Oluseyi Edun: Biography, Age, Movies, Family & Career

Popularly known as ‘I am Shai’ or ‘Eja nla’, Seyi Edun is a fast-rising Nollywood actress and movie producer

In this post, we take a look at the life of this upcoming movie producer and actress

Early life

Seyi was born and bred in Lagos although she hails from Ayetoro Egbado in Ogun state.


Seyi attended Tunyo nursery and primary school before proceeding to the Anglican Girls Grammar School in Surulere, Lagos for her secondary education. Afterwards, she bagged a degree at the Olabisi Onabanjo University in 2011.


Seyi joined the movie industry in 2009 through her younger sister who is a scriptwriter. She was enrolled under Wisdom Caucus that same year as an apprentice and she graduated in 2011 after which focused on acting fully.

It was her sister that produced the first movie she featured in. The movie was titled, “Eja Nla” in 2011.

The actress revealed that her most challenging role was in the movie “Ogo Olorun”.

Other productions include Oko Mi, Ota mi, Case Closed, Wonuola, and Asewo.

The actress revealed that she often produces massively because it saves her cost and makes the work easier for her. But she does post-production one after the other with the help of social media and her marketer.

Currently, Seyi is the founder of Shaiworld Entertainment.


Seyi Edun got married to actor, Niyi Johnson in 2018. He is the ex-husband of Toyin Aimakhu.

There were rumors that Seyi and Niyi had been in an on-going affair that led to the separation between Johnson and Abraham. But the actress has since cleared the air indicating that she met Adeniyi as a single man with their friendship blossoming into something special.


The producer revealed that her major challenge in production is finance. As a result, the quality of the movie you produce is dependent on your financial capacity. And even a very good script doesn’t guarantee a great movie.

Other challenges are due to nature. For instance, the actress talked about wanting to shoot and then it starts raining. Seyi revealed that she experienced this when during the shoot of the movie, ‘Eja Nla’. The shoot was supposed to last 7 days but they ended up spending extra three days.

The actress revealed that one of her most challenging roles as an actress was in the movie, ‘Ogo Olorun’. It was challenging because she had to speak Yoruba all through and it was not just conventional Yoruba, but Yoruba rooted in proverbs and folklore.

Toyin Aimakhu

Toyin Aimakhu is a prominent Nollywood Yoruba actress, filmmaker, director and producer. The actress recently changed her name from Toyin Aimakhu to Toyin Abraham.

As stated earlier, Seyi’s husband, Niyi Johnson was formerly married to popular actress, ‘Toyin Aimakhu.’ After their marriage crashed, Niyi wrote a public romantic prose to Toyin begging for forgiveness, but she turned deaf ears and refused to go back to her husband.

It seems Niyi moved on not too long after as there was a time, he was asked in an interview if he would go back to her but he refused to comment. The speculations seem to have been laid to rest when Seyi got engaged to Niyi and they got married a few months later.

However, despite the crash of the marriage between Toyin and Seyi, they are yet to divorce officially.


Seyi has released two of her movies in the cinemas. The movies are, ‘Game Master’ and ‘Dara’.

The actress also revealed that there are movies that she has produced that have done well despite not been released in the cinema. For instance, ‘Eja nla’ did quite well even though it wasn’t available on the big screen.

Also, the movie, ‘Four Couples’ which she produced was also quite popular but the actress revealed that it was just a story in her head that she decided to produce. Interestingly, fans kept asking her she didn’t take it to the cinemas, because everyone thought it was a great movie.


Apart from acting, Seyi is also a business person. She sells materials like Atiku lace and others.

Premarital sex

Seyi has this to say about premarital sex. First, she believes sex is a good thing and that our sexuality is linked with the rest of our lives. It’s also a sort of bond between two people, a form of expression that goes behind the ordinary intimacy shared. It’s a good thing.

Also, she believes sex before marriage is good because it will make you know your partner well before going into marriage. So if there is anything you are not comfortable with, you have an ample time to correct it before actually going into the lifetime contract of marriage. Additionally, having sex before marriage also reduces adultery and fornication and it is a good way of studying your partner before you get committed to him or her.


The rumours that have always trailed Seyi Edun had to do with her closeness to Niyi Johnson. The actress denied the relationship for a long time before she finally accepted that something was going on between them.

There was a time that she was congratulated in an interview with regards to her engagement to Niyi Johnson but the actress denied it. The interviewer further revealed that it was also said that she was pregnant for him but she denied once again.

According to Seyi, the rumour began when they visited one Prophetess Olubori who is Niyi’s spiritual mother and has also become her spiritual mother. She revealed that the prophetess invited them to the mountain for crossover night for three days vigil. During the first Sunday of the year service on the mountain, Niyi had a testimony and during the Thanksgiving she was there to celebrate with him. That was how the rumour started. In fact, someone claimed that the Prophetess had called them her “favourite couple’ although the actress revealed nothing like that happened.

However, when the interviewer asked Seyi if they could end up together in future, she responded with a hint by saying, ‘you never can tell’.

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