Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

This article will mention places where you can buy wholesale clothes in Latos State. These places are famed for offering affordable prices to both retailers and end-users. Read on to find out about these places.

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

These are places you can buy wholesale clothes in Lagos:

  • Balogun Market

This is arguably the most well-known market for all manner of textiles and fabrics in Lagos state. Balogun market is incredibly vast in size with hundreds of stores dealing in clothes. In the Balogun market, you can be certain to come across a wide range of options from Turkish wear to Italian designers, to mention a few. There are allocated areas where shirts, jeans, children’s clothes, fabrics, textile materials, and designer clothing from abroad, are at affordable prices. Word of advice, however, is to be cautious as you strut through the market shopping, as unscrupulous elements are known to hang around Balogun market seeking to pickpocket unsuspecting shoppers. Be conscious of your surroundings and belongings and be alert as you go around Balogun market.

Balogun market is located on Lagos Island, just off Broad Street.

  • Oshodi Market

Oshodi market is among the places you can get wholesale clothes in Lagos. The most established clothing material sold at the Oshodi market is the Ankara. The Ankara stores you will find at the Oshodi market are usually owned by established distributors who import these Ankara materials directly into Nigeria. Hence, the middleman quagmire that causes cost prices to shoot up is stifled to a degree. This offers retailers the opportunity to have access to a range of Ankara products of varying quality, price and designs. And, the prices are usually not exorbitant. So, as a reseller, you can make considerable gains after you might have deducted your cost.

Aside from Ankara materials, the Oshodi market also has stores where casual wear and locally made clothes are sold in bulk. Underwears, jeans, shirts, and other clothing materials can be seen hanging from storefronts and mannequins as you walk around the Oshodi market.

The Oshodi market is quite easy to locate. No matter where you are coming in from, when you reach the Oshodi interchange terminal (BRT terminal), ask for directions to the Oshodi Market.

  • Aswani Market

Thousands of Lagosians and retailers from other states visit the Aswani market daily in search of high-quality thrift clothes (also known as Okrika) it is known for. The clothes available for wholesale include T-shirts, jeans, shorts, dresses, trousers, and other items of clothing accessories. Hundreds of wholesalers deal in thrift clothes, offering visitors to the market a wide range of options to choose from.

  • Bali Market

Bali market is where you can get quality clothes that can be worn to the office or for corporate functions. The clothe dealers in the Bali market deal mainly in designer and casual wear. The market is located near the Balogun market, off Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

  • Yaba Market

Yaba Market is among the places where clothes are sold wholesale in Lagos State. Residents of Yaba, as well as those from within Lagos and beyond shop for clothes in the  Yaba market. Though a whole variety of clothes can be found at the Yaba market, there are more dealers on fairly used(Okrika) clothes. Ankara dealers also abound in the Yaba market, as well as fashion designers who are readily available to customize apparel from clothing materials purchased at the market. In addition, various stores render branding services on clothes in the market. Yaba market shares boundaries with the Tejuosho ultra-modern market.

  • Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market

The Tejuosho ultra-modern market in Yaba has witnessed infrastructural improvements after it was gutted by fire in the recent past. Tejuosho ultra-modern market is a sure place where you could buy clothes in bulk at affordable prices. In Tejuosho ultra-modern market you will find stores dealing in original designer wear, Ankara, casual wear, and textile materials, among others.

  • Katangua Market

Katangua market is a popular market in Lagos and the surrounding states. Katangua market is known for having numerous merchants who deal in clothes. Though several traders sell brand new designer clothes, the majority of wholesale clothes dealers in Katangua deal in thrift clothes, popularly known in Nigeria as “Okrika”. Retailers and customers (end-users of the clothes) are certain to see a wide range of options to choose from the many wholesale clothes dealers that exist in the  Katangua market. To get better deals while shopping for clothes at Katangua market, it is recommended to visit Katangua market either on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays as these are the days that wholesale clothes dealers usually open new bails of thrift but quality items of clothing at usually affordable rates. This way, resellers can buy in bulk, and charge sufficient mark-ups to cover costs and make profits. Aside from the resellers (or retailers), people also visit the Katangua market for personal shopping and save more when they buy clothes in the market. Katangua market is located in Abule Egba, around Super Bus-stop, Lagos State.

  • Ladega Market

Ladega market is located in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State. From the Ikorodu Garage, the Ladega market is a stone’s throw away. People living in Ikorodu and surrounding areas buy clothes at affordable rates at the Ladega market. Some stalls and shops deal in a variety of clothing materials, but more shops sell Ankara and related clothing materials. If you are seeking to buy ” aso-ebi” for occasions like weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, or any other celebratory event, a visit to the Ladega market will give you the chance to choose from the wide range of Ankara and textiles from the abundance of wholesale dealers situated at Ladega market. Some stores deal in other types of clothing materials in the  Ladega market, as well as household items, cosmetic products, and fast-moving consumer goods, among others.

  • Mandilas

Located on Lagos Island, Mandilas offers visitors the opportunity to access a wide range of clothing materials ranging from jackets, jeans, shirts, suits, and dresses, among others.

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