5 Best Online Shopping Apps in Nigeria

Online shopping has become a common way for people in Nigeria to buy whatever they need without moving an inch. In addition, you also get to compare prices to get great deals and have the items delivered to your doorstep. Although some online stores are guilty of selling products of low quality and may defraud their customers, others offer their customers a seamless online shopping experience. Read on to learn of the 5 best online shopping apps in Nigeria to use. 

 5 Best Online Shopping Apps in Nigeria

The 5 best online shopping apps in Nigeria would be discussed below:

  • Jumia Online Shopping

The Jumia Online Shopping app is the most downloaded online shopping app on Google PlayStore with over 50 million downloads recorded. If you add downloads from IOS devices, the numbers go up even further. What makes Jumia Online Shopping very popular in Nigeria is that you can find almost anything you need, whether it’s a laptop or beauty products, at incredible offers that you may not find if you visited a physical store. 

Apart from being able to shop for everything you could be looking for on this app, you also get to make your choice from a variety of options for the products you seek, according to your financial capability. From time to time, Jumia offers deals, discounts, flash sales, and various forms of campaigns all year round, allowing you to shop for quality products without breaking the bank. Black Friday, which Jumia celebrates on selected Fridays every November is another opportunity to enjoy amazing offers, deals, and discounts on Jumia Online Shopping. 

  • Konga Online Marketplace 

The Konga Online Marketplace is one of the top 5 online shopping apps in Nigeria. On Konga Online Marketplace, you can choose to purchase products spanning various categories from either first-party direct retail options or the third-party online marketplace. The commodities you can shop for on this app include computers and accessories, phones and tablets, beauty products, fashion wears, home and kitchen items, baby products, and toys, among other things.  

Asides from the wide array of products available on Konga Online Marketplace for you to choose from, you also get to enjoy special deals and discounts on selected products, giving you the chance to save money on items purchased through the app. What’s more, you get to enjoy a seamless shopping experience using the app as it’s very easy to use and risk-free transactions are assured when you decide to pay for the items you want using any of the payment options. 

  • Payporte Mobile Application 

The PayPorte Mobile Application is an online shopping app specifically designed to provide users with an extensive array of clothes at the best prices. This app is designed to be easy to use for a seamless experience when shopping for clothing or just browsing through the platform. In addition, using the PayPorte Mobile Application allows users to enjoy exclusive offers on the clothing items available on the platform, as well as discounts, up to 50 percent off, on selected products. 

Another important feature of this app is the assurance of risk-free transactions when making payments for the items you want to buy off the platform. And with more purchases you make using PayPorte Mobile Application, you get rewarded with certain goodies. This app is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. 

  • DHL Africa eShop

The DHL Africa eShop app was specifically created by DHL for the African market to shop for items from prominent online stores in top-tier countries in a simple manner. The app is user-friendly and offers a wide range of products from some of the biggest international online shopping websites you can think of.

Since DHL is an international courier service, shopping with the DHL Africa eShop app means you will get the items you purchase on the platform delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria. In addition, you can securely make payments without fearing that you’d be defrauded. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store if you use an Android phone, or the Apple App Store if you own and use an iOS device. 

  • Jiji Nigeria: Buy & Sell

Jiji is a popular online marketplace in Nigeria that provides a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and exchange goods and services at the best prices. The Jiji Nigeria: Buy & Sell app provides users with the opportunity to shop online for products ranging from cars, household goods, mobile phones, cosmetics, toys, pets, electronics, and furniture, among other things. 

On Jiji Nigeria: Buy & Sell, you can choose to buy brand-new or used items depending on your financial capability. Since there are various sellers to choose from, you can compare prices to get the deal best for you, then reach out to the seller through their provided contact information. The app is available to both Android and iOS on Google PlayStore and Apple App Stores respectively. 

  • What are the Perks of Using Online Shopping Apps in Nigeria? 

There are various reasons why the use of online shopping apps in Nigeria has become popular in Nigeria today. The convenience of online shopping makes it possible to purchase items from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone, a good internet connection, and the online shopping app with which you want to use.

Below are some other benefits of shopping with an online shopping app: 

  • It saves time and efforts
  • Online shopping apps allow you to order items at any time you wish
  • You get to enjoy good discounts and lower prices compared to what you’ll get at a physical store 
  • You will be able to get a detailed description of the product you want to buy 
  • You can cancel the order anytime you wish should there be a reason to
  • Shopping from an online store offers you a wide variety of products to compare so you can make informed decisions 

There are some international online shopping apps of top quality that Nigerians use, some of which include Amazon Shopping, AliExpress, and eBay, among others. 

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