Top 10 Cleanest States in Nigeria

Nigerian cities could be such a sight to behold; a source of tourist attraction.  Have you ever thought of the cleanest, tidiest cities in Nigeria? This could be measured via a number of performance indicators and factors such as proper sewage systems, proper waste disposal and even the effort of the government via initiatives and policies.

Top 10 Cleanest States in Nigeria

The top cleanest states in Nigeria are:

Akwa Ibom

Cross River




Imo state


Rivers state

Lagos state


Akwa Ibom

The state was created in 1987 by the regime of Ibrahim Babangida. Akwa Ibom is located in the South-eastern part of Nigeria. Akwa Ibom was cut out from the former Cross River State. It is currently the highest oil- and gas-producing state in Nigeria. The capital of Akwa Ibom is Uyo and is referred to in many corners as the neatest city in Nigeria. Uyo is a major oil-producing state in the country.

The peace, serenity and tidiness of the city of Uyo is one of its major attractions to residents and travellers. Although the cost of living in Uyo is quite expensive, many do not mind because of the safety of the city. Uyo records low crime and crisis rate. The people of Akwa Ibom are predominantly farmers and traders. However, with an increased level of infrastructural growth and human development, Uyo is definitely a place to look out for. Points of interests in Uyo include:

The Ibom connection

Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort

Ibom Tropicana Resort

Imo State

The capital of Imo state is Owerri. The slogan for the city of Owerri is Heartland. Owerri is often referred to as the entertainment capital of Nigeria. This is because of the presence of top-notch and spacious hotels, high street casinos and other high-quality centres of relaxation. All these give it a serene and peaceful view.

Owerri was the last of three capitals of the now-defunct Republic of Biafra in 1969. It is argued in many corners that Owerri is the neatest city in Nigeria. Many accord the cleanliness of the state to previous policies and projects by governments such as a initiative to use Radon Gas Remediation services to ensure clean areas.

Cross River State

Cross River is located in South-eastern Nigeria. The state is host to the Great Kwa and Calabar rivers and also home to various tourists attractions such as Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort, integrated sports complex, a free trade zone and Port and international air and seaport. This it blends with its cleanliness and tidiness. Many commend that the high level of cleanliness in the state capital is maintained by all.

Another attraction to Calabar is its array of tasty delicacies, beautiful architecture and festivals such as the Calabar Carnival which is held every year and is referred to as Africa’s biggest street party. Here, diverse colourful cultural costumes are displayed. For a vacation in Nigeria where one wants to experience the ideal indigenous life, Calabar is a must go.


Abuja is the federal capital city of Nigeria. Abuja is referred to as one of the most developed cities in Nigeria. If you get to Abuja, you will notice that much thoughts and plan has been given to its construction, both roads and buildings. No wonder Abuja is highly loved and experiences alarming levels of immigration. Abuja is also the country’s seat of power with top government officials living in the capital. This also makes it a top business destination. Whether as a place of residence or a place of tourist attraction, Abuja has lots of natural sceneries and magnificent constructions. These include places such as Jabi Lake, Silverbird Cinema and Millennium Park.

Rivers state

The noteworthy places to mention in Rivers state include Port Harcourt and Bonny Island. Bonny Island Located in the southern part of is Rivers State in the Niger Delta region of the country. It is near Port Harcourt, the state’s capital. Portharcourt is host to many industries and is regarded as one of the wealthiest places in Nigeria. Port Harcourt holds beautiful scenery of constructions and good road network.

In Bonny Island, ferries are the main form of transportation. The local language spoken on Bonny Island is Ibani (an eastern Ijaw dialect) and Igbo language.

Bonny Island is host to various multinational oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Agip, and Elf. Bonny Island is also surrounded on its west and south side by long stretches of beaches. This is a major source of tourist attraction. Towards the end of the year, these beaches host beach carnivals. There is also the Finima Nature Park, another tourist attraction on the island.

Enugu state

Enugu is popularly referred to as the ‘coal city’. This is due to the mining activities in the state. Enugu is located in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. The name of its capital in Enugu. Enugu has good road networks as well as state of the art buildings (complexes and malls). Enugu is highly commercialized and is described as one of the oldest urban areas. Enugu is also loved by many for its notable tourist attractions such as:

Nike Holiday Resort

Iva Valley (coal mine)

The famous Nmanwu Cultural Festival.

Ondo state

Akure is the capital of Ondo state. It is commended for its natural beauty and scenery, topography and lots of space for nature and even humans to breathe. In addition to this, Akure has been taking on development projects that are noteworthy.

Kaduna state

Kaduna state is located in the northern part of Nigeria. Not only is Kaduna a clean city, well planned with state of the art buildings, it is also a safe place to live and visit.

Lagos state

Lagos state is one of the busiest and smallest states in the country. It is the economic capital of Nigeria and also the commercial hub of not only the country but the whole of West Africa. However, Lagos has clean cities such as Ikeja, Victoria Island etc. Its capital which combines a cool serene environment well-planned state of the art buildings such as malls and government reservation areas is a place to live or visit.

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