TBoss of “Big Brother Naija”: Biography, Family, Career & More

TBoss also known as Tokunbo Idowu was one of the contestants of the Big Brother Naija Show in 2017.

Many have said that the Big Brother Nigeria edition of 2017 was quite popular because of TBoss.  She was said to have been the brightest contestant that year. Although she didn’t win the show, she seems to be doing quite well for herself after that episode.

TBoss of Big Brother Naija

TBoss of “Big Brother Naija”: Biography, Family, Career & More

In this post, we take a look at her life, family as well as her career in the entertainment industry.

Early life

TBoss hails from Edo State although her mother is originally from Romania. She was born on the 9th of March, 1984.


TBoss started her University education at the University of Lagos but she relocated to Romania after a few months to complete her education.

In one of her interviews, she revealed that she had struggled with loneliness while she was in a boarding primary school which led to her attracting the wrong crowd.

Social media

TBoss popularity soared during and after the BBN with her instagram page growing to over 700,000 followers.

Big Brother Naija

During the BBN Show in which she featured in, TBoss was one of the most controversial characters of the edition which was held in South Africa in 2017.

During the show, she had a brief romance with Miyonse. She was also involved in a controversy with Kemen who was said to have assaulted her during the show.

Although she didn’t win the Big Brother Naija Edition of 2017, Tboss finished as the second runner up but she didn’t go home empty handed as she won the Pay Porte challenge and took home N500 000. The show was won by Efe Ejeba.


Tboss got fans talking for many reasons, some of which have been highlighted below:

First, she came under intense criticism when she revealed her breasts on the show. She defended herself by claiming she used to walk around naked in her house and at the show she was just trying to be herself. Unfortunately, she didn’t think the fans would react that way.

Also, during a truth or dare game, she was asked to recite the national anthem which she failed to do. She defended herself once again by claiming, she could recite the national anthem but that she had to be under pressure as a result of the stress she had been through that day.

Tboss also generated further controversy when she was asked by one of the housemates on how she would spend the N25 million prize money. She responded that the money was going to be spent within a week.

This got everyone talking once again and she said her life has never been about money. Indeed, she likes the lifestyle associated with money but there are things she wouldn’t compromise for the money. Tboss revealed that the BBN prize money was just enough to sort out her debt and that was it.

Although many people have labeled Tboss, a controversial figure, she says she’s just being misunderstood.

In an interview with Beat FM after she left the house, Tboss revealed that it was part of her to strip naked while taking her bath. She also responded to claims made by followers of the programme about how she often exposed her breast in the course of the show.

To clarify the issue, T-boss said that the Big Brother house was a place where she was herself and she didn’t mind walking around naked. She further revealed that she didn’t know that exposing her breasts would cause a lot of drama on social media, adding that it wasn’t until she returned home and saw the viral screenshot that she knew that a lot of fans were against her dress sense.

It would also be recalled that she could not recite the national anthem at one point in the show. But she revealed in the interview that she can actually recite the anthem. According to her, she was tired because that day had been quite stressful and emotionally draining. Eventually, she had a meltdown which she thinks justified why she couldn’t recite the national anthem when she was called to do so.

In general, Tboss trended for a long time due to two incidents. The first was the ‘Kemen incident.’ Kemen was one of the participants in the BBN show and it was revealed that he had sexually assaulted TBoss while she was asleep; his actions were caught on camera. The second incident was when TBoss failed to recite the Nigerian National Anthem.


TBoss is currently not married or in a relationship.


Due to her fight with depression and loneliness during her childhood, she once revealed that she still has a hard time making friends and opening up to other people.


Sometime in March 2019, social media was agog with news that Tboss was pregnant and expecting a child.

Many people have responded to this rumor and Tboss seem to have refuted the claims with a tweet where she said that rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots. She ended the post by saying that her body is not anybody’s business.


One of the contestants at the BBN Edition of 2018, Cee-C was involved in a verbal assault of fellow contestant, Tobi. Cee-C had labeled Tobi a gossip and she warned him to stay clear of her. It would be recalled that Cee-C was Tobi’s initial romantic interest during the early stages of the BBN show of 2018.

T-boss commented on the drama in a tweet where she agreed with Linda Ikeji advice. Linda had tweeted that ladies should never talk to men the way Cee-c did.

On heartbreak

In a social media post, T-Boss recommended that the punishment for dumping one’s partner should be similar to murder. According to the former BBN housemate, breaking someone’s heart should qualify as murder because every time you do it, you kill a little bit of a person each time you break their heart.



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