5 Most Dangerous Food Dangerous To Your Health

Too many good things they say are bad for your health. What we eat every day might be dangerous for our health if eaten in excess. Below are some of the top 5 common foods dangerous to our health. Before Moving further one must know that Testing for food allergies is best done under the care of a specially trained physician, also known as an allergist. These doctors can perform various tests to determine whether a person is allergic or intolerant to foods or other substances. Often a referral is necessary to make an appointment with them which can be obtained from a family or general practice physician. On the otherhand, Nutrisystem is one of the most healthier dietary supplements. You can also follow coolsculptny for having better diet plans.


Tuna is a salt water fish belonging to the family of mackerel they are commonly used in processed mackerel sauce.
Tuna fish though a very delicious dish and a very good source of protein is known to have negative effects on the consumer. TO know more details click here nican . Tuna fish is known to cause brain rot which results in finger curling, cognitive impairment, and coordination problems. The toxicity of Tuna fish out weighs the benefits of omega 3 fatty acid. Tuna can cause heart attack.


Blood clams area known to be a very good source of iron are known to be good for the heart. They are commonly eaten in Asian part of the world and the southern part of Nigeria.
However, They have been known to have hepatitis A, C and E. Usually quick boiled, it still leaves many viruses and bacteria. Typhoid and dysentery are present.


Nutmeg is a common spice used in cooking stews and some soups in Nigeria today. Nutmeg is known to get an individual high. Nutmegs are know to boost healthy cholesterol but they can cause Nausea, psychotic episodes like shock, Stomach Spasms, dry mouth and fever, hallucinations and Vomiting.


cassava is a common food in the Nigerian environment. It could be eating wet or as fufu with fufu. Cassava is a very good source of energy. Casaava is very easy to grow no matter the conditions. Cassava if not well processed has its effects on the consumer. Cassave contains Linamarin which contains CN which is converted to cyanide poison when eaten raw and possibly death.


642x361-Are_Cashews_Good_For_YouCashew is a very common fruit in the tropics and sub Saharan regions. Cashew is known to lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases. However cashew is known to contain sodium, high intake of sodium contents can cause heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and high blood pressure. An adult only requires 1,500 mg of sodium per day, while the tolerable upper limit for adults is 2,300 mg. A single ounce of cashews contains 5 mg of sodium, if they are unsalted. However, salted cashews can add 87 g of sodium per ounce. Some individuals are allergic to cashews, cashews nuts are known to cause anaphylaxis, or constricting of the airways in children allergic to cashews.
Magnesium from cashews may also interact with diabetic medications, thyroid medications, diuretics and penicillamine. cashew nuts are known to influence rapid weight gain.

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