Best Microwave Ovens in Nigeria

The importance of owning a microwave oven in your kitchen today cannot be overemphasized. It helps to make your cooking easier and faster. Some tasks that used to be time-consuming becomes super easy. With a microwave oven, you can easily reheat leftover food items, defrost frozen items and even make some kinds of food such as popcorn. If you are looking to buy a microwave, we have compiled a list of useful and user-friendly microwaves you can find in the Nigerian market today. You can also check some Recommended Things.

Best Microwave Ovens in Nigeria

Midea 20 Litres Microwave

Midea is not the most popular electronic brand around, but its microwave product is one you should not pass on. Midea Microwaves are available in different colors. However, this Microwave is much more than just its aesthetics. It features a powerful 700W power and 11 different power level controls with a cooking signal. This helps you control the temperature at which you heat your food items. Another outstanding feature of the Midea Microwave is that it comes with a child safety lock. Lastly, this microwave is energy consumption efficient and will help you save money on electricity.

Nexus 20 Litres

The Nexus Microwave Oven is a 20 litres capacity that can pull up to 1000W of heat energy per time. This helps to cook food fast cooking and supports the Auto- defrost technology. It has 5 power levels which allow you to decide on the level of heat you need to cook a particular food. This microwave also features a 1000W Grill. In spite of the power this microwave is capable of carrying, it still comes with a low voltage starter. This means that the Nexus microwave can work fine even if your electricity is on a low voltage. What more, the Nexus Microwave is also highly compatible with even small generators.

Hisense 20 Litres Microwave

The Hisense microwave is very affordable and it is one of the best microwaves to look out for in the Nigerian market. It is a 20 litres capacity microwave with 700w output power. This microwave has 5 power settings or levels to control temperature and heat while cooking.  The cooking timer can set up to 35 minutes. It also features a user-friendly defrost feature and a cooking end signal to let you know when your food is done.

LG 20 Litres Microwave

LG is not a new name in the household appliance industry. It is one of the best microwave ovens in the Nigerian market. This oven has an auto-defrost, auto cook and auto reheat feature. It in fact has 52 auto cooking modes built-in to allow for flexibility in temperature. This oven has an anti-bacterial cavity which helps to keep the inside of the oven germ-free. It has a rounded corner cavity and is easy to clean. It also has a LED Display & Lighting so you can see what is going on while your food is cooking.

Binatone 20 Litres Microwave

The Binatone Microwave has a capacity of 20 litres. It offers 5 different power levels for flexibility of temperature and cooking results. The Binatone Microwave has a rotating glass plate that can be used for many purposes such as cooking, baking, reheating, defrosting, and grilling. It has a defrosting selection and a cooking end signal to let you know when your food is done. It features an interior cavity that allows for easy cleaning and protection from electromagnetic waves. It also has a tamper-proof glass door.

Sharp 23 Litres Microwave

Sharp Microwave is a durable and good quality microwave. It has a 23 litres cooking capacity that can pull up to 900W of heat energy per time. This helps to cook food fast faster. It has 12 auto cooking modes with auto reheat functions. It has 5 power levels and the cooking time can be set to about 99 minutes. The Sharp Microwave supports the Auto- defrost technology. It also features Grill technology which can pull up to 1000W of heat energy. This oven is easy to control because of its touch control feature.

Russell Hobbs 30 Litres Microwave

Russell Hobbs is a global brand when it comes to household appliances. The Russell Hobbs is one of the best microwave ovens in the Nigerian market if you are looking for a mid-range model. It offers 10 power levels of cooking to allow for temperature flexibility. It also has 900W microwave output and an 1100W capacity grill. The Russell Hobbs Microwave can be used for man purposes such as defrosting, cooking, baking and even sterilizing.

AKAI 30 Litres Microwave  

AKAI Microwave has a 30 litres capacity. It is large enough to allow you to grill a lot of things at once. It has a power consumption rate of about 1150 watts. It also has 5 power levels so you can cook at whatever frequency you want. The Akai Microwave can be set to up to 99 minutes. This microwave also has a grill, glass turntable and rice cooker. Large home setup or organization will benefit from the largeness of the Akai Microwave oven.

Scanfrost 25 Litres Microwave

Scanfrost Microwave is a 25 litres capacity microwave oven. It is a relevant and convenient addition to a contemporary kitchen. This microwave cooks food excellently and is a great reheat tool as it evenly heats anything from snacks to whole meals. The Scanfrost Microwave is very efficient and is ideal for busy people since it does its job quickly and easily. It also comes with a grill and stainless steel finish which acts as a stylish decoration for a modern kitchen.

Haier 20 Litres Microwave

The Haier Microwave has a capacity of 20 litres with a removable turntable. You can remove the turntable to put irregularly shaped items in the oven without worrying about the items jamming one another. You can in fact place about 2 or 3 bowls in the oven at the same time. It has an electronic control feature with six power levels, which makes it easier to set cooking and heating temperatures.

These are Microwave brands to look out for in the Nigerian market. A good microwave will offer different power levels to help you control the temperature. This helps to save time when cooking or reheating your meals during rush hours.

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