Best Restaurants in Abuja: The Top 10

Nigeria is a country Influenced by various cultures and traditions; this makes room for diversity in all aspects of people’s lives. This ranges from dressing to marriage and most importantly, food.  Almost all of the Nigerian cultures place food on a high pedestal with each of them having that food that is native to them. It is, therefore, no surprise that Nigerians are very particular about the food they eat.

Nigerians fuse together a variety of recipes for example check this Wings Restaurant. In the city of Abuja, many restaurants blend the rich African culture with other European cuisines. This article lists out the best places to visit in Abuja, in order to have a run for your money and a nice time. Are you on a vacation or just visiting the city, Well you can start from here.

Best Restaurants in Abuja: The Top 10


  • Salamander Café

This cafe or restaurant is one of the most favourite spots for foreigners living in Abuja. It is a well-patronized hub for natives of Nigeria as well. Salamander Cafe is located in Wuse II district with a shady outside terrace and a cosy inside which altogether provides a homely feeling. Customers have the option of settling in at a table or in one of the sofas. The Cafe has its own bookshop and runs regular poetry readings. The Cafe’s menu includes breakfast, lunch dinner and a wide variety of international and local dishes.

  • Wakkis

When you visit Wakkis, you get to watch your food being prepared by a busy team working in an open kitchen. Wakkis is housed in a hut-like form, made of bricks, wooden poles and straw. Many of the dishes are prepared in an open charcoal pit. Wakkis focuses on Indian flavours and bringing them into the Nigerian cuisine. Such menu includes classics such as murgh malai and tandoori chicken. Wakkis is located at 171 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, 900288, Nigeria

Phone number: +23492911002

  • BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe

BluCabana is situated in the high-end complex. The Cafe includes a beauty parlour, swimming pool and gym.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating at the edges of a pool. Food served includes international appetizers and main dishes. These meals are influenced greatly by the Lebanese culture. However, the menu spans across different world cuisines to include kinds of pasta, pizzas, salads, barbecue, sandwiches, fish suya and grilled meat coated with spices which are Nigeria’s favourite etc. BluCabana is located at 1322 Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Phone number: +2348100900000

  • Bukka at the Hilton

Bukka is at Transcorp Hilton Hotel located in central Abuja. The restaurant has an airy dining hall, full of natural light seeping in through the large windows, light flooring and dark wooden furnishings.

All these give it refinement and a flavour of the traditional cuisine of Nigeria. The restaurant also offers a menu based on local dishes with popular Nigerian soup such as Oha soup, vegetable, yam porridge, Goat meat, plantain etc. There is also a large variety of continental food to be picked from in the case of a buffet.

It is located at 1 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Wuse, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, 900001, Nigeria

Phone number: +2347080603000

  • Chopsticks

Chopstick is a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide range of Southeast Asian dishes. You can easily get a delicious bowl of noodles with vegetables. Chopstick is located in the embassy district.

Opening hours: Daily 7 pm – 11 pm

Location: 56 Mississippi Street, Maitama

  • The Charcoal

The Charcoal is located at Aminu Kano Crescent, in Wuse II. The restaurant is designed and furnished in a contemporary style. It is a very large restaurant that consists of an indoor hall and an outdoor covered terrace.

The Charcoal is well known for its chicken dishes. Its speciality and strength lie in its grilled dishes and menu. These include burgers, grilled seafood, alongside the infused tilapia. The Charcoal is also known for providing breakfast via lighter delicacies such as grilled plantain known as Boli.

  • Chez Victor

Chez Victor is the guy behind the creative fusion of French and African fare in the restaurant. He had earlier started a career in his native town, Togo, Burkina Faso and then Europe. After this, he then established himself in Abuja and opened the restaurant called Chez Victor in 2005. Chez Victor has a dimly lit interior in a red hue with a classy ambience. The restaurant serves its guests and customers with elaborate dishes. Food on the menu include such as French dishes e.g the entrecôte royale, or the filet de bar à la sauce Duglaire, all these are blended with African soups such as chicken pepper soup, chicken (poulet), Yassa which is made by being marinated in wine and spices.

  • Jevinik

At Jevinik, you get freshly made Nigerian dishes, such as Goat meat, Fish, Beef, Chicken. Jevenik is a well reputable restaurant with more than ten branches spread across Nigeria’s major cities. The restaurant specializes in including the best of local African dishes in its menu. The variety of traditional recipes made available in the country cannot be unnoticed once one sees the restaurant’s menu. These recipes and local cooking styles are combined with intercontinental dishes as well. Jevenik is set in a spacious dining hall with rustic decoration. It provides its guest with a warm ambience.

Opening hours: Daily 11am-11pm

Address: Bangui St, Wuse II

  • Nile Place

Nile Place offers a mix of Local Nigerian food and Mediterranean dishes in a cosy atmosphere.

Opening hours: Daily 11am-11pm

Location: Nile Street 10, Maitama

  • Vanilla Cuisine

Vanilla cuisine combines recipes from different cuisines around the world. Food such as peanut chicken kebab, spring rolls can be seen on the menu as well as international main dishes such as the coconut chicken curry, pork chops in Apple gravy and Jamaica jerk chicken. African tradition dishes such as ofada rice, with tomato and pepper sauce, plantain, coleslaw, jollof rice, locust bean seeds and beef, chicken, pawns are also found on the menu.

Location: 11 Usuma Close, Maitama, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Phone contact: +2347057351719



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