Top 10 Logistics Companies in Nigeria 

Logistics companies help individuals, businesses, and institutions deliver and receive goods on their behalf, which is more efficient, safer, faster, and relatively cheaper than self-delivery. With many logistics companies now offering global air freight and sea freight services, consumers, importers, and exporters in Nigeria are more connected to the rest of the world than ever. To enjoy premium services, choosing a top logistics company to handle your logistics concern is the way to go. Read on as we discuss the top 10 logistics companies in Nigeria you can trust. 

Top 10 Logistics Companies in Nigeria 

The top 10 logistics companies in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • GIG Logistics 

GIG Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Nigeria known to provide a range of end-to-end logistics solutions to individuals, businesses, and institutions across Nigeria. 

GIG Logistics’ service portfolio includes overseas shipping and the provision of domestic logistics solutions across all the states in Nigeria, as well as corporate logistics and e-commerce logistics.

GIG Logistics offices can be found in every state of the federation, including the FCT. This spread that GIG Logistics has across Nigeria makes it a reliable option for Nigerians wherever they may be in the country. 

  • CourierPlus Services Limited 

CourierPlus Services Limited is a top logistics company that offers individuals and corporations/businesses across the country services that include logistics, e-commerce, international deliveries, as well as specialized business solutions that address supply chains. 

The depth of Courier Plus service portfolio and positive reviews from satisfied customers online are valid reasons why this logistics company has become a go-to end-to-end logistics provider for lots o individuals, businesses, and institutions across Nigeria. 

  • Fortune Global Shopping and Logistics Company 

Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics Company is considered one of the most reliable logistics companies in Nigeria. With expertise in freight forwarding, project logistics management, and ship agency, this company addresses the needs of a substantial population of individuals and corporations alike. 

The extensive scope of this company’s operation makes it a great choice for people who want to send items across Nigeria, those seeking warehousing facilities, as well as people who need trucking services. Additional expertise of Fortune Global Shopping and Logistics Company includes oil & gas project logistics, heavy lift handling, and out gauge handling.  

  • AB Logistics 

AB Logistics is a Lagos-based logistics company that boasts years of cognate experience in international and local shipping, haulage services, forwarding, packaging, and warehousing. 

The international logistics service offered by AB Logistics covers over 200 countries while the domestic logistics solutions cover the 36 States of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory. 

This logistics company also provides its customers with the opportunity to track their packages using AB Logistics’ online tracking service. 

  • FedEx

FedEx is one of the most prominent logistics solutions providers worldwide, with a presence in over 220 countries, including Nigeria. FedEx provides a range of logistics services in Nigeria through its subsidiaries Red Star Express PLC and FedEx Express. 

Red Star Express Plc. which has been operating in Nigeria since 1994, provides services that include pickups, domestic deliveries across the country, customs clearance, and retail locations. 

On the other hand, FedEx Express just recently established a direct presence in Nigeria following the country’s growing international shipping demands. With the global air-and-ground network that FedEx has, Nigerian business owners, exporters, importers, and consumers enjoy speedy delivery of time-sensitive shipments, by a definite date and time. 

  • Distinctcushy Freight

Distinctcushy Freight is a leading logistics company with expertise in project procurement, custom clearing services, air freight forwarding, secured cargo delivery, door-to-door delivery, sea freight forwarding, shipping cost-effectiveness, and car shipping into Nigeria. The domestic logistics solutions offered by Distinctcushy Freight cover all the states of the federation and the FCT. 

This logistics company serves the varied logistics needs of individuals, business owners, corporations, importers, and exporters. Whether it be consolidated shipping, hazardous shipping, perishable goods shipping, and bulk air freight, Distinctcushy Freight handles the import and export of their customers’ goods to and from anywhere in the world. 

  • Zenith Carex International

With 21 years of cognate experience in freight forwarding, customs clearance, haulage, and other related services, Zanex Carex International deserves a place on our list of top 10 logistics companies in Nigeria. This logistics company offers a range of products and services that help individuals, corporations, importers, exporters, and SMEs meet their varied logistics concerns, whether they be within Nigeria or overseas. 

The service portfolio of Zanex Carex International includes 3rd party logistics, airport and seaport clearing services, cold chain/pharma logistics specialization, and shipping agency.  Courier, cargo, and parcel services, as well as global freight services, are additional services this Lagos-based logistics company offers. 

  • UPS 

UPS, short for United Parcel Service, is an international logistics company with a presence in 220 countries, including Nigeria. UPS offers a range of tailored solutions targeted at individuals, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to help them meet their varied logistics needs. 

The shipping services offered by UPS provide domestic and global parcel delivery for individuals and entrepreneurs. In addition, UPS offers tracking solutions as well as contract logistics solutions aimed at optimizing the supply chain of corporations across the country. 

  • GEX Logistics 

GEX Logistics is arguably one of the best logistics companies in Nigeria today. With expertise in e-commerce delivery, domestic courier service, corporate courier service, freight forwarding, and third-party verification, no wonder the customer base of GEX Logistics keeps growing by the day. With this company’s web app, APIs, and real-time GPS tracking, customers of GEX Logistics enjoy all-around effective logistics services. 

The logistics solutions GEX Logistics provides include last-mile deliveries, same-day city-wide deliveries, next-day deliveries, drone deliveries, remote location delivery, pick-up and delivery service, mailroom services, import services, and haulage services. Medical courier services, export services, air freight, product sourcing, sea freight, and background screening are some more solutions offered by GEX Logistics. 

  • MDS Logistics 

MDS Logistics offers a range of streamlined logistics solutions that include cold chain operations, distribution services, inventory management, dedicated transport services, clearing and forwarding, warehousing, and pharma logistics, among others. The industries this top logistics company serves include NGOs, the public sector, retail, pharmaceuticals, CGS, agro, energy, chemical, telecom, and cold chain. 


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