Tunde Ednut Biography, Career & Lots More

For those who are familiar with Instagram, Tunde Ednut is not a strange name. Tunde Ednut however stands out among many celebrities because he deals with various things. He has been involved in almost every area of the entertainment industry. He is an instagram sensation, hence, his name keeps coming up online for different reasons. Not only does Tunde Ednut get himself into many controversies, he also responds quickly to anyone who calls him out or has issues with him. On Tunde Ednut’s Instagram page, you will find people dropping comments with their differing opinions on issues. Tunde Ednut is a Nigerian Instagram influencer. He is also a comedian and former music artist. He is well known for his controversial nature, regular giveaways and viral social media updates. This article provides you with all you need to know about Tunde Ednut; date of birth, early life, family, education, entertainment career, net worth, controversies, and lots more.

Tunde Ednut Biography, Career & Lots More

Tunde Ednut Biography, Career

Tunde Ednut- Biography

Tunde Ednut was born on the 20th of January. He is a Nigerian comedian, musician, blogger, and social media influencer. He hails from Kogi State. However, Tunde Ednut was born in Katsina around the ’80s. His family moved to Lagos in the 90s. He completed his primary school education at Cambridge International School in Lagos. He had his secondary school education at Federal Government College Ugwolawo in Kogi State. He then proceeded to the University of Lagos (UNILAG) for his university education. Here, he studied Graphic Arts. He is the only son in his family of three children where he is the second child. Tunde had a short time involvement in the Nigerian music industry. However, he began as a comedian before venturing into music. It is often reported that in secondary school, Tunde was known to be a funny chap. He would constantly listen to various Nigerian comedians and then mimic their jokes to his friends back in school.  It was when he got to the University of Lagos, Tunde realized he had a talent in comedy and make a career of it.


Tunde Ednut officially began his career as a comedian. In 2007, Tunde Ednut was invited to perform at the Dynamiks Awards in Nigeria. A good number of top celebrities in the entertainment industry were in attendance. Many loved Tunde’s comedy show and his performance received a standing ovation. It was during this performance of his that Tunde caught the attention of some top media names at that time such as; Femi Amusan and the Black Nights Entertainment crew (A top Nigerian entertainment company based in the UK at that time).

Following this stage performance, Tunde was invited for a performance in the United Kingdom and from there, he made a name for himself. Tunde got enough opportunity to gain some maximum exposure for his brand. He got to perform alongside some of the biggest names nationally and internationally. During his stay in the United Kingdom, Tunde made a name for himself as one of Nigeria’s finest comedians based in the UK at that time.

Music Career

Unlike his comedy career, Tunde’s musical career was short-lived. Tunde describes his passion for music to have started brewing at an early age. He was in the youth choir of his church while he was still in Nigeria. He moved on to record a number of tracks, however, the most popular and successful will be Catching Cold Remix featuring Dr. Sid.

Tunde Ednut Controversies

Tunde Ednut is a regular name when it comes to online controversies, in fact it seems his career thrives on it. He raises controversial issues on his Instagram page and even beyond that, Tunde is perceived by many as a social media bully. Often times, he attacks and calls out people on his Instagram page which has over 1.7 million followers. He is also followed by many celebrities.

Tunde Ednut Controversies

Tunde Vs Bobrisky

The online controversy between Tunde Ednut and Bobrisky was after Tunde had constantly made fun of the male diva. Bobrisky eventually came out to say Tunde had asked him out, but he was not interested and had blocked him. The controversy went on as Tunde Ednut accused Bobrisky of not being able to pay his house rent.

Tunde Vs Wizkid

No one is exactly sure what transpired between Tunde Ednut and Wizkid. Tunde Ednut had been on his Instagram Live and was very vocal using a lot of the F-word on Wizkid. No one is sure if he was only trying to get some attention from Wizkid or if the music legend had once offended him.

 Tunde Vs Tonto Dike

Tunde had called out Tonto Dikeh on her musical career and described it as a failure, This led to a series of spats between the duo. Tonto Dikeh had gone on to remind Tunde that while she had a platform to sing, he failed in his music career. Other celebrities Tunde Ednut has had controversies with include Joro Olumofin, Mr. P, of the defunct PSquare group, Tacha, Harry Song, Kemi Olunloyo, Oyemykke, Mr. Jollof and many more.

Tunde Vs Speed Darlington

Tunde Ednut’s most recent controversy was with Speed Darlington. Tunde Ednut had said he was the one who made Speed Darlington famous. This made Speed Darlington famous. He then made videos raining curses on Tunde. Speed Darlington even threatened to have Tunde deported from the USA.

Cash Giveaways on Social Media

Tunde is a very popular Instagram sensation. His Instagram account is very active and he has over 2.5M followers.

Many love him especially because of the giveaways he does on his Instagram page. He regularly does giveaways on his Instagram page every Wednesday to keep his followers glued.

Tunde Ednut Recognition & Award

  • Nominations at the Nigeria Future Awards (2007 & 2008).
  • Nominations at the Dynamiks Youths Awards (2007, 2008, & 2009).
  • Winner of the 2009 Dynamiks Youths Awards
  • Award for the best Nigerian Comedian in the U.K
  • Young achievers’ awards.

Tunde Ednut Net Worth

Tunde Ednut has an estimated net worth of $300,000. He presently makes his money as a social media influencer who promotes businesses, individuals and brands for a fee. It is reported that Tunde Ednut charges about N100, 000 per post.





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