List of Security Agencies in Nigeria and Their Roles

Security agencies are crucial elements of every country as they ensure the safety of lives and properties, as well as defense of the sovereignty of the country. There are several security agencies that perform these roles in Nigeria.

List of Security Agencies in Nigeria and Their Roles

This is a comprehensive list of the various security agencies in Nigeria and their respective roles:

  • State Security Service(SSS, also referred to as Department of State Security, DSS)

Roles of State Security Service

  • Keeping peace within Nigeria by upholding the legal norms and defending against all internal threats that may involve; organized crime, domestic terrorism, and support of terrorism financially
  • Utilizing  techniques, tactics, and military strategies to prevent and curb acts of insurrection and terrorism within the borders of the country
  • Engaging in surveillance activities that may involve monitoring and compiling intelligence, and  investigating crime
  • Protecting the President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, State Governors, former presidents, high ranking government officials, visiting Heads of States and governments, and their respective families
  • Nigeria Police Force (NPF)

Roles of the Nigeria Police Force

  • Protecting the lives of citizens of Nigeria by employing tactics to prevent crimes that could lead to human death
  • Protecting the physical assets and properties of the citizens of Nigeria by employing tactics to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Preserving the order in the society by ensuring the citizens of Nigeria adhere to the nation’s laws to promote social cohesion, organization, and stability
  • Detecting crimes by thorough investigation
  • Prosecuting  offenders that deviate from the laws of the country as required by The Police Act
  • Enforcing the nation’s laws and regulations  as duly charged
  • Performing military duties and other responsibilities as required by the Nigerian State as stated in The Police Act
  • Carrying out the arrest of offenders and violators of the nation’s set laws and regulations
  • Preventing crimes within the country by employing techniques and tactics to achieve this aim
  • Identifying persons that are in lawful custody
  • Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS)

Roles of Nigeria Immigration Service

  • Dispersing e-Passports to all State Offices to facilitate prompt issuance of the passport to the passport applicants
  • Organizing sophisticated training schemes for its staff geared towards ensuring effective dispensing of required duties
  • Executing the Immigration laws and regulations within the jurisdiction of the scheme
  • Controlling entry and exit from the control to mitigate against illegal migration
  • Carrying out the arrest and subsequent deportation of illegal immigrants
  • Keeping accurate records of emigrants and immigrants
  • Inspecting and surveillance of the borders of the country to curb illegal migration
  • Issuing different types of visas such as student visas, tourist visas, business and visitors visas to any intending traveler to Nigeria at the various embassies across the world
  • Providing Emergency Travel Certificate(ETC) to legitimate Nigerians in event of loss of international passport to enable travel back to Nigeria possible
  • Issuing of the necessary travel documents to Nigerians willing to travel outside the country
  • Executing mental dexterity to essential matters such as observation of travel documents to ensure compliance
  • Boosting relationships with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the execution and sustenance of law and order
  • Scrutinizing aircraft, boats, and vehicles, in conjunction with the Nigerian Customs to ascertain authorization for use
  • Encouraging liaison with other nations by creating consular service across the world
  • Nigerian Army (NA): Land division of the Nigeria Armed Forces

Roles of the Nigerian Army

  • Delivering internal security and defense to undertake threats such as insurgency or separatist activities, among others
  • Protecting the territories of Nigeria from external aggression
  • Engaging in international security actions such as peacekeeping and peace support missions
  • Maintaining the territorial integrity of the country
  • Helping other civil authorities to restore order as authorized by the President
  • Protecting national assets and sites against vandalism
  • Training of new soldiers
  • Promoting regional  stability by engaging in measures such that would encourage democratic institutions, and deter discords
  • Nigerian Navy (NN): Part of the Nigeria Armed Forces

Roles of the Nigerian Navy

  • Executing and aiding in coordinating the enforcement of federal and transnational laws ascribed to Nigeria
  • Executing and assisting the enforcement of all Custom codes and laws, including illegal vandalism of gas pipelines, fishery, and immigration laws of Nigeria at sea
  • Training of individuals who which to join the Nigerian Navy
  • Carrying out diplomatic rule management foreign policy that may include; negotiations from point of strength, manipulation, and prestige to achieve goals without the use of force
  • Creating charts and coordinates of all national hydrographic surveys
  • The undertaking of other duties as may be required by the Nigerian state
  • Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

Roles of Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency

  • Enforcing drug laws in the country
  • Prosecuting violators of drug laws in the country
  • Patrolling and engaging in surveillance in public places such as seaports, airports, and borders to curb the traffic of drugs
  • Tracking and confiscating the proceeds of the illegal drug trade
  • Educating the public on the dangers of drugs and the abuse of drugs to sensitize them against abuse of narcotics
  • Partnering with international agencies to fight drug trafficking
  • Investigating drug-related crimes
  • Overseeing and improving upon efforts that are directed towards researches on drugs
  • Destroying narcotic plants and substances
  • Nigeria Air Force (NAF): Air division of Nigerian Armed Force

Roles of Nigeria Air Force

  • Sustaining of platforms and equipment serviceability through the use of innovative maintenance techniques and logistics support system
  • Defending the integrity of the country through the control and exploitation
  • Assisting other forces in the country in the defense of the country
  • Engaging in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance of the air space to gather air space data for proper disposition and technique In event of air combat
  • Fostering a disciplined and battle-ready workforce
  • Strengthening morale of the workforce by improving personal welfare
  • National Intelligence Agency

Roles of National Intelligence Agency

  • Engaging in counterintelligence operations capable of imperiling Nigeria’s national interest aimed at preventing opposition intelligence actions such as espionage, sabotage, assassination, among others
  • Overseeing of foreign intelligence
  • Nigerian Correctional Service (NcOS)

Role of Nigerian Correctional Service

  • Enforcing repentance on offenders or violators of legal norms
  • Protecting society from criminals
  • Social confinement of criminals has proven to be detrimental to the stability, organization, and cohesion of the society to ensure that deviation from the law does not disturb the peace of the society


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