How to Mount a Rifle Scope on an AR 15


If you use your AR 15 for long-range shooting, one sure way to improve your accuracy is to mount a rifle scope on it.

Buying a scope isn’t difficult, as most options on the market sell at pocket-friendly prices. The really difficult part for most AR 15 users is mounting the scope.

Even if you have the best AR-15 scope on the market, it won’t be of benefit if it’s not properly mounted. So, in this post we’d be explaining how you can properly mount a rifle scope on your AR 15. And by following the steps in this guide, you’d be able to reduce your odds for error and wind up with a perfectly mounted rifle scope.

Now. let’s cut right to the chase!

Things You’ll Need to Mount Your Scope

  • Your riflescope
  • Scope mount:to hold the scope on to your rifle.
  • Torque wrench:to attach the mount to your rifle.
  • Hex bit screwdriver:to tighten the screws on the scope.
  • Bubble level:to align all the parts perfectly during installation.
  • Shooting rest:to hold your AR 15 in place during the mounting process.

Step 1: Prepare your rifle and tools

Gather all the tools you’ll need for the installation. Check your rifle to be sure that it’s unloaded (with the magazine removed), and on safety. Then fix it on the shooting rest to keep it stable while you’re working on it.

At this point, use the bubble level to check the level, as a misalignment would cause errors in the installation. Be sure to check the level at each step of the installation process to avoid wrong mounting of the scope.

Step 2: Attach the mount

Position the scope mount on the top on your rifle (avoid the upper receiver and free-floating rail, so as not to mount undue pressure on your rifle tube), and carefully turn its screws with your fingers to keep it stable. Then use your torque wrench to tighten the screws. Once you’re sure that the screws are firm, don’t tighten them further, so you don’t damage the mount.

Again, use the bubble level to check both horizontal and vertical levels. If you notice any misalignments, simply loosen the screws and make necessary adjustments before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Attach the scope

With your mount firmly in place, it’s time to attach your rifle scope. Carefully place the scope on the mount — with the rings sitting on a flat surface on the scope. Align the top portion of the scope rings over the scope and use your hex bit screwdriver to tighten the scope rings in an X pattern. Tighten lightly at first. Then check to ensure that there’s equal gap on each side of the ring while tightening.

After tightening the scope rings lightly, you should still have a small gap left to allow for moving the scope around. Then check the scope for eye relief and adjust until you find the perfect position.

Step 4: Double-check the levels

Take your bubble level and place it on your rifle tube to ensure that your AR 15 is completely level. Then check your reticle for both horizontal and vertical levelling.

With your reticle properly aligned, place your bubble level on top on your scope to check if it’s properly aligned as well.

Step 5: Finish it up

Having properly placed and checked everything, you can now round off the installation process by completely tightening the scope rings (remember that they were lightly tightened earlier). Follow the same X pattern as you did earlier, so as to avoid misalignment errors.

Now, you’ve gotten the hang of mounting a rifle scope on an AR 15. With a few more tries, you’d sure become a pro at it.


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