Abeokuta Postal Code: The Correct Figures

In Nigeria, we don’t make use of ZIP codes, ZIP codes are only available and used in the United States of America. Nigeria makes use of postal codes which differ from state to state. Wherever you are located in the federation, whenever you are required to give a ZIP code, you should give the postal code of the particular state you are in.

In Nigeria, Postal codes are numeric and comprise of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code while the last three digits represent the delivery location which most times can be any of the following, a post office facility, an urban area or a rural area. In the allocation of postal codes, NIPOST, the Nigerian postal service has divided the country into nine regions. The regional codes make up the first digit of each region’s postal code. The first, second and third digits make the dispatch district for outgoing sorting.

Abeokuta Postal Code: The Correct Figures

Abeokuta Postal Code

The main postal head office in each region has a postal code ending in 0001. For example, Garki Main HO in Abuja and Ikeja HO in Lagos have postal codes, 900001 and  100001 respectively, Lokoja in Kogi state and PortHarcourt have 270001 and  500001 respectively. The lowest postcode is 100001 for Lagos and the highest is 982002.

The Difference Between Nigeria Zip and Postal Codes

The ZIP Code is used specifically in the United States of America for mailing services. Many other countries outside the United States of America make use of the postal code.

The postal code in Nigeria is, therefore, America’s equivalent of the ZIP Code.

Is +234 the Nigeria Postal/Zip Code?

The +234 number is Nigeria’s dialling code. This is different from the ZIP code. The dialling code gives access to calling Nigerian phone numbers. People who want to call from outside Nigeria will have to include the +234 code before the Nigerian phone number. If not, calling a Nigerian number from outside will not connect.

Postal code for Abeokuta, Nigeria

Abeokuta is the largest city in Ogun state. It is also the state capital, located in south-western Nigeria. It is located on the eastern side of the bank of the Ogun River. Abeokuta is well known to be an agricultural trade centre (rice, yams, cassava, corn [maize], palm oil and kernels, cotton, fruits, vegetables) and an exporting centre for cocoa, palm produce, fruits, and kola nuts. The federal Ogun-Oshin River Basin Development Authority has its headquarters in Abeokuta which involves programs and initiatives to harness land and water resources for Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo states for rural development.

Below are the postal codes for areas in Abeokuta

  • Agbomeji — 110271
  • Ago-Oko — 110221
  • G.R.A — 110242
  • Ibara/GRA — 110252
  • Iberekodo / Akomoje — 110282
  • Idiaba — 110222
  • Ikopa/Iawo Onigunu- Dogo — 110213
  • Isabo — 110241
  • Jemo — 110211
  • Ojokodo / Ido Owe — 110281
  • Olomore — 110251
  • Itoko — 110212
  • Oke Oko — 110272
  • Quarry — 110262
  • Onikolobo/ GRA Extension — 110253
  • Oluwo — 110232
  • Totoro/Owu/Ijeja/Itory — 110251


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