Bolt Inspection Centres in Lagos

Before any vehicle is accepted on the Bolt platform for ride-hailing service, it has to undergo inspection at accredited centres to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition. The vehicle inspection will check for tire quality, brakes and suspension, functionality, electrical components, and interior and exterior assessment, among others, to ensure that service quality is guaranteed. In Lagos State, Auto Genius and its listed facilities perform these vehicle inspections for Bolt. Read on to find out where they are located.

Bolt Inspection Centres in Lagos

Here’s a list of Bolt Inspection Centres in Lagos:

  • Auto Genius Headquarters

Bolt promises safety and comfort to its customers. Vehicle inspection serves to assure service quality of every vehicle joining the Bolt ride-hailing platform. The inspection will check to ensure that conditions of shocks, park light engagement, vehicle alignment, dashboard electrical components, air conditioning, engine coolant, and automatic transmission, among other checks, are in good condition to ensure safety and comfort of use. Vehicles that fall below-accepted standards during this scrutiny will not be accepted on the Bolt platform.

Address: Providence House, Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos State.

Phone Number: 08099988005, 070055554444

Email Address:

  • Conoil Filling Station, Surulere

Bolt’s mandatory vehicle inspection is to ensure that all vehicles on the ride-hailing platform align with its service quality objective. This vehicle inspection is performed by an authorized agent after the inspection payment has been made. The inspection allows in-depth scrutiny of brakes and suspension, tire pressure and tire thread match, vehicle and trunk cleanliness, electrical components, and safety components of the vehicle that wants to be on the Bolt platform. Vehicles not up to the set standard will not be on the Bolt platform.

Address: Conoil Filling Station, No. 74 Itire Road, Falolu Bus-stop, Surulere, Lagos State.

Email Address:

  • Conoil Filling Station, Idi Mangoro

Vehicles that want to join the Bolt platform in Lagos must first undergo inspection at listed facilities to ensure they guarantee safety and comfort of use. The vehicle inspection covers the following aspects: brakes and suspension, electronic components, fluid level check, safety accessories, interior and exterior assessment, and other elements of the vehicle. An Auto Genius Vehicle Inspection Report is sent to the email of the vehicle owner once the inspection is completed. If a vehicle falls below standard during the inspection, it will not be accepted onto the Bolt platform.

Address: Conoil Filling Station, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Idi Mangoro, Lagos State.

Email Address:

  • Conoil Filling Station, Oregun

At any Auto Genius inspection facility in Lagos such as this one in Oregun, Ikeja, after the due inspection payment has been made, an agent performs thorough scrutiny of the vehicle to ascertain if it is in a condition that fits the service quality of Bolt. The inspection aims to check that the vehicle alignment, tire pressure and tread pattern, air condition, and electrical components, among others, conform to standards of comfort and safety.

Address: Conoil Filling Station, Plot 37, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Email Address:

  • G&G Oil & Gas Filling Station, Ikorodu

G&G Oil & Gas Filling Station is a recognized Bolt vehicle inspection centre serving Ikorodu and its environs. The centre is open to both existing vehicles on the Bolt platform, as well as new vehicles that want to join the ride-sharing platform, to ensure the comfort and safety of the vehicles meet Bolt’s service quality standard. Only vehicles that pass the inspection are allowed to be on the Bolt platform. Every six months, all vehicles on the Bolt platform are required to undergo inspection to ensure the quality of service.

Address: G&G Oil & Gas Filling Station, Km 6, Itokin Road, Sabo, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Email Address:

  • Mohagafar Petrol Station, Abule Egba

Bolt mandates that every vehicle on its ride-hailing platform attains a level of safety and comfort. Owners of new vehicles seeking to join Bolt, as well as vehicles already on the platform can visit this vehicle inspection centre to have the vehicles inspected by an agent to determine if they fit Bolt’s quality service standard.

Address: Mohagafar Petrol Station, No. 2, Philip Majekodunmi Street, Poposola Area, New Oko Oba, Abule Egba, Lagos State.

Email Address:

  • MRS Filling Station, Lekki

As a listed Auto Genius inspection facility for Bolt in Lagos State, new cars seeking to join the platform, including vehicles already on the ride-hailing platform, are inspected against lofty standards to ensure quality service delivery is guaranteed to customers of Bolt. Every other six months,  vehicles on the Bolt platform are required to undergo routine inspection at listed vehicle inspection centres.

Address: MRS Service Station, Ikate, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Elegushi, Lagos State.

Email Address:

  • MRS Filling Station, Alapere

At this accredited inspection centre, in-depth assessments of vehicles that want to be part of the Bolt platform are inspected against outstanding standards to make sure only vehicles in good condition and those able to satisfy comfort and safety of use are accepted. Brakes and suspension, tyres, security accessories, interior and exterior features and electronic components are among the aspects of the vehicle that are assessed during the inspection.

Address: MRS Filling Station, Alapere Estate Bus-stop, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ketu, Lagos State.

Email Address:

  • NPOG Periodot Filling Station, Isheri-Idimu Road

Address: NPOG Periodot Filling Station, No. 328, Isheri-Idimu Road, Isheri Roundabout, Alimosho, Lagos State.

NPOG Periodot Filling Station serves as a credible inspection centre for vehicles seeking to join or already on the Bolt platform. A certified Auto Genius agent makes an in-depth assessment of all aspects of the vehicle to ensure that quality of service of use is assured.

Email Address:

  • Mobil Filling Station II, Obanikoro, Ikorodu Road

This is yet another vehicle inspection centre for Bolt around the Obanikoro axis of Lagos State. The vehicle inspection usually encompasses all aspects of the vehicle ranging from brakes and suspension, safety check, and electronic components assessment, including tyre and fluid level check, among others. Vehicles that fall below acceptable standards are not accepted onto the Bolt platform.

Address: Mobil Filling Station, Obanikoro, Ikorodu Road, Lagos State.

Email Address:


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