50 Side Hustle Ideas in Nigeria


The term ‘side hustle’ refers to a work one can do aside from one’s regular pay job. Nowadays, many are looking for legitimate ways to make more money. Note, even if you do not have regular paid job at the moment, you will find here a list of jobs that you can get on with.

A side hustle can also refer to a work that is related to your passion. In this case, one could have a job that puts food on the table while also chasing his or her personal goals and dreams.

50 Side Hustle Ideas in Nigeria

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to start a side hustle, side hustles are a good way to earn more money. A side hustle also requires just as much hard work and sacrifice in order to make it work. Here, you will find 50 side hustle business ideas in Nigeria.

50 Side Hustle Ideas in Nigeria

Read on below:

  • Real estate brokerage

While you may not own a house or apartment which you can rent out, you can make referrals for those in need of tenants. Shelter is a basic necessity and people are always in need of a house. All you need is have a wide base of contacts and good marketing skills and you are good to go.

  • Freelance writing

If you skilled with the creative use of words, you can consider freelancing your writing skills to businesses, organizations and individuals. This can be via copywriting, writing for a company’s website etc. Your payment will be based on your agreement with the company. In order to get content writing jobs, you must have a portfolio of works to prove your ability to write well.

  • Blogging

The major skills you need in order to succeed as a blogger is research, good writing skills, a working laptop and internet connection. Setting up a blog is easy. After this, you should carve a nice for yourself by deciding on your topics of interest which you will like to focus on.

  • Cleaning service

In cities, there are people who are too busy to do a thorough cleaning of their homes. There are also organizations that need to get a new space cleaned. You can render your services to these ones. You can start small then grow bigger. With time you will employ people and also purchase machines used for cleaning.

  • Child care services

You can offer child care services by setting up a space to take care of toddlers while their parents are at work. Remember that your bargain also depends on what value you are bringing to the table. You can offer to teach the child how to read and write and thus earn even more money.

  • Fashion designing

Are you passionate about beauty and fashion? You can turn this into a business. You can make clothing designs and sell. You can also get contracts and get a reliable tailor to the job while you get a cut from it. And of course, you can get the skills yourself and be the tailor yourself.

  • Cooking gas business

Gas is becoming the most used medium of cooking in Nigeria. Almost every household now makes use of gas. For the cooking gas business, you will need to get training, rent a shop at an appropriate location and then you must have gathered a start-up capital to make your first initial purchase of cylinders and gas.

  • Event planning

If you have good organizational skills, you can start a side business as an event planner. The job of an event planner involves handling all the businesses for an event.

  • Catering

If you can cook well, you can begin offering catering services. You can start by cooking for friends and close contacts during their occasions. If you are good in terms of delicious food and cleanliness, you will keep getting referrals.

  • Hairdressing

If you know how to make hair, you can make this into a business venture. This is a business you can start in front of your own house. You can then expand the business gradually.

  • Music band

Are you musically inclined? Do you have a good singing voice or can play instruments? There are different ways you can make money from music. These include:

Hosting a paid concert

Getting people to buy your music online

Performing at events

  • Baking

Pastries are loved by many. You will find pastries at events in the form of cakes, small chops etc. You can learn this skill professionally and make it a side hustle.

  • Poultry farming

You can start a poultry farm at the back of your house. With just a little capital, you can buy as few as 10 chickens and grow from there. You will make money by selling chicken and its produce, that is egg.

  • Youtube

You can create contents on Youtube, grow a following and make money from there. The secret to this is choosing a field you are passionate about such as cooking, art, tech. entertainment etc. and provide information on these.

  • Dance instructor

This is for anyone who knows how to dance well. You can horn your skills and tech others how to dance. Your target market should include schools who will want to teach their pupils how to dance.

  • Graphic designing

You can freelance as a graphic designer to individual businesses and companies.

  • T-shirt designing

People love to have designs on their t-shirts. Designs such as company logos, favorite quotes etc. You can make money by printing these designs on shirts.

  • Music teaching

If you are a professional in music, such as singing, playing of the piano, guitar etc. You can make money by teaching of any of these to those interested. It is a highly profitable side business.

  • Personal trainer

Are you interested in fitness? Many people want to achieve body fitness but do not know how to go about it. You can become a personal trainer/coach.

  • E-book publishing

You can make money by writing and publishing a book. You need to be a good writer and have great content.

  • Interior decoration

You can start a side business as a decorator at events and even individual homes.

  • Party rental services

People have occasions and events where they need things like chairs and tables. Howeverو the cost of purchasing these items is high. Therefore, people look to rent them. Start a party rental service as a side hustle.

  • Resume service

People are looking for jobs and therefore need to put together a resume. Many do not know how to. Start a side hustle by offering to rewrite people’s resumes.

  • Video editor

You can freelance by editing videos. Many creative, organizations and businesses will patronize you to shoot and edit their videos.

  • Translator

If you can speak more than one language, you can render your services to organizations who need translators from one language to the other.

·        Sports viewing center

Football is one of the most loved sports in Nigeria. Many love to watch the game in a sports center. You can make this your side business by setting up a sports center. All you need to do is rent a space, chairs, a generator and DSTV subscription. The money you will spend on rent depends on the location of your business.

  • Barbing salon

This is an essential service that most men cannot do without. On an average, men visit the barbers shop at least once a week. The cost of getting a haircut varies according on the location of business. However, the business is easy to set up with moderate capital. With a start up capital of N300000-N50000, you will able to rent a space and buy the materials you need to start.

  • Professional car wash

In a country like Nigeria with many dusty roads, cars easily get dirty. What’s more? Often times people are too busy with work to get their cars washed by themselves. The car washing business is such a profitable one. In the car business, you will earn not less than N1000 washing a car. With more than 10 cars per day, you will be making more than 10000 per day. Add this up to a month and you will be earning even more than some 9-5 jobs

·        Laundry and dry cleaning services

This is one of the businesses you can start with little capital. Many need people to handle the cleanliness of their clothes. The few materials you will need are:

Washing machine

A shop

Pressing iron

Source of water and light

·        POS Payments

If you live in an area where there are not many banks or ATM functioning, you can make money by handling e-payments for people who find it difficult to go far in order to use an ATM. You will set a charge as your payment for every amount withdrawn.

·        Makeup artist

Make up has now become that regular thing many ladies love to do. However, you can make much money from this. People hire the services of make-up artists for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties etc. If you are one who loves to do makeup, consider going for online classes or tutorials in order to become a professional.

·        Online Advertising Agency

This is another cool way to make money. The world is becoming more and more digital and businesses are catching on quick. If you are media savvy and creative, you can set up an online advertising agency where you will offer services such as copywriting and video advert production.

·        Plantain chips making

Chips is one of the most common snacks you can find on every street in Nigeria. It is also one of the low cost businesses you can start. All you need to do is purchase basic kitchen utensils such as frying pan and your raw material which is plantain, oil etc. You can supply plantain chips to shops around you and expand from there.

·        Photography

Photography is a business you can start on the side. People hold events almost every weekend and need a photographer to capture the moments. As long as you provide excellent services, you can be sure you will always be patronized.

·        Tutoring

This is one of the easiest means of making money. As a tutor, you will earn as much money without any capital. You will be teaching students in their own homes. As long as you are trustworthy and able to teach the subjects you claim, you can earn as much as ₦50,000- ₦80000 per student in a month.

  • Uber

This is one of the most popular side hustles available right now. If you know how to drive or have access to a car, you can partner with Uber and become a driver with them. The Uber application matches you with people close to you who need a ride.

·        Computer/Phone Repair Side Hustle

If you have technical skills, you can start a side hustle business by fixing faulty phones and computers. Almost everyone makes use of phones and computers, therefore you can be sure to be patronized.

·        Wedding/Party MC Side Hustle

If you have good public speaking skills and are fun, you can start a side hustle as an anchor/MC. For example, at wedding receptions, birthday celebrations etc. As long as you provide excellent services, people will always love to hire you.

  • Social media manager

Many businesses need people to handle their contents online. You can start a job as a social media manager to businesses. Your job will be to post their contents on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter.

·        Sell your artwork

Do you make art such as drawings, paintingو etc. Start a side hustle by selling your artwork. If you also know someone who is artistic, you can do business by promoting the person’s business and getting your cut from the deal

·        Teaching Online

You can provide educational materials online on established platforms such as Udemy. These platforms allow you to create an online course and sell it online.




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