List of QNET Branches in Nigeria

QNET is a global e-commerce and direct-selling firm with headquarters in Hong Kong and branches in several other countries, including Nigeria. As a direct selling firm, this company offers opportunities for individuals to earn income when they convince other people to buy one of QNET products. In this article, we’ll mention where QNET branches in Nigeria are located. In addition, we’d provide insights into how you can join and earn income with QNET if you so desire. Read on. 

List of QNET Branches in Nigeria

 The list of QNET branches in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • QNET Nigerian Office (Transblue LTD)

Address: No. 15B, Michael Olawale Cole, off Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State

Phone Number: 012279295

Email ID: 

Transblue Limited is the recognized partner and representative of QNET in Nigeria. Therefore, their office at the above address would attend to any enquiries, assistance, or complaints one might have concerning QNET in Nigeria. 

  • Short Summary of What QNET is and How the Business Works 

QNET, a subsidiary of  Hong Kong-based conglomerate QI Group, is an e-commerce and direct-selling firm. Nigeria is one of the numerous countries where QNET has a physical presence. QNET gained entry into Nigeria in April 2022 after partnering with Transblue Limited, its representative in the Nigerian market. 

 There is a range of products offered by QNET, especially in the areas of health, wellness, and lifestyle, which the company claims help people to live healthily and improve their lifestyles and livelihood. 

Since QNET is a direct selling company, there is an opportunity for individuals to earn income when they sell QNET varied products. Only Independent Representatives (I’d) of QNET can promote these groups to people through whatever means they choose. When a successful product purchase happens as a result of the promotion of Independent Representatives, the IR will earn commissions in line with the company’s compensation plan. 

  • How to Join QNET in Nigeria

If you think you’ve got what it takes to convince people to buy a product, then QNET is worth considering as a means of generating extra income. QNET pays their Independent Representatives commissions when they refer people to purchase their products. To earn with QNET, you have to first join QNET as an Independent Representative. 

Below is a step-by-step process on how to join QNET as an Independent Representative: 

Before we proceed to outline the steps to join QNET, let’s make it clear that you need to be referred by an existing QNET IR as you’d be asked to provide your referrers ID during the sign-up process. In case you don’t have any referrer, visit the address we mentioned or contact the company through the details we provided. Now, let’s dive into the steps on how to join QNET in Nigeria. 

  • Visit the QNET e-commerce portal at
  • On the homepage of the e-commerce portal, navigate to “Enroll” at the near-bottom of the homepage. (Alternatively, visit 
  • On the Referrer Information page that opens, supply the ID number of your referrer in the field provided for that number. Then, select Nigeria as the country you live in. Choose if you are enrolling as an ”Individual” or as ”A Company”. Click Next.
  • On the next page, which is the Personal Information page, provide the required details about yourself in the respective spaces provided for them. Click Next when you confirm all the details you supplied are correct. 
  • On the Placement Information page that opens, fill in the required information and press Next. 
  • The next web page that will open is the Membership Option page. Choose the membership package you want to go for and supply every other information required. Then, press Next. Note, you’ll see the amount of each membership option that’s available on the portal. 
  • After you’ve selected your preferred membership package, the next page is the Payment Options page. Select the payment option that best suits you and proceed to the next step of registration. 
  • Make the payment on the Payment page. Then, proceed by clicking Next.  
  • On the Receipt page that opens, you’ll see your receipt for the payment you made.

After completing this process we outlined above, you become eligible to promote QNET products and earn commissions on every product purchase.  

  • How to Earn Income With QNET in Nigeria 

As we have already stated several times in this article, QNET IRs only earn when they can convince other people to buy the varied products offered by the company. Knowing that you only earn money when you sell the products of this company, you craft strategies tailored to get your potential customers to purchase any of the products or join QNET. 

There are some strategies many QNET Independent Representatives have used to reach their potential customers who sign up with QNET and those who buy the products. First things first, as a new IR, it’s advised that you attend seminars organized by other QNET IRs who have been able to register conversions. You may also want to take advantage of the periodic training programs conducted by QNET’s Nigeria partner, Transblue Limited. 

 With the information and training you receive from seminars and training programmes, you’d be able to use the skills gained to reach out to potential customers. You can conduct your own seminars to talk to people who show interest in QNET. Social media and the internet are also useful in reaching a wider audience and enhancing your chances of recording conversions.  

When you finally have someone who wishes to join QNET or purchase any of their products,  you would give that person your unique QNET identification number. This number would be used during their registration process, which is what lets QNET know you referred the person. After completion of registration using your referral ID, you’d earn a commission for the successful purchase. The commission you earn depends on the QNET compensation plan you’re on.   

QNET provides their IRs with different ways to earn commissions when they successfully convince someone to buy any of QNET’s products using their unique QNET identification number. Below are the different types of commissions Independent Representatives of QNET can benefit from whenever they make someone join QNET or buy a product: 

  • Retail profit is the type of commission you earn on QNET. It is the difference between the retail price of QNET’s products and your discounted price as an Independent Representative. 
  • Step Commission is another commission IRs of QNET earn. This is the weekly sales commission gotten from the sales you and your team generate (your team is you and those you convinced to become IRs of QNET)
  • Others include Monthly Rank, Rank Maintenance Bonuses, and year-round incentives. 


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