Jumobi Adegbesan-Damijo: Things You Didn’t Know about Her

If you used to watch African International Television (AIT) in the 1990s, it is very likely that you must have seen Jumobi Adegbesan when she was anchoring the popular program Lunch Break.

Jumobi would eventually leave the show to follow her other pursuits. At that time, one of the interests she decided to pursue was getting married to popular Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo also known as RMD.

Over the years, Jumobi has built a wonderful family with her husband and she has achieved a lot of success in the business and corporate world since she left AIT.

But there’s more.

In this post, you’ll get to discover some interesting things about Jumobi.

For instance, did you know that she has a butterfly tattoo on her breast? Or would you like to know the one thing that has sustained her marriage with RMD?


Well, all you need do is just to hang on and keep reading.



Jumobi was born on the 27th of January 1972. She celebrated her 45th birthday early this year and her husband was on hand to thoroughly celebrate her with a romantic post and some pictures on social media.


Over a decade ago, Jumobi got married to her hearthrob, Richard Mofe Damijo after they had dated for over three years. The lovebirds got married on the 29th of December, 2000 and their marriage has been blessed with four wonderful children.

This was RMD’s second marriage. It would be recalled that RMD’s first marriage was to May Ellen Ezekiel who passed away in 1996.


Jumobi was a presenter with the Africa Independent Television before leaving the media house to pursue business interest. She used to host the popular afternoon show, Lunch Break in the 90’s.

Woman Crush Wednesday

RMD recently joined the hashtag bandwagon when he shared a video of his wife, Jumobi dancing during a family occasion and he tagged it “Woman crush Wednesday #WCW”. Althoug, he claimed his wife has an aversion for social media; he had to celebrate her because he just couldn’t withhold his woman crush from the whole world. He took the hashtag a step further by calling Jumobi not only his ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ but his ‘Woman crush Everyday’.

Below is an excerpt from the post: “I have never done a WCW post so here we go. Here is wifey at a family function recently. She rarely allows her pictures to be taken and video recordings are a no-no but since she has a soft spot for her friend turned sister @brownsugar4bim who made the fabulous outfit she’s wearing, she obliged with a stern warning that it must not be on social media.”

Her pet names

RMD has many pet names and he doesn’t hesitate to call her these names whenever he celebrates her on social media. Some of the names he calls her include Adunmaradun (shining black beauty or ebony), Aabike (the one to be taken care of), Oluwaseunfunmi (God made this one for me) etc.


It seems Jumoke has a thing for tattoo. Although, she’s hardly displays her tattoo in public, a couple of her pictures on social media have revealed one of her tattoos. It’s a butterfly tattoo which is found on one of her breasts.

Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

Jumobi’s husband, RMD is a popular Nollywood actor. RMD was born on the 6th of July 1961.

Apart from his career as an actor in Nollywood, RMD has also served his state. He was the former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State

As an actor, RMD has won multiple awards over the years. In 2005, he received the Africa Movie Academy Award for the Best Actor in a Leading Role.

RMD was born in the Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, near Warri, Delta State. He had his secondary education at Midwest College, Warri and Anglican Grammar School where he was a member of the Drama Club. He proceeded to the University of Benin to further his education where he studied Theatre Arts.

RMD took his education a notch higher when he returned to school in 1997 to enroll in a law program. According to him, his decision to study Law was as a result of a plea from his mother to become a trained lawyer as far back as 1980. He graduated in 2004 from the University of Lagos but his mother had since passed on and she didn’t live to see him become a lawyer.


There were some allegations recently that Jumobi’s husband, RMD was having an affair with a young lady but the actor has since gone on to dispel these rumours on his twitter page.

Also, there was another rumour which claimed that RMD owned a property in Asaba, Delta that was worth N250 million. This news got the popular actor infuriated and he wanted to sue the Linda Ikeji, the blogger from which the story emanated. However, it seems the duo have since buried their hatchet. Recently, RMD shared an instagram post in which he praised the blogger’s efforts.

Social Media

Jumobi has intentionally decided to stay out of the news. Until recent times when her husband began posting her pictures online, you could hardly find any of her photos on social media.

According to RMD, Jumobi decided to take a back seat in order to protect her marriage from the prying eyes of public media which she believes is responsible for the downfall of many celebrity marriages. As a matter of fact, Jumobi reiterated this when she answered a question from a friend she was asked the secret of her successful marriage. Her response was simple but profound – ‘keep it out of the news.’

Wedding Anniversary

When Jumobi and RMD celebrated their 16th year anniversary in 2016, RMD penned a romantic note to his wife which he shared on his social media page.

As expected his post was laced with encomiums as he waxed lyrical about his love for Jumobi and how her unending love and support had propelled him to great heights.

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