Top 10 Ice Cream Brands in Nigeria


Ice cream is a refreshing dessert and is loved much everywhere and in Nigeria too. There are many ice cream brands in Nigeria that have led to tough competition as to which offers the best creamy ice cream in the country. This article gathers the top 10 ice cream brands in Nigeria.

Top 10 Ice Cream Brands in Nigeria

Top 10 Ice Cream Brands in Nigeria

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Coldstone Creamery

You should not be surprised this name is first to be mentioned. Coldstone is one of the most popular ice cream brands with branches in every state of the country. Coldstone offers ice cream even in different flavours such as your favourite childhood flavour, alcohol flavour, chocolate brand, and other amazing flavours and toppings. You can also add a big waffle in the shape of a cone or chocolate to your ice cream servings. Another thing with Coldstone is that you are the one who creates your own ice-cream flavor. They ask which you like best and you can mix it up whichever way you like. At Coldstone Creamery, you can also have snacks to take with your ice cream servings. Coldstone opens every day of the week and you can always find one close to you. Cold stone has varieties of ice cream flavours such as banana caramel crunch, chocolate devotion, strawberry banana, kona coffee ice cream, and lots more.

Ice Cream Factory

You can find Ice Cream Factory in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State. It is now recognized as one of the leading dessert restaurants in Lagos. This shop offers one of the most luxurious ice creams you will ever find anywhere. The desserts sold at Ice Cream Factory are produced locally using only the finest ingredients. Ice Cream Factory takes pride in carefully selecting its ingredients, by working with the very best suppliers both locally and around the world. They also have amazing cakes and other desserts. Although there are not too many varieties of ice cream flavours but you are sure to get amazing, quality flavours. Many people testify they keep going back for more. At Ice cream factory, the ice creams are not too expensive compared to other ice-cream joints in Lagos. You can try out the apple crumble, cookie dough or raspberry ripple flavours to fall in love more with of Ice cream.

Hans and Rene Gelateria

Hans and Rene opened in May 2015, it has become one place you are sure to get some amazing ice cream flavours. Hans and Rene is referred to as the gelato specialists. Here, you will find the best selection of gelatos in Lagos. Hans and Rene also offers classic flavours such as Salted Caramel, Pistachio and Coconut, exotic flavours like Dulce De Leche and Tiramisu. At Hans and Rene, you will also find the African cherry (Agbalumo) and Zobo flavour in ice cream form. All ice cream sold here are a hit, simply clean and delicious. For a well-rounded experience, you can also buy other desserts such as cakes, donuts, puff puff to go with your gelato ice cream. You will find branches of Hans and Rene at Radisson Blu, Victoria Island, Ikeja City mall, Palms Shopping Centre at Oniru Estate and Filmhouse iMAX, Lekki, Lagos state.

Chocolat Royale

This is a one-stop-shop for those who love pastries, ice cream, snacks and chocolate. At chocolat Royale, you will also find irresistible French pastries such as croissants, tarts, genoises and cakes. The environment is also very cool, clean, and welcoming. Chocolate Royale serves Ice Cream in large quantity and they are reasonably affordable compared to many other ice cream shops in its environ. You also have a variety of ice cream flavours to choose from. Chocolat Royale has a place called Cafe Royal which is a good place for kids, family, friends and couples to hang out. This restaurant is open all days of the week and are located at Etim Inyang, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria and The Palms Shopping Mall Lekki, Lagos

Candy Patisserie

Candy Patisserie has two branches at Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, and the other at Ikeja City Mall.  Although they do not seem to have too many flavours of Ice creams, the quality of the ice-cream offered makes up for that. The ice creams are creamy and come with delicious ice cream cones.

Cream slices cake and desserts

Cream slices cake and desserts offers variety for ice cream lovers. This place is also popular for its red velvet cakes. The shop is located at 109, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere in Lagos.

Breena’s Ice Cream

Breena’s ice cream has two outlets in Lagos; on Victoria Island and the other, at B’tzalel Lifestyle Mall (on the mainland). Ice cream at Breena is freshly made each day and has less fat than regular ice cream (3–6% fat) compared to an average of 11% in other regular ice creams. Breena also offers a wide variety of delicious flavours, toppings and sauces; so, you can create your ice cream flavour mix. Flavours include classics like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, coconut, banana and coffee. Toppings include chocolate chips, and rainbow sprinkles and caramel sauce. You can also get freshly baked cakes at Breena.

Sweet Kiwi

Sweet Kiwi is not entirely an ice cream place; it is one for healthy frozen yoghurt. It is a self-service frozen yogurt bar where you can have fun serving yourself and eating healthy. Sweet Kiwi also offers you a lot of flavours to choose from. The shop also has frozen yogurt brownies, and a good amount of fruits you serve with your yoghurt. Sweet Kiwi is open on all days of the week. They have branches at Genesis Cinemas, The palms Mall, BIS way lekki and Admiralty Way (E), Lekki, Lagos just opposite the ice cream factory.

Yoghurt Frenzy Desserts

Yogurt Frenzy is just like Sweet Kiwi and offers healthy, smooth and delicious yoghurts. You have the options of adding toppings. They also have a range of flavours, toppings, fruit toppings and nuts for your tasty refreshment and healthy nourishment. Their smoothies come in different flavours too. Aside from the Victoria Island store, Yogurt Frenzy Desserts has a number of branches at Yaba, Akoka and Victoria Island,


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