NDIC Offices in Nigeria & Contact Details

The National Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) is an independent agency that serves the purpose of being the country’s deposit insurance system. NDIC is responsible for protecting depositors and guaranteeing the settlement of insured funds when deposit-taking financial institutions are incapable of repaying their deposits. This article will outline where NDIC offices are located in Nigeria and their contact details.

NDIC Offices in Nigeria & Contact Details

This is a list of NDIC offices in Nigeria and their contact details:

  • NDIC Head Office

The National Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has the responsibility of protecting depositors of deposit-taking financial institutions such as Deposit Money Banks, Microfinance Banks, Primary Mortgage Banks, and Non-Interest Banks. This is achieved by Deposit Guarantee, Bank Supervision, and Failure Resolution. These oversight functions of the NDIC are to preserve the integrity and promote public confidence in the banking system. Currently, the National Deposit Insurance Corporation is headed by Mr. Ibrahim Mustapha Mohammed, who occupies the position of Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.

Address: Plot 447/448, Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Airport Road, Garki,  Abuja, FCT.

Email Address: helpdesk@ndic.gov.ng, ibrahimu@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 080063424357, 234-9-4601030

Website: www.ndic.gov.ng

  • NDIC Lagos Office

The National Deposit Insurance Corporation branch of Lagos State is responsible for supervising banks and other financial establishments insured by the NDIC, providing financial and technical roles to failing banks, and ensuring that deposits of natural persons, Nigerians and foreigners alike, as well as legal entities, are guaranteed should insured deposit-taking institutions go under. Consumer protection is at the core of NDIC’s objectives.

Address: No. 23A, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

Email Address: helpdesk@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Numbers: (01) 2719010, 01-4663400

  • NDIC Zonal Offices

  • NDIC Bauchi Office

The National Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC, through its Bauchi zonal branch, executes its duties of promoting public confidence in the banking sector through regular bank supervision, failure resolution and guaranteeing the settlement of insured funds of deposit-taking institutions. Consumers, that is, depositors to Deposit Money Banks, Microfinance Banks, Primary Mortgage Banks, or Non-Interest Banks are protected in events such as when a deposit-taking institution becomes incapable to repay deposits. An established consumer protection desk is available to promptly deal with customers’ complaints against banks and other financial institutions.

Address: Plot No. 3, Bank Road, Bauchi, Bauchi State.

Controller: Mr. Ajiya B. Zarma

Email Address: bauchizonaloffice@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 094601096

  • NDIC Benin Office

Depositors to insured banks or other financial within the coverage of NDIC Benin Zonal Office have the assurance that their funds are protected in situations where these deposit-taking institutions are not capable of repaying their deposits. The agency’s duties aim to preserve the integrity of and promote the general public’s confidence in the banking system.

Address: 28A & B, Benoni Hospital Road, off Airport Road, G.R.A, Benin City, Edo State.

Controller: Mr. P. O. Sanni

Email Address: sannipo@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 08023122598

  • NDIC Enugu Office

The NDIC Enugu Office serves as a zonal base of the agency in the eastern region of the country. As the country’s deposit insurance system, insured financial institutions, as well as depositors are assured of deposit guarantee, failure resolution and regular bank supervision aimed at solidifying the integrity and confidence of the banking system.

Address: No. 10, Our Lords’ Street, T Layout, Enugu, Enugu State.

Controller: Ms. Stella E. Henshaw

Email Address: henshaw@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 08030608322

  • NDIC Ilorin Office

The NDIC Ilorin zonal office has the responsibility of supervising insured deposit-taking institutions to mitigate against unfair banking practices that pose potentially adverse results if left unchecked. This, and the guarantee of deposits, as well as the provision of financial and technical assistance to failing banks, are the core duties NDIC set out to achieve.

Address: No. 23B, Ahmadu Bello Way, G.R.A, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Controller: Mr. Chima B. Onyechere

Email Address: onyecherecb@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 08035818574

  • NDIC Port Harcourt Office

The zonal branch of the National Deposit Insurance Corporation in the capital city Of Rivers State, Abuja, is in charge of carrying out the designated objectives of the agency to insured financial institutions within its coverage. These duties include bank supervision to reduce the likelihood of occurrence of unsound and unfair banking practices, including improving the general public’s confidence in the banking system, guaranteeing deposits of insured institutions, and giving assistance to banks in events of insolvency.

Address: No. 104, Woji Road, off Olu Obasanjo Road, G.R.A, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Controller: Mr. Celestine U. Okafor

Email Address: okaforcu@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 08054663230

  • NDIC Kano Office

The Kano branch of the National Deposit Insurance Corporation acts as a zonal office for the agency in the Northern part of the country. Merchant Banks, Microfinance Banks, Commercial Banks, and Non-Interest Banks insured with the deposit insurance system get the guarantee of financial and technical assistance in times of distress, routine scrutiny of banking practices to ensure compliance with best practices and deposit guarantee in insolvency.

Address: Plot 44/45, Muhammad Muhammad Avenue, off Maiduguri Road, Hotoro, G.R.A, Kano, Kano State.

Controller: Mr. Shehu Usman Aladire

Email Address: shehuus@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 08034500426

  • NDIC Sokoto Office

The duties of the National Deposit Insurance Corporation Sokoto Branch, include bank supervision to eliminate unfair bank practices, deposit guarantee and provision of technical and financial assistance to distressed banks in the interest of the consumers.

Address: No. 2, Gusau Road, opposite NNPC Mega Station, Sokoto, Sokoto State.

Ag. Controller: Mr. Umar B. Kaoje

Email Address: kaojebu@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 08086344344

  • NDIC Yola Office

As a zonal branch of NDIC, the Yola office sets out to fulfill the objectives of the agency within its jurisdiction. Routine supervision of the activities of these insured financial institutions to ensure fairness in their operations, failure resolution, and the assurance of deposits are the core duties of NDIC.

Address: No. 6, Numan Road, Jimeta, Yola, Adamawa State.

Controller: Mr. Ngala Grema Tigoma

Email Address: ngalagt@ndic.gov.ng

Phone Number: 07036534773

The financial institutions under the coverage of the deposit insurance system in Nigeria include Merchant Banks, Primary Mortgage Banks, Non-Interest Window Banks, Non-Interest Banks, Microfinance Banks, and Commercial Banks. The financial institutions not covered by the National Deposit Insurance Corporation include Discount Houses, Pension Fund Administrators, Stockbroking Firms, Insurance Companies, Unit Trusts/Mutual Funds, and Investment Firms.

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