List of Nigerian Oil Well Owners

Most of the oil wells in Nigeria are owned and operated by multinational oil exploration and production companies. However, some oil blocks, say around 15% of the total stock, have been allocated to indigenous companies. As a result, some Nigerians in those companies own and operate oil wells in the country. In this article, we’d be mentioning Nigerian oil well owners. Read on.

List of Nigerian Oil Well Owners

This is a list of Nigerian oil well owners: 

  • Theophilus Danjuma

Theophilus Danjuma was awarded oil blocks during the General Sani Abacha regime. In 2006, he sold an oil block to a Chinese consortium, leaving him with the OML 246 oil block. T.Y. Danjuma’s oil exploration firm, South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO) is responsible for exporting up to 300000 barrels of crude daily from the oil block. 

  • Alhaji Mohammed Ludimi

Mohammed Ludimi owns the OML 115 oil block, as well as the Oldwok field and Ebok field. 

  • Tijani Babatunde Folawiyo

Tijani Folawiyo, son of the Late Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, became the owner of OML 13 following his assumption as Managing Director of Yinka Folawiyo Group upon the demise of his father. 

  • Alhaji Sela Mohammed Gambo

Sela Mohammed who is the head of Not East Petroleum Limited owns OML 215 oil block. 

  • Nasiru Ado Bayero

The Asuokpu/Umutu are owned by Nasiru Ado Bayero. 

  • Riliwan Lukman

Riliwan Lukman, who co-founded AMNI International Petroleum Limited, had stakes in OML 112 and OML 117 oil blocks before he passed on in 2014.  

  • Dan Etete

Dan Etete is the owner of the OPL 245 oil block and his company Malabu Oil and Gas Company operates it.

  • Peter Odili

Peter Odili, the governor of Rivers State from 1999 to 2007, owns OPL 289 and OPL 233 oil blocks. These oil blocks were to Cleanwater Consortium, of which Peter Odili is at the helm of affairs. 

  • Mai Derive

Mai Derive is a major stakeholder of OPL 110, owing to being the President of Cavendish Petroleum Limited, which operates the oil block. 

  • Andy Uba

Andy Uba’s Focus Energy, in partnership with BG Group, is a major operator of the OPL 286 oil well. 

  • Emeka Offor

Emeka is among the owners of OPL 291, owing to his stakes in Addax Petroleum Development Company Limited which now operates the oil well. Formerly, his company, Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited, operated the oil well before it was sold to Addax Petroleum Development Company Limited. 

  • Mike Adenuga

Mike Adenuga, the owner of Conoil, owns and operates 6 oil blocks across the country. Cumulatively, over 200,000 barrels are exported from these oil blocks daily. 

  • A. O. Adeyinka

  1. O. Adeyinka, the chairman of Alfred James Petroleum has stakes in the OPL 302. Other people with stakes in the OPL 302, include Adewunmi Sijuade, Cooke Sijuade, Adedeji Sijuade, Olayinka Sijuade, Adeyemi Osiyemi, and Femisola Awosika. 
  • Ibrahim Bunu

Ibrahim is the chairman of Optimum Petroleum which operates OPL 310, and by his position, he owns the aforementioned oil block. 

  • J. O. Udoji

  1. O. Udoji owns the OPL 226, however, other people have stakes in the said oil well. 
  • Saleh Jambo

Saleh Jambo owns stakes in the OPL 215 oil well which is operated by North East Petroleum Company, a company of which he is the chairman. 

  • Said Kuashi

Said Kuashi, president of Crownwell Petroleum, has stakes in OPL 305 and 306 oil wells.

  • Sani Bello

Sani Bello, the co-founder of AMNI International Petroleum Company, has stakes in Ketu and Okoro oilfields, particularly OPL 112 and 117. 

  • Aminu Alhassan Dantata

Aminu Alhassan Dantata, chairman of the Express Petroleum committee owns OPL 108 and OPL 227. Other Nigerians with stakes in these oil wells include Lawan Omar, Tajudeen Dantata, Dalhatu Gwarzo, and Ahmade Rufai. 

  • Arthur Eze

Atlas Petroleum International Limited operates the OPL 109 oil well and Arthur Eze who presides over the company is the owner of the oil block.  

  • Mohammed Indimi

Mohammed Indimi owns the OPL 115 oil well since he presides over Oriental Energy Resources, the exploration company operating the OPL 115 oil block. 

  • David Richards

David Richards, along with T. O. Omisore and Olayiwola Fatona have ownership of OPL 34. 

  • Rachel Akintola

Rachel Akintola and other key people of Oil World such as Ibukun Olawepo have stakes in OPL 241 oil block. 

  • Alhaji Mai Daribo

Mai Daribo has ownership over OML 110.

  • O. B. Lulu Briggs

Lulu Briggs has ownership of the following oil wells: OPL 114, 239, 234, and 231.

  • Folorunsho Alakija

In 1993, Folorunsho Alakija applied for and got the oil prospecting lease of a 617,000-acre OPL 216 block. She and her husband, Modupe Alakija, jointly own the  OPL 216 oil block.  

  • Appia Korang

Appiah Korang, alongside A. Peppe, Oba Gbadebo, O. A Kpata, O. Adeyemo, M. O. Osunsanya, O. Boyo, and J. A. Tinubu, who are the key people of Oando, have stakes in OPL 278 and 236. 

  • Onoh Anthony

Onoh Anthony, along with Onoh Christiana, Onoh Ngozi, George Udoekong, and Nwauche Erastus are the key people of Eurafric Energy Limited. They have ownership of OML 54, which is operated by the aforementioned company. 

  • A. B. C. Orjiako 

  1. B. C. Orjiako owns OPL 248 because his company, Zebbra Energy Limited, was awarded the prospecting lease over said oil block.  
  • Unejei T
  • Akinro C.A
  • Ewendu Chidi
  • Du- Frayed
  • Baba Lawal
  • Cole Tonye
  • Odunsi Ade
  • Adeniji Titi
  • Akinla Ladipo
  • Bentley John
  • Ciroma Musa
  • Fatona Layi
  • Aret Adams,
  • Uduimp Itsueli
  • Sammy Olagbaju
  • Udi Ibru
  • Macpepple Victoria
  • MacPepple Henry
  • Macpepple Joy
  • MacPepple Emmanuel
  • MacPepple Elfrida
  • Usman Danburran
  • Aliyu Abubakar
  • Brigidi David
  • Alamieyeseigha Anitonbrapa
  • Ifimaim Ekine
  • Jonathan Selereipre
  • Enddel Francis
  • Chinwetelu Chris
  • Williams E.J
  • C. Orjiako
  • Reggie Uduhim
  • Kase Lawal

The people mentioned in this article have varying levels of interest in oil wells in the country due to their stakes in the indigenous companies to which these oil wells were allocated. 

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