Top 10 Investment Clubs in Nigeria

What is an investment club?

An investment club is a group of like-minded individuals who pool together their spare money and then invest this money collectively in various industries such as shares, real estate and businesses, depending on the preferences of the members. There are thousands of investment clubs in Nigeria. Companies like the Motley Fool have been providing investment research for decades.Companies like the #Motley Fool# have been providing investment research for decades. This article is about 10 top investment clubs which generally have good reviews.

Top 10 Investment Clubs in Nigeria

Top 10 Investment Clubs in Nigeria

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Proshare runs an unrestricted membership club. This means that anyone is free to join.
There are many benefits you derive by joining an investment club such as Proshare Investment Cub as well as actually participating in its activities. The club offers principles and financial tips that you can equally apply to your own personal investment. Proshare investment club selects companies they see to have good returns and yields from their value stocks and penny stocks. By belonging to the proshare club, you also have an opportunity of sharpening your financial intelligence. You will be exposed to tips and information that can help you make better financial decisions. Members of the Proshare Investment Club also have unrestricted access to the Proshare platforms and enjoy significant discounts on any product/service on personal finance offered by the club.

The Green Investment Club

Green investment club (TGIC) teaches its members how to invest confidently so they can achieve their financial goals. Green investment club helps its members make accurate investment plans so they do not have to keep second-guessing their decisions. TGIC also puts together credible investment opportunities weekly for its members. The club is filled with a ranging number of professionals who share lessons they have learnt on their investment journey. The club also informs its members of an investment opportunity before letting the public know of them. Lastly, the club endeavours to negotiate the best return on investments possible for its members.

Villa Afrika Realty

The Villa Afrika Realty Investment Club is a property investment club. The club aims to offer access to the best real estate deals in the country. They do this by searching the real estate market for the best investment opportunities such as distressed properties, bank owned homes, auctions, etc. The club also provides its members with the latest deals, professional and expert investment advice and guidance, so its members can invest in real estate with ease. Joining the club is completely free.

The Smart Investment Club

When you become a member of The Smart Investment Club, you get to invest your funds in projects that are worthy of your money and you do not have to do this alone. The Smart Investment Club invests in properly checked investment opportunities ranging from financing, equities, fixed income securities, agro-allied, and more. Each member chooses what they are investing in as the opportunities arise.

James Cubitt group

Real estate investment clubs are made up of individuals who have keen interests in real estate and are also interested in investing in it. Investment in real estate has its own share of risks and challenges but is however worth it. There is an intensity of capital required to engage in the real estate business which oftentimes, an individual cannot single-handedly pull together, which is what makes the establishment of real estate investment clubs a necessity. James Cubitt group was founded in Nigeria in 1956 and has a presence in Lagos and other cities such as London, Australia, Qatar, Accra and the UAE. The group has a long history that has helped it to build a solid reputation for excellence in the Nigerian real estate industry. The group is an influencer in the real estate industry. The James Cubitt brand has been renowned for excellence and professionalism in the Nigerian real estate industry for its over 60 years of service. The group has handled notable real estate projects in Abuja.

Lifepage group

This is an Investment Holding Company with a devoted interest in Real Estate Development. The Lifepage group has an investment club duly registered as The Gameplan Investment fund with its Head Office in Lagos, Nigeria. The Returns on Investment (ROI) per annum vary between 10%, 15%, and 20% for the tenure of 1-2years, 3-4years and 5years respectively. Returns are also based on interest. The Lifepage group has estate projects strategically located and with great prospects for returns. The investment club was established in a bid to assist people from various walks of life and different professions to achieve their financial goals. The club also hosts both free (as Corporate Social Responsibility) or at a fee (Specialised).


Adashe is an investment club that is focused on helping its members learn and understand how to grow sustainable wealth via savings and investment. The club also helps its members harness opportunities for wealth creation through wealth planning. The club also offers financial education which will help its members gain specific and unbiased guidance on the investment opportunities available to them. Adashe also provides comprehensive and strategic advice to its members so they can make better investment decisions. Members are also provided with up-to-date details on investment opportunities available across various industries so as to guide members to invest in the opportunities with the best return on investments.

The Lagos Young Professionals Innovation Club (LYPIC)

The Lagos Young Professionals Innovation Club (LYPIC) is a close-knit of young professionals spanning a diverse range of sectors such as technology, finance, law, oil & gas, arts, trade, etc. LYPIC is passionate about bridging the gap in financial knowledge and offering professional and strategic advice to its members. The club also facilitates an environment where young professionals can invest in business together. The values of LYPIC are based on bridging the gap in financial knowledge and offering professional development opportunities to its members. The club also provides an avenue for investments and financial growth. LYPIC offers several opportunities for learning about various investment opportunities by networking and classes (LYPIC Knowledge Circles and LYPIC Socials)

The club has an investment team with over 15 years of experience in the financial investment industry. Paid members of the club have access to properly checked out investment opportunities and personal advice from the club’s investment team.

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