Lota Chukwu Biography, Career & Lots More


Lota Chukwu is a Nigerian actress who rose to stardom sometime in 2014. She is popular for her role in the popular TV series Jenifa’s diary. In Jenifa’s diary, she acted as the naïve but maturing daughter from a wealthy household. Many have always wanted to know more about the beautiful and talented actress; her background, family life, career journey, etc. This article provides you with all the information you need concerning Lotachukwu. Read on below:

Lotachukwu – Biography

Lota Chukwu Biography, Career & Lots More

She is fondly called Lota by her fans. However, her full name is Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia. She was born on November 29, 1989 (which makes her 31 years of age as at 2020). Lotachukwu was born in Nsukka L.G.A., Enugu State in Nigeria. However, she had her most of her childhood upbringing in Benin City. She is the youngest of four children. Lota describes her childhood as fun being the youngest child. She was well taken care of and provided with what she needed. However, her parents were well-disciplined people who did not spoil her. Lota often mentions that her mother has influenced her life the most. Lotachukwu attended the University of Benin where she studied Agricultural Economics and Extension Service. It was after her university education that she discovered her passion for acting, she then went to the Royal Arts Academy in Lagos, Nigeria where she studied Acting. Lota Chukwu became even more popular after starring in the popular Nigerian TV series, Jenifa’s Diary alongside other popular acts such as, Funke Akindele, Juliana Olayode, and Falz. In Jenifa’s diary, Lota played the role of “Kiki”, a friend of the lead character, Jenifa.

Lota Chukwu- Career

Before Lota began her career in acting, she was a model. She participated in the 2011 edition of Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria where she represented Yobe State.


Lota began acting in 2011 but became popular after appearing on Jenifa’s Dairy where she played the role of Kiki. She has also starred in movies like The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, Falling, Fine Girl, The Arbitration, Dognapped.

Music Videos

Lota has also featured in many music videos such as Reminisce’s music video where she acted as the lead character, Ponmile and Aramide’s ‘Why So Serious’ music video.

In 2017, Lota Chukwu announced the take-off of her food show “Lota Takes”. She described as a cooking and lifestyle show which would keep her audience abreast of Lota’s life as a food and nature lover. The show has featured several Nigerian celebrities including Adekunle Gold, Tosin Ajibade, Aramide (musician) and MC Galaxy. Lota is also a yoga fitness enthusiast

Lota Chukwu- Movies

Movies where Lota has starred in includes

Deadly Instincts

The perfect plan

Wind chaser




Fine girl

The Arbitration

Jenifa’s diary

Lota had her first big role in the hit TV series “Jenifa’s Diary” in 2014. The Jenifa’s diary series brought Lota worldwide fame. Lota’s real first appearance in movies took place in the film “Fine Girl” which was produced by Uduak Isong. Lota’s rapid development in her acting career was influenced by her participation in a beauty contest in 2011. Here, Lota was a contestant in “The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria” pageant.

Awards and Nominations

2016- Nomination for Scream All Youth Awards- Film Revelation of the Year (Female)

2017- Nomination for City People Entertainment Awards- Best New Actress of the year (English)

Lota’s relationship life

Lota is a single young woman. She is not married and does not have children yet. Lota has four Dogs which she playfully refers to as her kids.

Lota – Hobbies

Lota has lots of hobbies. She loves yoga and is a sucker for fitness. Lota also loves writing. She in fact owns a blog where she posts articles and write-ups. Lota also enjoys cooking. As a sucker for health and fitness, she would never mind sacrificing some of her time to cook some delicious delicacies that are good for her health. Lota Chukwu’s love for cooking is what led to her starting her own cooking show, which has begun with some episodes shown already. Lota also loves learning and sharing knowledge, which is why she loves the movie industry. It gives her an opportunity to keep learning. Lota loves to meet new friends, especially those who have the same passion as hers. Fitness is another passion of Lota. She loves to take care of her appearance a lot and tries to watch her weight and diet. She also does yoga to keep herself mentally strong and to help her relax. Asides from yoga, cooking, and taking care of her dogs, fashion is another passion of hers. Lota enjoys picking stylish clothes and dressing up. Lota hopes to develop her own clothing line in the future.

Lota is really careful about her style. Her dressing depends on the occasion. Sometimes you will find her wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, and at some other time, she wears gorgeous gowns. However, her most favourite clothing item is shoes. In her leisure time, she likes to relax by watching various TV shows.

It was when Lota decided her real passion was acting, she enrolled at the Royal Arts Academy, where she made her first steps towards becoming an excellent actress. Her parents were very supportive of her dreams.

Lota Chukwu has expressed plans of producing her own movie in the future. However, she understands this will require hard work that requires a lot of patience and wants to concentrate mostly on acting for now, but there is a chance she will produce some movies in the future.

Lota Chukwu is a calm and talented person. She has proven herself to be smart, beautiful, and successful. She is also an inspiration for many both in and out of the entertainment industry. She is the type of woman that knows what she wants and gives her all to achieve it. She has a lot of plans for the future and her fans can await even more from the star.


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