscription since Sunday 22/01/2017 through my mobile wallet but yet to have my account reactivated after series of sms requests etc.

    May I know what the problem is?

    IUC – 2020796235

  380. Tosin

    Payed subscription now, yet to be connected, IUC number 2019429354

  381. Tosin

    I just made payment and my gotv is yet to be activated IUC number is 2019429354. Kindly help work on it now, thanks

  382. ola omoniyi

    As 9ija people they do sometimes I just don’t understand, when I travel this gotv people they call and call just for me to re subscribe, for 5 days now still never see anything, customer care line no day go, msg for here, no reply na wa for 9ija oo, so 1900 no mean anything to gotv be that of, okay oo

  383. Oyedele o

    oyedele o
    My payment for subscription was done on sunday night. thru gtbank mobile banking and have been debited that same night and uptill now still showing scrambled with your E16 error code,pls restore me as soon as possible please. My IUC 4622325163,Phone number 08082659805! Pls help all effort is vain have sent a mail and call Dey kept on pit me on hold while my call card is exhausted !


  384. Jennifer

    Av paid since morning and it’s still not coming up, plz help IUC number 4620986632.

  385. Michael Loveday Oba

    My payment for subscription was done yesterday thru firstbank mobile banking and uptill now still showing scrambled with your E16 error code,pls restore me as soon as possible please. My IUC 4601575533,Phone number 08035504619

  386. modupe shogbola

    Hello GOTV I am unable to watch BIG BROTHER NAIJA on my gotv after I subscribe for another month which is this month, pls gotv this is my Gotv number 2022256496 thanks

  387. ola omoniyi

    Good morning gotv, I just don’t understand u people anymore, I travel they are calling me to subscribe and I did with my fcmb account, since 3days I can’t watch what I paid for,still saying not yet subscribe, I want it fix today ooo, this my IUC nums,, 4613278248

    1. ola omoniyi

      So my comments here is nothing, I said ve been paid to re subscribe since 4 days now and I can’t still see something to watch. Is telling me not not yet sub, so my 1,900 means nothing to GOTV abi, no problem ooo.

  388. Godwin

    I paid for my Gotv Sub with my mobile banking yesterday night up till now i’m unable to view any stations. My IUC No: 4620821864 and i need help urgently. Do anyone have Gotv Telephone No here?

  389. Ezugwu Mercy

    Pls i subscribed my gotv this morning but since then it is stil scrambled. Pls help me n fix it. IUC 2021822860

    1. Na'eem Tafarki

      I subscribe 1800 since on the 28th of February this is my IUC number 4622314368 kindly assist thanks

    IUC- 2018796617.

  391. Juwon

    my Gotv plus is yet to come up after subscription,,,pls check IUC-2018730397

  392. Anna

    Pls I subscribed yesterday from my firsbank acct which my money 1800 was deducted from my acct please I will luv u to work on it cos it’s stil showing dat I should subscribe this is my iuc num…4613986292.

  393. obanla johnson

    4601776357 check it for me place

  394. Oladosu Uthman

    I rechargemy gotv yesterday but not reflecting my code is2028666712 pleasekkindy assist

  395. glorious

    My IUC number is 20222080973. I paid for one month subscription yesterday through my first bank account. But up till now its still showing scrambled. I have called you customer care but I wasn’t able to speak to your agent.pls I will be glad if this is resolved soonest

    1. Emmanuella Igwilo

      please i recharged my GOtv account this morning from my diamond account and up till it has not been activated, please help.My IUC number is 4622955378

  396. Alym nzube

    I p aid for GOTV subscription yestaday And up till today its still scrambled.
    My iuc is 4601445822

  397. esosa osa

    I subscribed this evening but it is yet to come up…..iuc 2021903754

  398. Irefin Joshua Rotimi

    I subscribed for my gotv (gotv plus) 2pm today 24th January, 2017. uptill this moment it has not been activated and the sum of #1,900 has been deducted already from my account (GTB internet banking) Quick Teller. my IUC number is 4613736258. Kindly assist. Regards.

    please this has been repeating itself severally, how do I go about it.

  399. obanla johnson

    i subscribe my GOTV since morning and it is not showing kindly check it for me thanks 4613307531

    1. obanla johnson

      4613307531 emeka onyeocha

      1. obanla johnson

        to whom it may concern, i subscibe my gotv yestarday morning since then the thing is not showing place help me to check it thanks 4601776357 Gibson Richman

  400. Adeosun moshood

    To whome it may concern kindly help me to clear an error code on my gotv decoder my iuc number is 4613780281

  401. Chibuisi Anosike

    Made suscription woth N1800 few days ago, its activated but some channels like Aljazeera, BBC, SSselect1, etc. Pls urgently restore. My IUC no is 4061662172.

  402. Irefin Joshua Rotimi

    I subscribed for my gotv (gotv plus) yesterday 20th January, 2017. uptill this moment it has not been activated and the sum of #1,900 has been deducted already from my account (GTB internet banking) Quick Teller. my IUC number is 4613736258. Kindly assist. Regards.

    1. Chidozie stanley

      I subscribe my GOtv online… Till now no channels is showing. My iuc no is: Chidozie Stanley.

  403. Frank James

    Gotv is actually becoming very unreliable as there are so much disappointment to their customers. when you try reaching their customer care your credit will be exhausted without getting any response, this is so annoying,
    whom ever this may concern should do the needful to keep customers on a satisfactory ground.

    i have subscription ongoing for my little girl and series of complaint has reached me at my work location from her that all the channels for children view have not been showing showing for some days now, please let the little girl enjoy her cable GOTV or you are telling us to opt out. (IUC 2019020013)please this is urgent.

  404. Gandonu Sodiq Abiodun (Gandy)

    My name is Gandonu Sodiq Abiodun with the IUC no 2019123873.
    I have subscribed to the gotv 1,800 monthly package for the past 9 hrs now and the channels are not yet viewable up to this hour 11:37 pm.
    Pls, endeavor to be helpful in time.

  405. fareeda yusuf

    Please assist, I just subscribed 1,350.00 from my diamondbank account ref 1484895278535908841, urgently activate me, iuc no 4613930942

  406. Robert Abisola

    Good morning,
    After 1 hour of making payment I am yet to be connected please kindly connect me :my IUC num is 2022486404.


  407. Dr fredrick charles

    my name is Dr fredrick charles i just recharge my gotv today the 19/01/2017 since 5hrs ago and is not working and my iuc number is 202852666. plz do something.

  408. Favour Chiedozie

    Dear Gotv Customer care,

    Please i subscribed for GOTV PLUS 1, 800 yesterday 17th January 2017 aroud 10:30pm but i could not view all the stations, except the once i could view when i subscribe for 1, 200. Please reconnect me to Gotv Plus platform. My UIC Number is 2022484254. Thanks

  409. Taiwo

    pls i just recharged nd it Still not activated. my IUC no is 4623516827.pls do something urgently

  410. Femi

    I made a payment of #1,800 through mobile banking to my gotv account 4613674397 and i was debited but uptill not now my gotv account yet to be active. Kindly help me rectify that.

  411. Kenneth Orgwu

    GOTV Customer Care,

    Please, kindly connect me. I have paid for my subscription on Friday 13th April, 2017 at about after 5pm. I paid N1,800 online for one month subscription but I have not been connected till today Tuesday 17th April 10am. Please, my IUC Number is 4613150701. Connect me please.

    Thank you.

  412. Emmanuel

    please help me to activate this my decoder this my iuc no v401885464X9

  413. Hello Gotv i reacharg my gotv and is not working and on my screen tv it has been showing E16 error,i have tried to clear it via the self service but to no is my IUC 2021928851

  414. oluwasegun

    Dear Sir/ma

    I have a problem about my Gotv. it is working through out last week but this week it just stop working and it normally display no signal and my sub is not yet finished.

    I want you to help resolve the problem.

    pls I want you to get back to me as soon as possible


  415. Jerry Dangbut

    I subcript my gotv on mobile apps and it has not been activate. IUC No.4623216589.

  416. liasu adeiza

    IUC 4601620738 which via Mobile transaction, I subscribed N1,800 as at last week Tue but was loaded the packages for N400.
    Pls rectify and do the proper placement.


  417. samuel

    good day,please can i know the cost of walka and the subcription term,thanks.

  418. Okere Chidi

    I try used parental code on some of my channels because of my kids,
    Now I can’t watch those channels again why?.
    Whle trying to access the channels, a write-up I see is (PIN BLOCK, CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE).
    Please help, my IUC number 2022564811

  419. uwak Emmanuel

    i paid for my gotv using access mobile app but till now it hasnt been rectified but my account has been debited. iuc no is 461326867

  420. Stephen Boyep

    Gotv has become nyama-nyama these days. Some days we stay for several hours without signal. Worst of all one can be watching a particular channel and the next minute it becomes an invalid channel in the middle of an interesting program. It is so so embarrassing

  421. oshisanya oluwaseyi

    i made a subsription from my first bank mobile app but hasn’t been reconnected my iuc number is 2022730175

  422. joshua

    I paid through my mobile banking app since 30/12/16 and till now is not working. Kindly assist and advice.

    IUC: 2020986215

    PYMT REF:101402126054
    AMOUNT: 400
    DATE: 12/30/2016


  423. Dr Aina

    My IUC no is 4622416038. My displeasure of recent with Gotv is that it freezes at 8pm in the last few day. With attempt at rebooting, some favourites channels disappeared despites the full bouquet subscription. This is annoying.

  424. anyanwu godstime

    IUC No: 2003658338

    My Gotv have been showing this error message for the past two weeks now. E48-32 searching for signal.
    Sometimes it will search then show for 2minutes only then the error code will appear.
    My antenna is very much ok and is high too.
    Please kindly login all my details i sent to you above. And rectify the issue in earnest. And direct me on what next i should do thanks.
    Waiting for your reply in anticipation. Please treat urgently because i can’t seem to enjoy my subscription.
    Thanks yours Godstime Anyanwu
    God bless you. Happy New Year!

  425. Ogunbiyi adedoyin

    Pls I loaded my gotv subscription online this morning but it has not been activated.pls kindly assist on this issue my iuc no is 2009574280. I recharged on Jan 5th 2017 .

  426. adeoye olusegun

    I subscribed this morning with #1200 and my gotv is yet to be activated. My iuc number is 4613238072. I did through first bank online.

  427. Efeoghene Arnold

    Gudmoni, pls help me to resolve my gotv. 2002979658.

  428. Steven

    Steven otokola, my subscription expired on 4th, jan 2017 and renewed it on 4/1/2017 through quickteller for N1900, but my gotv decoder has not been reactivated IUC:2002985330. Gotv Ref:999971542586.

  429. Mazi Lugbengas


    I subscribed for gotv plus of #1900 on the 3rd January 2017 with my gtb mobile app. My account has been debited but am yet to access my channels. Kindly here rectify this anomaly, my IUC number is 2015996026. Thanks.

  430. Shodeinde Olushola


    I subscribed for gotv access via my first bank mobile application on my phone and made a payment of #1900 on 2nd January, 2017 while have received the debt alert from the bank and payment confirmation from gotv, yet am unable to have access to all channels. Here is my IUC number 4613723963.
    Your quick response to rectify this issue will be highly appreciated as I have tried your initial reset troubleshooting code (4688) with all efforts proven abortive

  431. Asoge Temitope

    I paid 1200 through my Union back account on, 31/12/2016 and it worked till 1/1/2017 and it stopped working (showing E16 error) till present
    . My IUC number is 2021816371.

  432. Shodeinde Olushola

    I subscribed for for gotv access via FBN online mobile banking with a sum of #1900, while have received the alert deduction from quick Teller and confirmation from gotv am yet to have access to the channel. Here is my IUC number 4613723933. S

  433. waheed

    I subscribe 1800 for one month but it did not work I don’t know d problem 4613768141

  434. David Okereafor

    kindly assist to solve my issue, i was was debited #1,800 for one month subscription, all the foreign channels are not showing. this was done last night. i dont know the problem.pls solve from your end.
    IUC NO;4613146553
    Name;David okereafor

  435. damilola Steven

    Can’t clear E16 error after subscription

  436. Doregos Charles

    I paid through my mobile banking on the 25/12/16 at 12:25 and I am yet to be activated. Iuc: 4622639296

  437. Doregos Charles

    I made an online payment for Gotv and also paid 1900 instead of 1800 on the 25/12/16 time 12:25. I am yet to be activated. Here’s ICU no.4623639296

  438. Komolafe

    Pls I load my gotv with 1800 since 3days ago and it has not been credited pls kindly help me confirm and do it,thanks in advance.IUC 2018899224.

  439. Eunice

    I subscribed on 21/12/2016 and up till this moment it has not been activated. The message displayed on the screen is subscription has expired. IUC 4601457706.

  440. Fabiyi Olusegun

    I made payment for Gotv lite this afternoon but I received a message that I have 1400 Naira balance to watch my favorite programs. Please kindly activate Gotv lite option for me. Thanks.
    My IUC Number is 2020707473.
    Olusegun Fabiyi

  441. Raymond

    Please kindly rectify this urgent fault. I paid for subscription of my gotv with the use of my atm and the bank has already debited my account. Still now i got no text or confirmation that my GOtv was successfully activated. I will be grateful if this fault be rectify.thank My no 08026551474 IUC no is 4620883323

  442. Agunbiade

    I subscribed for my gotv via Access bank mobile app on 25/12/2016 at about 11pm. my N19000 has been deducted but the channels are still scrambled. my IUC number is 2022113639. please kindly do something about it.

  443. olaore Lawrence

    I subscribe my gotv through my bank and no channel is showing yet 2019023256

  444. uwakwe john(fabulous jun)

    Please I recharger my GOTV this morning through my Diamond bank mobile app and uptill now is not connected, my IUC number is 4613633437.please connect soonest.

  445. olatunde

    please i subscribed my gotv decorder yesterday thats 24-12 -2016 through quickteller and i mistakenly sent it twice i got a bank alert that i was billed twice can u please reverse one of the payment my iuc number is 2021871320 and the funniest thing is the channels are not showing am still getting an E16 error message….

  446. Femi Fafowora

    Pls help me to reset my Gotv for two months payment I made last night pls on ICU NO 2004355624.

  447. onoseme onajijevwe.

    my iuc is 2021939837 i recharge online but not up till now pls help to activate thanks.

  448. onoseme

    please i recharge my GOTV last nite and quickteller send me text that it was successful and my account deduted but till 4am is not up yet what do i do?

  449. Michael Amani

    I just renewed my gotv subscription, its yet to show any station. Please kindly activate my account. Thank you

  450. isaac

    I need a home delivery for a new go TV decoder at 21 mosalashi str ifako gbagada lagos 08038485735 on Christmas day by 12noon. Thanks( 3 month free sub)

  451. hafeez Odufade

    Hello I subscribe last week for 2 month for like 4 days now it’s only 30 channels that is showing am waiting for ur reply ASAP my iuc num is 2005102681

  452. Olatunji modinat

    Pls I subscribed since Wednesday on gotv lite #400 through access mobile,my IUC no is 4601837053. the channels are still scrambled Pls reconnect it. thanks

  453. Ayodapo Abayomi

    I mistakenly paid #18,000 instead of #1800 into the account of IUC 4613307353, for one month subscription tonight, 23/12/2016. Kindly find a means of refunding my balance.
    Also, reactivate the account please. Thank you.

  454. Afolabi

    I typed a wrong code and loaded a different account mistakenly. Can a reversal in payment be made. Simply I paid into a wrong account.

  455. Francis

    I subscribed my gotv this morning through my bank, but its quite unfortunate that my channels are still not showing. my IUC number; 2018704625

  456. Enyinnaya Prince Nwagboso

    pls what is the problem with my payment i made to you people, you are holding my money and my cable is not working why. and is like your office at St. michael Aba Abia State where i made the payment collected the money without crediting me for two months subscription that i paid why. i need my money or you credit me thanks.

  457. idowu oluwasegun

    I made a payment for ‘gotv plus’ subscription with quickteller and the transaction Id is 1014M2036422
    Kindly reactivate my account with IUC number 4622384781.

  458. Samson Omokagbo

    I subscribed 2months for my gotv IUC 20191006063 a week ago through online payment. Am surprise that my family called me this morning reporting that the channels have been scrambled. Please check and restore service immediately.

  459. Enyinnaya Prince Nwagboso

    pls the message i sent to you about the money i paid for two months subscription which you credited only one month has not been retified up till now. and i want to know about it or you refund me my balance since you people called me that you are doing promo with a discount of #900 for two months. pls reconnect me back or you refund me my balance.

  460. Samson Omokagbo

    I subscribed for 2 months for my gotv IUC 2019006063 last week through online payment. Am surprise that my family call me now that de channels are scrambled. Please check and restore service.

  461. Ajagbawa Olajide

    i have recharge my gotv and till now not yet connected

  462. asimiyu wasiu oladejo

    myi subscribed on line with nuc no:2004525453 but my acct not activated , i have er16nor32. please help

  463. asimiyu wasiu oladejo

    i had paid unline but gotv is giving error 16or 32

  464. Enyinnaya Prince Nwagboso

    pls i got a call last month Nov. that my gotv cable will be expiring on the 18th Nov. 2016, i should pay before the 18th Nov. 2016 that i should pay #2700 which i did and last weekend i got another message that my cable will be expiring on 18th Dec. 2016. which do have removed and it shows that my account was not credited with the two months subscription. my IUC No. is 2019183298. pls kindly reconnect me back thanks.

  465. folarin m. o

    Please i paid through Mobil application today, but it showing E16, please kindly activate, my kid number is 4622424857

  466. Adesewa

    I removed my decoder from its antenna some days ago and i fixed back the antenna cable today but there has been no signal. I have tried re scanning, I have tried first time installation but there is still no signal. Pls what do I do? My iuc no is 2017120962.

  467. pls i just bought my Gotv today and its not working how can

  468. ademola omolade sylvia

    my sister help me to pay for my GOTV via quick teller yesterday up till now is still not working pls i need ur help my IUC number is 4622709475

  469. Irefin Joshua Rotimi

    I subscribed for my Gotv on Sunday 11/12/16 via Quick teller, uptill now it has not been activated. my IUC Number is 4613736258. kindly assist. Thanks.

  470. Bukky

    i subscribed my gotv on my phone on 4-12-2016. i subscribed the full package but can only acess few of the channel. cant acesss zee world ,cnn movile zone and other kiddies chanel. pls i need someone to retifcy it. my iuc number is 2020969208

  471. Chiamaka Okoronkwor

    My husband recharged our gotv yesterday afternoon but its not working till now,what is the problem pls,IUC number is 2009365900,pls check what the problem is thank u

    1. Juliet Chichi

      i just paid now1200 . but is not working my UIC number4613085326.pls help out is my last card i use me 08035461868

  472. ogbuji

    I change to another package and at the moment what i could see was your subsciption has expired and i have just paid

  473. fatai tajudeen

    Pls admin my gotv channels is only giving me 27 channels since friday kindly help me to reset bcos have tried to reset n auto scan it overhere several times still d same.iuc number is 2020730640

  474. Emmanuel

    Pls I’ve lost my gotv decoder number,how can I subscribe?

  475. Aderonke

    I paid online now but my account has not being activated. Pls look into the issue. Thanks
    IUC 4623643137

  476. Aderonke

    Good evening, I just subscribe for my govt now via inter switch but it has not being done. Pls help look into the matter. Thanks. IUC NUMBER 4623643137

  477. Olawoyin, S.A.

    I made subscription payment yesterday 9/12/2016 for myGotv for one month but my account was not activated. I am not sure if it has been activated now because I am not in the house and you would have closed before I return home to check. please help activate if it is yet to be activated. My IOC No is 4613390686. My phone Nos are 08086201958)07038409534

  478. adesanya oboro

    Pls I need it fast the decoder actually belong to my brother.. the name is Bamidele Godwin omolekun .

  479. adesanya oboro

    Pls I subscribed today and I really want to watch dove TV but is showing E16 I have try the 3 methods of cancelling but non work includes 4601797601.

    1. adesanya oboro

      Pls I need it fast the decoder actually belong to my brother.. the name is Bamidele Godwin omolekun .

  480. Adeleke Tayo Peter

    I just renewed my gotv subscription, its yet to show any station. Please kindly activate my account. Thank you

  481. ebenezer

    Still showin searching for signal since I suscrib
    What is wrong pls
    IUC -2019184033

  482. ebenezer

    Pls what’s goin on with GOtv service dis Dec again? Is it every year I should be complainin same thing?
    I suscribed yesterday,it shows for just 15min,before PHCN seize the light ever since they brought it back it refuse to scan and no channels found
    IUC 2019184033,pls,pls nd pls I need to watch DOVE Tv today

  483. Joseph

    I just subscribed for my go tv after some few month,unfortunately when I put it on,,when it brings in the green light the go tv logo comes on,, then after some seconds it go backs to the red sign I keep tryin the on and off button but it doesnt bring the green back.. Please whats wrong??

  484. adeodu sogo abayomi

    Hello my name is sogo adeodu abayomi,i received a text message in the month of july that if rechaged for three months july,August,and september 2016.i will be giving octmober free month giving at all up till now have been recharging no message for that uptill now,my IUC NO 2009615139

  485. akingbesote femi

    I subscribed my got via my mobile phone on 6/12/2016 just for one month and I discovered that 3;600 was deducted from my first bank account instead of 1800 for one month pls kindly refund my money my IUC number is 4613484557

  486. akingbesote femi

    Hello gotv I made a subscribtion through my mobile phone on 6/12/16 just for one month and I discovered ithat it was two month fee that was deducted from my bank account instead of one month pls kindly refund my money my IUC number is 4613483557

  487. Edward Oyekan

    I am Edward Oyekan, I subscribed for my gotv plus some days back and I noticed most of the channels re missing -iuc 2020847366-. It’s a big issue for you guys I ve seen series of such complaints above same as mine, it’s a shame on you guys that you re more down the way to being standard. we appeal to you let us at least enjoy what we pay for

  488. christian nduba ewele

    My name Christian nduba Ewele. I saw message from gotv subscribe into iuc 2017015915 and pick up your 3liters vegettable oil at our surulere.ikeja offer valid. 08068047952 or

  489. Edobor Osoh Jnr.

    Hello my name is Edobor Osoh from Nigeria I subscribed for GOTV for my kids for over 4 days and they have not been able to watch their favorite channels the E-16 error code keeps coming on. I am rather disappointed that I actually subscribed, four days without enjoting anything. This is corruption! not in my country!. Please this should be sorted out as soon as possible my IUC number is 4613846100. Thank you.

  490. EJEH Godwin

    Please I just bought gotv last month in trad-fer,and since last week I av been having problems with my station by not showing even if it show it Will be telling me weak signal. I av change d Antenna outside to almost 10 different side of my Houses still yet it still dat same weak signal am seeing please gotv I need your help. My IUC 4623329292.please I just need u to help me out. Tns and God bless.

  491. Ezekiel adejuwon

    Pls. Help to activate my gotv lite .I paid #1050 i u c 2003002396

  492. uche Daniel

    did gotv have double view ?

  493. Akinola

    Pls,i don’t understand what is going on wt gotv stations now,i recheaged for 2 customers been a pocketmoni agent they are complainig bitterly now, dat it didn’t show and they refused to pay my money pls any problem with you people.

  494. Yomi

    I just bought a GOTV today and the channels are not working,it’s telling me the decoder is not enble for this channel.what should i do?

  495. Officer sule yahaya

    Guday sir/ma….my name is officer y sule.
    I v an issue wit my gotv…i did subscription last week on my gotv and discovered dat some of my stations are not showing…..station like AIT, EMMANUEL TV, ITV BENIN,SUNDCITY,SOME MAGICV ALSO VNAISH,YORUBA AFRICA MAGIC IS NOT ALSO DERE…..JUST TO MENTION A FEW……
    HERE IS IU NO….4601443530…..

  496. otusanya omotayo

    Where can I get my gotv adaptor? When I plug my own is not bringing light at the head.

    1. You can take the adapter to any electrical store and tell then you need the exact same electrical rating as the original.
      It should work.

  497. Ezekiel Agidi

    I paid for my gotv but am unable to watch my favourable channels for the past four days, the E16 still appears and i should pay again i don’t understand gotv should help me out cos am missing what i paid iuc number is 2019188842

  498. Ezekiel Agidi

    I paid for my gotv but am unable to watch my favourable channels for the past four days, the E16 still appears and i should pay again i don’t understand gotv should help me out cos am missing what i paid for.

  499. ibifaaombo

    My free channels are not showing when my subscription expires or is it not my right? Decoder no is 2022061389

  500. Ezekiel

    Pls how much is gotv subscriptions start from…… In naira…..

  501. olamilekanto

    Pls after one day that i subcribe to my gotv all my favorite channel have been missing pls help me solve it pls my iuc number is 4622949332

  502. Alex adesuwa

    Gotv WATS up with ur channels? Just 10 channels showing.. Even the 10 channels showing isn’t clear This is very annoying, after paying for a whole month we can’t watch our favourite program. This has been going on since
    Tuesday.. It’s really annoying.

  503. Teetee

    Hello.. Just played for gOt subscription online dis afternoon and the payment was successful..
    Just 6 channels are showing instead of 40. I’m on Gotv plus.. Please rectify the problem. Thanks.

  504. Bayoko Solomon

    Hello gotv, some quite sometime I haven’t subscribed only for me to subscribe now & all I can get is 42 stations instead of 59 all d cartoon stations are gone. This is not encouraging at all and I am thinking of other options.please rectify immediately otherwise this would be my last subscription. I am on gotv plus, my iuc number is 2005094625

  505. christian nnoli

    i can only watch NTA int’l when i’m out of subscription. i hate it. why can’t you give me more stations to watch,like STRONG TV normally do.

  506. christian nnoli

    pls,i dont know why you won’t give enough free stations outside NTA int’l. I mean that one can still be watching a number of stations when he could subscribe. pls,help.

  507. Chidera adibe

    my name is Chidera pls I subscribed my gotv online true diamond bank mobile app and my account has Ben deducted sense on Monday 7- 11-2016 still naw now activate iuc 4613115910

  508. chris kayana

    hello my names are ogunrinde korede i loaded my card since 3 days ago and yet this shit refused to come up and there are some of my programmes i need to view…but why???? iu 4601547520

  509. Peter

    I subscribed my gotv online using my diamond bank mobile app. the E16 is still there and my account has been deducted. what’s up Gotv??
    IUC 4622490031

  510. Asiyanbi Islamiyat Ayowumi

    Please i paid my subscription since last week thursday up till now is not connected my IUC NUMBER IS 4622363867 please reset me

  511. Franck alozie

    Pls I paid for subscription last two weeks Saturday 29/10/2016. But till no update 2015917407. That is the iuc number thanks.

  512. umaru Ahmed Danladi

    good day gotv, I Recharge my decoder through mobile banking till it doesn’t activate, my iuc no is 4620813402

  513. Adeeko

    My name is Adeeko isubscribe for 3 months GOTV light last week an I coul not view it since then. I have tried e16 code and *288#, called their Gsm lines with email address no way.
    Gotv, you are scammers and concenedabout our Money. I am going destroy this decoder by Saturday if not ectified. IUC 4613751873


    MY IUC NUMBER IS 4613153727.

  515. demola obaoye

    I don’t knew wat going on,I be only 1, channels on my decoder,all favorites channel zee world n co gone,iuc number 2019438941,wat d need of subscribing wen we can’t enjoy it.


    Hello. I am Makinde Eniola Olaniyi, on the 30th of October around 9am i helped MR. MURPHYSAT to pay for his gotv package[gotv lite] and his IUC NO. Is 2018775806. I used gt mobile banking application and i followed the processes.
    During the transactions i made a mistake by changing the amount of gotv lite(400) to 1200. And the transaction was successful but the channels were not showing.
    Later in the night we waited for the channels to show but no response.
    So i used my gt mobile app again and i did the transaction the right way. And immediately the channels started opening.
    So my question is that the first transaction seems to be untraceable, when i called GOTV costumer care, the balance inside MR. MURPHYSAT GOTV account [2018775806] is still for the second transaction. How can we get the 1200 back or can we extend it for next month subscription?
    The transaction details for the unsuccessful transaction is attached below.
    And my Bank detail is
    ACCT NO : 0119700768

  517. hammed abiodun

    My decoder is nt showing all d station i don’t no y just pay in on 29th of dis month pls try ad check it 4 me am missing my zee word dis is my iuc no 4620859417

  518. Gloria

    Hello Gotv I have been calling your office line to complain about my Station not updating preparly instead of 58 am only getting 7 my Inc number is and the name on it is fabian please I will be happy if it is resolved 4613163169

  519. Grace omoike

    Pls, I recharge my gotv since Saturday all that is coming up is E48-32 searching for signal pls u guys should work on it my Iuc number is 2022254309

  520. Cynthia

    Pls I beg u people in gods NAME how can I buy GOTV and will not enjoy it pls this why am commenting so u can HELP me am from IMO state in isiala mbano. My cousin sister have been using GOTV over 1year now in my village all the stations shows no complain at all then LAST months we were watching our favourite station been channel 25 suddenly it wipe out not only THAT even other important stations so I decided to buy new ONE for my self thought since is NEW all THE station will appear but Still no today is making it 3weeks I bought new GOTV pls HELP me OUT u can remove all channels but live 25 for me pls 4623599740

  521. mr chinedum

    i paid 1,800 yesterday for subscription and it has not been activated. iuc number 4622420593 phone no 07032754110. .tnx

  522. Adeola Abayomi

    I subscribed on my Gotv account since last week sunday and yet to be connected. My Iu. 4613400241

    1. ADELUBI olakunle

      l paid for subscription yesterday but the e16 continue to appear. I ve tried 288 but keep showing that my decoder is not reset. please wat can I do? 2003034334

  523. victor

    Hello, I made a subscription payment for my Gotv on 27th October 2016 and it is sad to note that I have been denied access to almost all the channels I paid for. This is not only sad but dubious. My Gotv no is 4622392749 and amount paid is #2,000. My phone number is 08033209400 . I need this to be resolved immediately and apology tendered because this is intentional. If I do not hear from you within the next two days, I have no option than to go on social media and television to address my concern. Regards


    Hello gotv I just subscribe my gotv yesterday night the morning dey are telling me that the decoder is not enabled for this channel. It may be that ur account has been suspended. Pls contact the gotv call centre for assistance. This is my IUC NUMBER 4622565420.

  525. femi momoh

    I paid 1800naira on 4 th of October 2016. and my payment is not effective by your company. my iuc number is 2019405310 my name is Femi Momoh. phone number is 08062984033



    MY IUC NO. 4613813254
    MY MOBILE NO. 08034027467

  527. salawu yewande

    Good evening, I subscribed today bt u avnt activate my acct,still saying ur subscription has expired.2020737942

  528. Festus faith

    I try paying with my account but the network was kinda bad, I try and tried now the money on my account is gone, please am begging u to refund my money back to my account, am only paying for one month, my iuc, 4613475431;;””my account number, 0693141677. Festus faith access bank,

  529. salawu yewande

    Hy,pls I subscribe on d 27th of September and d subscription suppose to expire on the 27th of October…. bt it expire today on the 22nd if October, 2020737942

  530. Solomon ugochukwu

    Good day, I am Solomon Ugochukwu from Nigeria. the number of channels my decoder now receives has reduced to only 24. I have adjusted my antenna I have done rescan yet it’s not going back. my iuc 2022305565

  531. uchenna rufus

    paid today…no channel is showing… its still telling me to go and subscribe…pleeease help me out… my IU 2020730011

  532. Emmanuel

    Good day gotv, here is to express my displeasure in what I termed fake and misinformation about your service. you earlier told your customers since May/June that who so ever paid his/her monthly bills till October will be rewarded with one month subscription which to me I am more than qualified to be rewarded. but very unfortunate you failed in your promise and you couldn’t remind me me according to your tradition on monthly basis which to me I felt it was a tactics to dodge the reward you earlier promise.
    this is just for your information and amendment as I have proceeded to pay for my bills.

  533. Shiyanbade

    Hello since 4days ago i notice out of 53 channels reduce to 29 channels. I made a new subcription today and am still having the same errors. All the lovely channels i used to watch has dissapear. Pls i want a solution to this. Because the channels that always make me to subcribe has all dissapear. My iu no is 4613131769

  534. george mbugua

    my names are George Mbugua from Kenya.Since somewhere in june i had been receiving texts that if i paid my subscription in time till september,id be given october free subscription.Now i am being reminded to pay again.was this a con game?,my iuc number is 2017047476

  535. Rakpo ambassador Tega

    Hello my name is Rakpo ambassador Tega I bought my gotv set on Friday 14 October 2016 I have follow all the given instructions on how to connect my gotv hope till now I have been unable to use it keeps showing searching for signal. Plz help me resolve it my iu 2028856025 thanks

  536. Awele Iloh

    I recharged my gotv yesterday,October 15th via online,and up till now,it reads E16 currently scrambled,and channels not showing. Please fix asap. Awele .2005118661

  537. Inem

    But it seems nobody is responding to this messages. I subscribed my Gotv yesterday and up till this night of following day am still having E16 Service is currently scrambled. Is this fair? My IUC number is 2022015313. Please resolve this problem oooo because is discouraging

  538. Anthony

    Hi. My name is Nwokedi Anthony. I recharged through mobile banking and up till now, I haven’t seen anything showing on my screen. Here is my ICU number: 4613177080. I need something to be done asap.

  539. I. PHILIP

    Sometime July, 2016 I received and SMS informing that when I recharge between July and September I will be given bonus free for October 2016. My last subscription expired on the 7th October, 2016 and I write this letter no bonus is been enjoy by me.
    My prayer is for Gotv to please allow me to enjoy the said bonus.

    Thank you for your prompt action.

    IUC NO: 4613462595

  540. hauwa satumari

    my IUC number is 2004361585, i received an SMS on the 5th of this month from you saying my OCTOBER subscription is free yet my all my channels are scrambled. why given me fake promo?
    please let me hear from u. Thank u

  541. richard

    Plz help me I paid yesterday via mobile banking up till nw my decoder is till showing..E16-service is currently scrambled here is my iuc number 2019002995 my surn name is richard tnkx

  542. richard

    Plz help me I sub yesterday with my phone online banking up till nw nothing is happening plz help me here is my iuc number my surn name richard from warri tnkx

    1. richard

      I forget 2 add my iuc number 2019002995

  543. odunayo Esther

    Pls I subscribed since yesterday through online banking but it’s not working.
    Help me to reset. Iuc is 4623115883
    I tried calling the customer center but I was told that the iûc number is invalid.
    Pls help
    Odunayo Esther 4623115883 Lagos 09099332420

  544. Akinsanmi Sijibomi

    sir, I wanted to subscribed to my account yesterday evening and I made mistake with my IUC number. instead of 2019134675, (1094253675077) i recharged another IUC 2019134645 ( 1094553674502) with 1800.
    please I will be very grateful if you can reverse the sum and use it to credit my account.

  545. odukale owoyinka

    My IUC number 4613385203 I have active for the last 3 month just to get October free on you guys only for me to be cut of dis morning. Gotv you guys should restore me back please.

  546. ajibade babatunde

    my name is babatunde my Gotv is not loading and I go to ur nearest ur maketer’s office he said he go to office and he told me to go and bring #2,000 and give me another one. what can I do with it?

  547. babatunde sunday

    Pls I recharged my Gotv today around 2pm till now is not showing any station. Iuc 4613513918

  548. Akinpelu Samuel

    October promo I don’t understand bcoz about been recharging since March why

  549. Hi,I made an online payment for subscription, but up to now, the issue has not been rectified.This is my IUC number ;4613135936.

  550. bukola

    plz my name is bukola I av subscription on my gotv and I on it iz nt loading d green light is nt displaying at all,wat can I du

  551. oladayo

    My me is oladayo my gotv decoder got burnt please what do i do. i’m i going to get another one free and pay for another decoder.

  552. seun

    Hi my name is seun can u pls help us 2 bring bck ONE GOSPEL bck on GOTV

  553. lina

    I have been recharging my decoder for the 3month promo I received a text message that I was given the October free but I was disconnected and your costumer care line is not going through please do something about it

  554. funmi

    Pls what’s up with d October promo ooo !!! Av been on since june yet I was cutoff from my reward….Make una no make us fess oooo

  555. amenah

    I don”t understand what is happening with GOtv. I hope its not a means of deceiving some of us? You brought up a promotion that if we recharge for three months without disconnection from July to Sept, October will be free subscription. Yesterday i got a text message congratulating me for being on for three months. Just this evening i have been deactivated without any notice. My IUC no is 4613841329. Please, re-connect me back to GOtv.

  556. Rasaki Olaniyi

    Gd day, I got this message and up till now, I am still disconnected with error message. Dear customer, you have been rewarded with one month for keeping your GOtv continuously active till Sept 30. Thank you for your loyalty. My name is Rasaki Jimoh with IUC no 4601563045. Thanks

  557. Ezeugo

    I subscribed from july 18 to September 30, I got a message that my October is free but am disconnected right now. my iuc no is 4613178092. please rectify this problem as soon as possible because am missing my programs. thanks

  558. tonia iledo

    Name is tonia iledo made payment through my online acc 1050 payed another payment 1800 still not coming up iuc is 4620381550

  559. Tunde Mathew Olorunfemi

    good afternoon my name is Tunde Mathew olorunfemi nand my I U C number is 2020653354.on the 31st September 2016 I subscribed through my GTBank account and I was debited N9,500 as against the N1,900.pls I need it rectify today .

  560. Ibrahim mudashiru

    My iuc no is 4622534923. I have been connected 3months prior to October in order to get free October on us.but to my surprise I have been disconnected 3/10/16. Please help resolve this asap

  561. I loaded non stop continuously in other to have October free, but I have been disconnected, Please on my account 4622262874, thank you.

  562. kunle

    My iuc no is 2019552375. I have been connected 3months prior to October in order to get free October on us.but to my surprise I have been disconnected 2/10/16. Please help resolve this asap

  563. abiola

    What is happening GOTV I subscribe since early this morning and til now I ‘ve not been connected my children can’t watch thier cartoon anymore pls help oooo in the name of GOD my IUC number is 2019541985

  564. dotun

    I made an online payment yesterday on gotv….it remained unconnected to this time…denied me champions league…my IUC no is 4613367394

  565. Adeola Aranmolate

    I was told that if I should made payment from July to September I will get October free, which I did. I don’t understand why GOTV keep telling me that my subscription will soon expire. I should pay for October. Pls give me my October free am ur regular customer. Check my IUC no. 2009375933

    1. yusuf shittu

      my name is Yusuf Shittu. I recharged from July to September in order to get free October but now I have been disconnected. pls rectify this… Iuc number is 4622517567. tx

  566. Fagbemi Jide

    Good afternoon, my name is Fagbemi Jide, I subscribe to GoTV since yesterday night and up till now I have not been connected. This is indeed bad and annoying. My IUC no is 2018826129.

  567. sampson

    its quite frustrating, I subscribed this morning and up til now have not been connected and its showing E16. my iuc number is 4613753064.

  568. Rhenan philemon

    My gotv is not working and my subscription has not expired yet the decoder light is showing orange my IUC no is 2028557872 pls help its being a week now

  569. Erisan moses oluseye

    I can’t understand what is happening, for about one week now i am unable to watch my GOtv, if switched on it will take up to 45mins to load and it will revert back and show the red light only for it to restart again. My iuc number 2003662977 i am disappointed.


    My name is Olajiga BANKOLE…. I subscribed diz morning around 5am….pls help with the connection.. My IUC number is 4613366070…thank you.

  571. Buchi

    Please I am Onyebuchi Okafor by name with IUC no 2014118343. I paid through my first mobile account this morning by 2 am. up till now, I ve not been connected. It’s frustrating

  572. Igwe Leo

    My name is Igwe Leo. I subscribed to gotv lite for 3months at #1050.00 on 21st September, at 3pm from agent 023bkl, I received the confirmation but have not been connected. confirmation number is 57634286. it is getting frustrating. My IUC number 4601782041. Please do something. Thank you

  573. salomey

    my name is humphrey Kingsley I made payment since last night and it not still working 4622681471

  574. Genevieve

    On the 17 of September I made a payment of 1800 through my mobile banking wit d IUC no 4613339974 up till now gotv has not activated my subscription. Plz I’m appealing that u rectify d fault and activate d subscription, also in addition extra days should be added ooooooo cause if u unsubscribed my decoder when time no reach I go remind Unah oooooo.

  575. Amina

    I made online payment since yesterday, yet am disconnected. IUC no 2003645085

  576. Amina

    I made online payment since yesterday, yet am disconnected. IUC no. 2003645085

  577. Chinyere Ogbuta

    online payment of 1800 was made for 2003027270

  578. Abdulrahman

    My name is ABDULRAHMAN, I made payment of 1800 since yesterday and my gotv still not working. Here my IUC number 4613978268 please urgently ratify it. Thanks

  579. Akindele tajudeen sanyaolu

    My name is Akindele tajudeen I sucribe my gotv aaccount today treu QuickTeller and is not been activate. My IUCNO is 2019227004 can u pls do something

  580. Shonibare Opeoluwa

    how can i be one of Gotv Customer agent?

  581. Chinwe ogbuli

    I made online payment of 1,200 on this iuc with nos 4613709161 before my subscription expired yet i was disconnected. Rectify the problem and connect me back thanks.

  582. Peters Eric

    Please whats the code on which i we use to open the envelope on my tv screen thanks

  583. Kolurejo

    I subscribed my gotv on bank account and now it not working,pls kindly tell me what went rough now

  584. Kolurejo

    I subscribed on gotv through my bank account today around 2:14pm and the gotv is not come up, pls kindly fix it for now.

    1. Kolurejo

      My Iuc 2009557894 I made online payment of 1800 since yesterday till now is not yet working kindly fix it for me.

  585. onukegem sixtus emeka

    Good afternoon…
    my name is Emeka,plsi tried recharging my gotv through my online banking application, I made payment for the one of ngn1200 and the one of ngn600 to complete it ngn1800 monthly subscription as usual but its still not recharged.
    Please could you help me to rectify it,my iuc number is 4613829747.

    1. soji

      my name is soji and my iuc num is 4601421314.i did #400 sub thru m.banking since yesterday morning but nothing came up till now..pls help

  586. ayoola oluwasegun

    Wrong IUC 4613341633 correct IUC 4613341366.pls I want to watch champions league.

  587. ayoola oluwasegun

    My name is ayoola oluwasegun, I paid into wrong account since Sunday dey ask me to send d payment notification and my I’d card with d wrong and d correct IUC. Hv send all but my my account is nt activated.

  588. usoro ifiok

    my GOTV only show two channel, that is services 202 and 205 since yesterday after many time attempted to scans, so am just discourage. last two week it was error today channel

  589. Muideen

    I subscribed for N1,800.00 since 8th September, 2016 but I could not connect on 2019306772. The problem comes from scanning, zero (0) TV and radio channels found.

  590. Muideen

    I paid through mobile banking since 8th September 2016 but cannot connect me on 2019306772

  591. Francis Egbujorh

    I can not understand what is happening because i have paid for my Gotv and up still now it has not come up and i have sent a mail b4 now and no way please you guyz should let me know because i am not happy anymore okay and here is my name and my IUC number……….. Name Francis Egbujorh Iuc number is 2005117875

  592. Mr Samuel Okhuarobo

    I subscribed my gotv dis morning using IUC Number 2022411828,d payment was made to one ONYII in Umahia office No 42 Azikiwe Road umuahia Abia state,till now my decoder has not come up.Pls I want it rectified From Mr Samuel Okhuarobo

  593. Francis Egbujorh


    I just paid 2400 for tow month and my decoder is still not working please help me out and here is my IUC number 2005117875

  594. Amegbleto Bisola

    Good day, please I paid for my subscription in d bank and my decoder IUC number is 4622473320 and my stations are still scrambled. Please do something I beg you. Thank you


    Please, i made a payment of #1800 for GoTV Plus today (07/09/2016) through QUICKTELLER INTERNET INTERFACE for subscription with IUC Number 4613736258, but uptill this moment I’ve not been activated. I would be glad if something can be done on this.


  596. Majekodunmi Olakunle G

    I make payment for this month of September on 5th THROUGH my mobile banking while my account to have not been activated. IUC NUMBER 2022103710.

  597. Godwin

    Where is the gotv antenna situated in oldodi apapa so that I can position my antenna for a better and clearer viewing ?

    1. If you mean the GOtv transmitter point your antenna towards the east. Where the sun rises from.

  598. telvin buchi

    Pls I subscribe middle of lastmonth Nd now d block my channels says my monthly subscription has expired. Gotv.2005127785.

  599. GANYAT

    pls our GOTV is not showing zee world what can we do pl?

  600. sunday James

    I made a payment since on 26/08/16 but I cannot watch a single channel please help me out this is my iuc number 2020697476

  601. wande kay

    I subscribed full bouquet on Monday but to my surprise non of the stations is showing by this morning, I’ve called your customer care line but no one picked. My IUC number is, 4613858322
    Pls, fix this asap.

  602. wande kay

    I subscribed full bouquet on Monday but to my surprise non of the stations is showing by this morning, I’ve called your customer care line but no one picked. My IUC number is, 4613858322
    Pls, fix this asap.

  603. enoja edeki

    please I subscribe my GOtv via online since yesterday and up till now it’s still not working my IUC number is 2020931699 please I need this fix ASAP thanks

  604. chigozie

    please kindly activate my go tv i paid yesterday through quick teller and uptil now is still showing scrambled. pls my I U C NUMBER is 4601854659. my name is chigozie henshel. my number is 08035379398.

  605. Bitrus Solomon

    Gotv, i have tried to subscibe on line but it has not been through. You have even generated a reciept to that trasaction on decorder: 4622299996 (Bitrus Solomon).
    I called your customer care line and all you kept doing was to advitize your product while i settle the bills, is that fair?
    Why the uneccessary talk and adverts for someone who already is not happy with the product? Customer care services are suppose to be free in the first place, now you make customers waste money necessarily. And i notice you keep referring cases back to nearest centres, why did you start the on line stuff when you have not adequetly prepare for it?
    I have raised a number of issues here and waiting for your sincere response.

  606. shokunle Bolajoko

    pls i can no longer secure any channel on my gotv again for past 18days now. All the necessary procedure been giving to me by Gotv costomer care service to carried out, av done it , still yet all prove abortive. My.
    IUC Number 4613325200. Gotv pls do something

  607. orimiladeye clement

    i paid my subscription since sat 13-08-2016 but i have not got reactivation. please help. my iuc is 2019246776. thanks

  608. oyeyemi lukmon

    I paid through my access internet banking on thursday,18th of august 2016.i’m yet to enjoy the service being paid for and it is showing E16 service is currently scrambled that my subsciption has iuc is 2009376933.pls kindly do d needful.

  609. Musa Adeniyi

    I subsribe gotv since 17 Aug16 and it as not b activated 4622504313 plsi need ur help pls

  610. Musa Adeniyi

    I make a subscription on 17 of Aug 16 and they deducted 1900 and I can’t watch any channel 4622504313

  611. IFEANYI

    dear gotv my channels are not coming up on my decord please kindly attend to me my IUC number is 2020639736

  612. IFEANYI

    my gotv stations are not coming up. even when I scanned it still say no channels found

  613. Ubong Williams

    Please kindly add Supersport3 to your bouquet. It annoying and embarrassing when interesting matches are being played and you leave GOTV in your house to go watch in a friend’s house who has another TV.

  614. Akeem solarin

    good morning i paid through online but my gotv decordede was not show. kindly check and confarm the problem this is my IUC NO 4613265901

  615. Akeem solarin

    good morning i paid through online but my gotv decordede was not show. kindly check and confarm the problem

  616. prisca

    please when is your network going to be active in ore town,ondo state. i just relocated and discover gotv network isn’t working here. it’s been like hell,please reply. many thanks

  617. onukegem sixtus emeka

    Pls I subscribed through my access bank online banking application to the iuc num..4613829747.
    money has been debited from my bank account but the decoder is yet to subscribe since then.
    Could you please help me to rectify it.

  618. Odelade

    Subscribe since 11th August … But still not showing up till now ……iuc number 2017133534 ..,, help me out cuz have missed a lot of matches today …


    I subscribe my gotv since yesterday 12th august on my mobile banking with 1.905,the error code 16 still showing my luc is 2014175740

  620. Please kindly help activate my acct.2021766564.I subscribed since morning and it’s my showg.still error e16.or is there any helpline I can call?

  621. Yusuf Azeez

    I renewed my subscription via my mobile banking and my Gotv account is inactive,#1900 kindly resolve this issue for me, my iuc no: 2022289228, contact number, 08107025701, thanks and God bless you.

  622. Joy Abraham

    I subscribe today through my mobile banking #1,950 and up till now its showing me scramble what’s happening pls my iuc 2028501842 connect me pls.

    1. Joy Abraham

      I subscribe today through my mobile banking #1,950 and up till now its showing me scramble what’s happening pls my iuc 2028601842 connect me pls thanks.

  623. Prince

    Hi i subscribe my gotv yesterday but till now am still getting the e16 error please help iuc number is 4601610380

  624. Akinola sunday

    I make a payment through my stb ibtc bank account on the 3rd till date it hasn’t come up the TV channels are not showing and I have been to my bank to sort it out till yet is not coming up still please I kindly need a help please.
    my iuc number is 4613965324



    I subscribe but still given me E16-service is currently scrambled icu number 2022130891

  626. omoru sunday

    I subscribe for full stations but am having 24 channels, i want this to be resolved immediately. Code 2021761066
    contact no: 08151123540.

  627. enobobg essien

    for over 3months now my stations are not complete,I need the stations pls.thanks my IUC is 4622271380, the name Enobong Essien.

  628. Tangbei Kelvin

    I subscribed via my bank mobile app until now i am still getting e16 error. please contact me ASAP for my IUC.

  629. Okeke Samuel

    I recharged my gotv yesterday through mobile banking app but till now I’ve not been connected.kindly attend to it 4613650167

    1. ukaigwe jon ikechukwu

      i subscribed my gotv today @ about 10:46 via u-mobil with detail
      vc/umob nig/bpt/11708293/1002455113/gotv and is not yet connected,
      pls kindly assist me. MY IUC NO.4601517663

  630. Abdulrahman Muhammed

    I subscribed to my gotv on 6th August in the morning for 1800 plan in your website viia golabal pay but yet to be activated Pls kindly attend to my issue. My IUC no is 4613119066

  631. Ikenna okere

    I recharged my gotv on the 4th of August till nw its not work…IUC. 4601882042

  632. Ikenna okere

    I paid for my gotv since 4th of has not been updated till now IUC. 4601882042

  633. Goodness

    Pls subscribed for 1800 through my mobile banking on 4th but up till now can’t get connected. My iuc number is 4613606502

  634. Niyi

    I subscribed for Gotv on 4th of august 2016 but still yet to activated. Please help iuc no:2022429618


    I Subscribe MY Gotv for the pass 10 hrs and have not been activated my IUC NUMBER 2018933873. THANKS

  636. Akinola

    My gotv only show 24 channels please help me iuc 2020842520

  637. Martin obinna