Types of Allowances in Civil Service in Nigeria 

In this article, we’ll be addressing the monetary benefits that public officers ( or public servants ) are eligible to receive other than their salaries. Keep on reading to find out what the different allowances in civil service in Nigeria are, and the specific purposes they are granted. 

Types of Allowances in Civil Service in Nigeria 

The types of allowances in civil service in Nigeria would be addressed below: 

  • Duty Tour Allowance (DTA)

This type of allowance applies to staff in the Nigerian civil service who are embarking on a tour duly approved by an official authority. The purpose DTA is granted is to cater for lodging and feeding expenses during such tours. The categories of staff qualified for DTA are those on official duty away from his/her station and those posted to a new station, as well as staff on in-service training away from their station. 

Below is a breakdown of DTA rates for Federal Public Officers: 

  • Grade Level 16-17 and its equivalent – N37500/night
  • Grade Level 14-15 and its equivalent – N25000/night
  • Grade Level 12-13 and its equivalent – N20000/night 
  • Grade Level 07-10 and its equivalent – N17500/night 
  • Grade Level 05-06 and its equivalent – N15000/night
  • Grade Level 01-04 and its equivalent – N10000/night 

Also, DTA covers airfare allowance depending on the urgency of the tour and the availability of the airport, as long as it’s approved by the Accounting Officer. But if there are no air transport services in the town or city that public officer(s) is/are traveling to, Transport allowance is granted at the following rates: 

  • Minister/Permanent Secretary – N150/Kilometre
  • Grade Level 15-17 – N75/Kilometre 
  • Grade Level 07-14 – N55/Kilometre 
  • Grade Level 01-06 – N35/Kilometre 

If the tour is within Nigeria, public officers are entitled to 30% of their DTA plus airport taxi rate. This would be illustrated below: 

Illustration: DTA for official tour/trip from Abuja to Akwa Ibom 

Name and Designation of Public Official Days  DTA Local Running (LR) (30%) Air Ticket Airport Fare Total
Emmanuel Adebanjo (ACA) 2 20000*2=40000 12000 120000 20000 192000


  • Kilometre Allowances/Transport Allowances 

There are three conditions this allowance can be paid to a public official. The first condition is when newly recruited or appointed officers report to their duty stations. The second condition is when a public official is retiring from duty, and lastly when public officers utilise their vehicles to carry out their official responsibilities. 

These are the rates payable for Kilometre Allowance: 

  • Minister/Permanent Secretary – N150/Kilometre
  • Grade Level 15-17 – N75/Kilometre 
  • Grade Level 07-14 – N55/Kilometre 
  • Grade Level 01-06 – N35/Kilometre 

For local running (i.e. trips within Nigeria), public officials are also granted an additional 30% of the Kilometre allowance. 

  • Disengagement Allowances 

Disengagement allowance is granted to public officials just before they retire from service. The rate of this allowance is 5% of the public officer’s annual basic salary plus a Packing Allowance of N50000. 

  • Hotel Accommodation Allowance 

Hotel Accommodation Allowance is granted to public officers who are transferred to another station away from their city of residence. This allowance also applies to public officers who resume duty on a new appointment at a station away from their city of residence. Hotel Allowance provides transport fares for the public officers, their spouses and a maximum of four children, as well as hotel accommodation for the first 28 days (or the cash equivalent). 

Below are the approved rates for Hotel Accommodation Allowance: 

  • Minister/Permanent Secretary – N20000/Night
  • Grade Level 15-17 – N13000/Night
  • Grade Level 07-14 – N9000/Night
  • Grade 01-06 – N3000/Night

It is calculated thus: 

Hotel Allowance for Grade Level 10 public officer =  28*9000 = N252000. 

  • Estacode Allowance 

For a public officer to be eligible to receive this allowance, such an officer must be recommended by a Permanent Secretary or head of extra-Ministerial Office and subsequently approved by the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. Estacode allowance is a travel allowance for international travel.  

Below are the rates for Estacode Allowance:

  • Honourable Minister – $900
  • Permanent Secretary – $600
  • Grade Level 15-17 – $425
  • Grade Level 07-14 – $381
  • Grade Level 01-06 – 206


Name & Designation Days DTA Conversion (N716 to $1) Amount (N) Air Ticket Covid 19 Test & Visa Total(N)
ED/ECO 4 $600*4=2400 $2400*716 1718400 1500000 400000 3,618,400
Prudent Caleb 3 $425*3= 1275 $1275*716= 912900 950000 40000 2,262,900
Joshua Oloyede 2 $381*2= 762 $762*716= 545592 950000 40000 1,895,592

This allowance is expected to be drawn in Nigeria in the form of a Traveller’s Cheque, which is payable to the public officer(s) embarking on the official international tour. 

If a public officer stays longer than he’s (or she’s ) expected to stay overseas, the Nigerian mission in that country may pay, however, he/she must obtain prior approval from the Accounting Officer. 

  • Estacode Supplementation Allowance

Estacode Supplementation Allowance is granted in a situation whereby the cost of accommodation or hotel expenses of a public officer traveling overseas is met by the host Government or institution. In the case where the host Government/institution provides training to the officer as part of technical assistance to Nigeria, in addition to providing free boarding and lodging, the such public officer is entitled to 10% of his/her appropriate Estacode Allowance for the period of his stay overseas. 

If only training and free lodging are provided by the host Government/institution, the public officer involved is eligible to receive 40% of his/her Estacode Allowance to cater for boarding and incidental expenses. But if the host Government/institution provides the public officer with free lodging and cash allowances, the officer is will claim the difference between the cash allowance received by the donor and the 30% of his/her appropriate Estacode Allowance. 

  • Warm Clothing Allowance 

Warm Clothing Allowance is granted to public officers to embark on an official visit to a country in the temperate regions of the world. The rate for this allowance is $720.  

  • Overtime Allowance 
  • Local Course Allowance 
  • Books Allowance 
  • Responsibility Allowance 
  • Uniform Allowance 
  • Call Duty Allowance 
  • Acting Allowance 
  • Teaching Allowance


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