Major Industrial Zones in Nigeria: The Top 10

The major industrial centers in Nigeria have been responsible for driving the economy forward and have effectively placed the country as one of the emerging nations of the world using fr coveralls industrial equipment.

In this post, we take a look at these industrial zones in an ascending order ranked by variety of equipment such as drills, boilers, fracking lagoon aeration and any industrial equipment like this structural steel or other metals like an aluminum plate and many more.

major industrial zones in nigeria

  1. Imo state

The state is located in South Eastern Nigeria. It was created in 1976. Currently, there are over 160 oil wells in Imo State working thanks to the compressed air pipe systems installed. These include the likes of Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Agip and Addax Petroleum.

There are many investment opportunities in the state. These include opportunities in oil and gas exploration, chemical plants, brewery plants, hydroelectric plants, gas-fired power plants, grain mills, starch production, cashews, fruit and vegetable juice concentrate production, integrated multi-oil seed processing plants, ceramics, Inland Waterway Transport and Integrated Palm Produce Industry in where almost all of them a scrs for water tube boilers installation is needed at the factory.

The popular global brewer, Heineken through its subsidiary, the Nigerian Breweries has significant investments in Imo State. The company manages the world-class Awo-omamma Brewery, a multiple-line brewery plant.

Recently, FG launched rice and cassava industry after concluding plans to site two rice plants, one cassava processing plant and one palm oil plant in Nzerem community, Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State who provided scrs for water tube boilers to make a contribution to the industrialization.

  1. Osun state

This state is located in the South-Western part of Nigeria. The state is highly industrialized with companies like the Samtop Paint Chemical Industries, Criss Cross Integrated Services, Webring Integrated Services Limited, etc.

However, the most promising industry in the state is the Cocoa Industry, which processes over 20,000 tonnes of cocoa daily.

Recently, the Osun State Cocoa Processing Industry which had been inactive since 2001 due to obsoleter equipment and management issues.

As at 2017, it was recorded that the company processes over 20,000 tonnes of cocoa on a daily basis which is an increase in its production capacity by 400% thanks to the new equipment installed, if you are also looking in to increase your business productivity you will be as amazed as I did when I discover this provider of industrial machinery who helped them.

The State Government partnered with Golden Monkey of China and it has been on an upward trajectory since then.

  1. Akwa Ibom state

Akwa Ibom is located in the coastal region of southern Nigeria. The state is known to have launched the first Electric Metering Industry in Nigeria and the already installed industrial fans at many of their warehouses.

The state was created from Cross River State in 1987. Currently, Akwa Ibom is the highest oil and gas producing state in the country. The state also has an airport and 2 major seaports.

Akwa Ibom has a population of over 5 million people.

  1. Kano state

Kano is said to be the most industrialized state in Northern Nigeria with over 100 different industries. These include animal feed, dairy products, vegetable oil, food, soft drinks, furniture, ceramics, рharmaceuticals, enamelware, plastics, footwears, textiles, cosmetics and tanning industries.

Kano has the oldest public market in northern Nigeria, the Kurmi Market. the market was founded during the trans-Sahara slave trade when Muhammadu Rumfa was the Emir of Kano over 400 years ago.The market is known for traditional wares such as carvings, calabashes, ancient jewelries, brassworks, leather products, and pottery among other things

The state is also known as the tie and dye industry. Typically, yhe local natives in Kano State dyed clothes as their traditional work, and the places where they carried out their trade is still operational in some other places. In fact, tourists can also learn the art of cloth-dyeing and designs being carried out in the dyeing pits.

Some of the industries include

  • Royal Foam Products Ltd
  • Unifoam Group
  • Asada Plastic
  • Eva Rubber and Plastic Products Ltd
  • Jaykay Carpet Industries Ltd
  • Lakhi Textile Industries Ltd
  1. Oyo state

Oyo State is known to have one of the largest tobacco companies in the country.

Also, the likes of Flour Mill of Nigeria, Seven Up Bottling Company and Premier Feed Mills are some of the popular companies in Nigeria.

The origin of Oyo state can be traced to the Western State. It was formed in 1976. At that time, it included Osun state which later split off in 1991.

Cocoa House was the first skyscraper to be built in Africa is located in Ibadan in Oyo state. It is one of the largest agricultural centers in the country.

  1. Abia state

Abia state which is located in South Eastern Nigeria is particularly known for its industrial centre, Aba.

The state was formed in 1991. It is also known for its oil and gas production industries which is one of the most prominent industries in the South East.

Currently, the state contributes about 2% of the country`s GDP. In Aba, you will find several industries like cosmetics, footwear, cement, plastics, soap, рharmaceuticals and textile industries.

However, Agriculture is the biggest employer of the workforce in the region as over 70% of residents of the state work in the agricultural sector.

  1. Anambra state

Anambra state is a major industrial centre in South-Eastern Nigeria. The state has one of the biggest oil and gas exploration areas in the country. Also, the state has several natural resources like ceramic, bauxite, crude oil and natural gas.

Orient Petroleum Refinery is currently the largest private indigenous oil refinery in Nigeria and it is located in Anambra.

  1. Rivers state

Rivers state is one of the most industrialized centres in the country. The state capital of the state is Port-Harcourt.

Currently, Rivers State is one of the biggest suppliers of income to the nation. Around 60% of crude oil is produced in the state.

As a result of the industries in the state, Rivers is the highest consumer of electricity in the country.

  1. Ogun state

Popularly called the Gateway to Nigeria, Ogun state is located in South-West Nigeria and it is one of the industrialized states in the country.

The state includes manufacturing companies like Drugfield Pharmaceutical, Apex Paints Ltd, Drury Industries Ltd, Premier Paints Ltd and Twinstar Industries.

  1. Lagos State

Lagos is the heart of commerce and industry in Nigeria. Currently, the state is the most economically important state of the country with thousands of reputable companies and hundreds of industries.

The state is also the center of innovation and IT in the country.

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