How to Join a Political Party in Nigeria

In Nigeria, politics has become a rather grave topic to discuss. This because of the do-or-die approach to politics that has earlier been displayed by politicians. However, it is very important that the populace be active in politics. This way people can have a say in the formulation of political policies by participating in the selection of candidates from their own political party.

In today’s Nigeria, it is very sad that many good people will rather not be a part of any political party because they want to protect their good name. The downturn to this is that Nigeria will have less capable and good people at the helm of affairs until the society degenerates. When the populace is more involved in politics, this will serve as a check and balance for the leaders.

How to Join a Political Party in Nigeria

How to Join a Political Party in Nigeria

This article provides information on how to join a political party in Nigeria. Read on below:

Some people think it is such a hard thing to join a Nigerian political party, this is untrue. In fact, it is extremely easy to become a member of your favorite party. Below is the list of registered political parties in Nigeria. Read on below:

  1. Action Alliance- AA
  2. Action Democratic Party- ADP
  3. Action Peoples Party- APP
  4. African Action Congress- AAC
  5. African Democratic Congress- ADC
  6. All Progressive Congress- APC
  7. All Progressive Grand Alliance- APGC
  8. Allied Peoples Movement- APM
  9. Boot Party- BP
  10. Labor Party- LP
  11. National Rescue Movement- NRM
  12. New Nigeria Peoples Party- NNPP
  13. Peoples Democratic Party- PDP
  14. Peoples Redemption Party- PRP
  15. Social Democratic Party- SDP
  16. Young Progressive Party- YPP
  17. Zenith Labor Party- ZLP

How to join a Political Party in Nigeria

To join a political party, the first thing you have to make sure is that the group has ideologies and goals that correspond with yours. Ensure that the group intends improving the country in ways you agree with.

Step 1: You must be 18 years old: People who are younger than the age of 18 are not allowed into the political system. Make sure you have turned 18 years old.

Step 2: Each political party is expected to manage a functional website. On a political party’s website, you should find the party’s national structure, that is Zones, States, Local Government Areas and Wards closest to you. The website should also have the contacts and addresses of all the wards across the country. You should also find the contact details of the party officials at each level. Go through their website and you can then make a call or pay them a visit.

Step 3: According to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), there are 18 registered political parties. You can choose from any of these ones. Find the one that suits your principles and ethics.

Step 4: When you are sure which political party you would like to join; you need to visit the party’s office. You can find the local ward of that party located around you on the party’s official website.

Step 5: When you meet with your local Ward Secretary, find out how much it will cost to join the party. Most political parties have a new member registration fee. Fill out the registration form. You will be required to bring supporting documents along with you.

Step 6: Wait until you are registered. This procedure can take a couple of days or even a week or more.

Step 7: The Ward Executive Committee, Ward Chairperson and Secretary are the ones who make the decision to have you as a member of the party or not. After you are finally registered, you will be issued your membership card that has your photograph on it. Your information will now be kept in your Ward Secretariat.

You are now a member of a Political party. You can see that is quite a simple process.

Each political party in Nigeria has obligations and rules for its members. One of which is that members of the political party in Nigeria have to attend the party’s ward meetings. This can take place a week or every fortnight. You will be provided with details at the local ward office.

Members are also required to pay a subscription, which can be monthly or annually. Monthly subscription fees are paid at the ward level, which is usually reflected on their membership cards,

Note that: Every Nigerian party has the right to accept and reject membership applications. So do not get upset if your application is rejected. If your application is rejected, simply find another political party that will be happy to accept you.

Now you know how you can join a political party in Nigeria. Ensure you use this right and become a part of the political system so as to help to guide the country into a better future.

Loss of Membership

The various political parties have different rules and reasons why a member might lose membership. These can include:

Failure to renew membership by payment of the annual subscription fees within 6 months. Such members cease to enjoy the rights and privileges of membership and upon default months after this can cease to be a member of the party.

If a member loses his membership on account of failure to pay his dues or to meet any other financial obligations. Such can only resume membership upon payment of all outstanding dues and penalties.

Party members who lose membership for other reasons other than nonpayment of subscription may be readmitted on the recommendation of his ward executive committee, through the local government area executive committee, to the state executives, and ultimately made to the national working committee and subject to ratification by the national executive committee.

Procedure for Rejoining a Political Party

Party members can decamp from one party to the other. A person who wishes to rejoin the party after leaving it shall:

Apply to his Ward Secretary for re-admission

Unless the National Working Committee excuses, such person must be placed on probation for a period of time.


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