How to Stop Kidnapping in Nigeria 

Kidnapping is a dreadful societal menace that has ravaged Nigeria in recent times, from north to south, and east to west, with victims cutting across the high and low classes of society. It is therefore crucial for every Nigerian and expatriate in Nigeria to know safety tips that can protect them and their families from being kidnapped. This article will address some important tips to adopt to avoid being kidnapped. Read on. 

How to Stop Kidnapping in Nigeria 

How to stop kidnapping in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • Avoid Routines 

A very important security tip to imbibe to prevent being kidnapped is to not keep to routines as kidnappers can track your routine to determine the best time and time to carry out the abduction. So, endeavour to mix up your routine from time to time so that you wouldn’t be so predictable. You can do this by switching the routes you take, changing your method of transportation, and varying the time of travel. 

  • Keep a Low Profile 

Another useful tip to practice to prevent being kidnapped is by keeping a low profile because it’s never a good idea to draw attention to yourself. You should avoid the ostentatious display of wealth, like driving a flashy car, putting on expensive jewellery and accessories, or being braggadocious about the pricey possessions you may have. You should also learn not to speak loudly over the phone so as not to reveal information that may pique the interest of a kidnapper within earshot range. Also, if you must make donations to a cause, don’t do so publicly rather let it be done anonymously so you wouldn’t put yourself in the spotlight. So, instead of standing out and being a target for abduction, it’s best to blend with the crowd by keeping a low profile. 

  • Be Cyber Cautious 

In recent times, kidnappers have used social media to scour for victims. These criminals are usually on the lookout for those who are fond of blatant displays of wealth and sharing financial or personal information online. To be safe from the prying eyes of criminals on social media, it’d be useful to avoid posting pictures that show you living ostentatiously as well as being discreet about sharing your travel plans and financial or personal information. 

Your kids should also be taught to be cyber-cautious as it may prevent them from getting abducted. So, teach your children that it’s not in their best interest to share everything about themselves online as unscrupulous elements may be lurking on the internet. 

  • Secure Your Residence

In some abduction cases, victims are kidnapped from their residences. This prevails mainly when the house isn’t properly secured, thus making the abduction happen without much difficulty. So, properly securing your residence can prevent a kidnapping. You can do this by activating home security such as alarm systems, and CCTV, and ensuring to lock your doors at night time or when you are alone. Also, make sure that your home is always properly lighted at night. 

  • Perform In-depth Background Checks before Employing Your Domestic Workers 

In some kidnap cases, the kidnappers connive with the domestic staff of the victim(s) to carry out the abduction. If you must employ domestic workers such as cooks, cleaners, gardeners and drivers, etc., you should first do a proper background check on them. And when you eventually employ them, you would want to study the company they keep, the change in lifestyle and their whereabouts at all times. 

In the case of drivers, especially those responsible for dropping off and picking up your kids from school, they should be strictly monitored as experience shows some drivers work hand-in-hand with kidnappers to facilitate the abduction of the children. It is also important to treat your domestic staff with care and respect so you can win their trust and loyalty. This will reduce the likelihood of your workers conniving with criminals to kidnap you or your family members. 

  • Don’t Advertise Where You Work 

A useful security tip to prevent kidnapping is to not advertise where you work as it could draw attention to yourself, especially if you have a prestigious job. In some kidnap cases in Nigeria, the victims are targeted because of their affiliation with a company or public agency that would be readily inclined to pay a ransom for their safe return. Some tips to implement include not wearing your ID card outside your workplace as well as not using stickers that say where you work.  

  • Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

It is important to always have emergency numbers of security agencies handy. In situations where you feel you are being monitored or notice something suspicious, contacting emergency numbers can bring about a prompt response in times of distress. 112 and 199 are national emergency numbers of Nigeria, however, every state has designated emergency codes for security operatives that residents can contact when in distress. 

  • Let Your Whereabouts Known at All Times

It is always important to let someone know where you’re going at every point. Also, ensure that your family members and loved ones let you or someone else know about their whereabouts at every point. 

  • Avoid Getting Lifts from Strangers 

It is not advisable to accept rides from people you don’t know as they could be kidnappers. It’s best to always board public vehicles from designated parks and garages; avoid hitchhiking on the highways. 

  • Keep Your Phone Handy at All Point

The mobile telephone is a very important device that can be of immense help when there’s a threat or you notice something suspicious around your surroundings. So, ensure to always have airtime and the emergency numbers of security operatives or agencies on your phone at all times. 

  • Stay Aware of Your Surroundings 

Being aware of your surroundings is a useful measure to adopt if you want to protect yourself and your family from being kidnapped. When you pay attention to your environment to know what ‘normal’ looks like, which invariably makes it easier for you to notice when something is amiss. You should know who your neighbours are and what they do for a living. Pay attention to your surroundings and be on the lookout for someone or something out of the ordinary. 

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