Toyin Afolayan: All You Need to Know About Her


If the name Lola Idije rings a bell then you certainly know Toyin Afolayan. She is the aunt of popular movie producer, Kunle Afolayan.

In the course of this post, you will learn everything you need to know about Toyin Afolayan.

Before, we go in to all the details, one interesting fact about Toyin’s journey into acting is that, it was Kunle’s father; Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love) that introduced Toyin to acting.

Toyin Afolayan was born in Agbamu, Kwara State on the 24th of September 1959. She is popularly called Lola Adije.

Toyin Afolayan: All You Need to Know About Her

The movie that brought her into limelight was a 1995 movie titled, ‘Deadly Affair.’ In this movie, she played the role of Mama Adisa. Toyin has been in the movie industry for close to 3 decades

Toyin acted in the movie, Irapada which was produced by her nephew Kunle Afolayan. She played the role of Kunle’s mother in the movie.

Some of her favourite movies include:

  • Lady Terror,
  • Pappy and Mammy,
  • Igba Eda and
  • Irapada

Toyin recently turned 58 and she celebrated her birthday with her family and friends. She has 3 beautiful daughters. Her first daughter is married with children while her second daughter recently got married on the 16th of June, 2016. Prior to her wedding, she had attended a university in Baltimore, United States.

Toyin Afolayan’s life hasn’t always been rosy, she lost her only son many years ago. She also lost her husband many years ago.

Toyin is an ageless beauty and despite her advancing age she’s always looking young and graceful.

In the Yoruba movies, Toyin is known to play harsh roles and many fans have assumed that she’s is probably a harsh person in real life. But she has since dispelled that. This is what she has to say in one of her interviews.

People are only judging me by what they see on the screen.  Although, I am not in a better position to assess myself correctly, nobody has ever said that I, Toyin Afolayan is harsh or wicked to him or her.  People can only judge me when they find out how I relate with those I live with, those I relate with.  If I start telling you I am good, I am humble, I am this and that, it is not appropriate.  Whatever those that are close to me say about me is more appropriate than any other information.  But the mistake people constantly make is that they see me as Lola Idije not as ToyinAfolayan which is very wrong.  If you judge me by the role I interpret, you will definitely have a wrong impression of who I am.”

Toyin Afolayan is a devout Christian and she believes in putting God first always. Due to her commitment to her fauth, she is seen as a role model to many in the younger generation.


When asked about her acting career, Toyin say she doesn’t intend ever retiring from acting so she’ll probably be acting till her dying days.

As a result of being a single mother, the question on remarrying has often popped up many times and Toyin’s response has always been the same.


She says she doesn’t intend remain because her children have become her priority.

Despite her successful career as an actress, Toyin never thought she would become an actress but she believes destiny found her and made her a successful actress.


Toyin was once asked about her take on the frequency of marriages falling apart in the movie and entertainment scene and this is what she has to say,

It is not only in the entertainment industry that marriages break-up often, it is rampant in all other professions, but because those of us in entertainment are in the public eyes.”


Toyin Afolayan is glad to be a part of the popular Afolayan family. This family seems to have entertainment flowing in their vein and here is a brief profile of the other members of the Afolayan family.

Toyin never fails to mention the other members of the Afolayan that are also involved in the Nigerian entertainment. We’ll briefly highlight these members of the Afolayan family in the next few paragraphs.

Gabriel Afolayan

Gabriel Afolayan is a renowned actor and singer. His sojourn in the entertainment scene began as far back as 1997. His debut was in the movie Opawon by Baba Sala. His musical stage name is G-Fresh.

He has won several awards, one of which was the Best Supporting Actor Award for playing Tavier Jambari in the movie Hoodrush released in 2012

Gabriel studied Theater Arts at the University of Ibadan. Some of the films he has featured in include: Ojuju, Madam Dearest, Ija Okan, Hoodrush, Heroes and Zeros, 7 inch curve, Okafor’s law and King Invincible.

He has also released some popular songs like Kokoro Ife, Plug it, Kpasi Kona and Awelewa.

Aremu Afolayan

Aremu Afolayan is a notable Nigerian film actor. He is the brother of Kunle and Gabriel Afolayan. He is also an award winning director.

He is known for his film Idamu Akoto which was released in 2009. Aremu is happily married to Kafilat Olayinka Quadri and they have a daughter, Iyunade Afolayan.

Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan is arguably the most popular of the Afolayans. He was born on the 30th of September 1974. He is an actor, director and award winning producer. He is married to Tolu Afolayan and they have 3 children together.

Kunle was initially a banker. He studied Economics and was working in the bank before moving into acting and eventually filmmaking.

He took a course at the New York Film Academy and a couple of the movies which he has produced include the Figurine and Phone Swap,

His movie, Phone Swap premiered in France during the first edition of NollywoodWeek in Paris and the movie won the Public Choice Award. The Figurine also won five major awards at the African Film Academy.

Moji Afolayan

Moji Afolayan is another member of the Afolayan clan. She was born on the 5th of February 1969. She is sister to Gabriel, Kunle and Aremu Afolayan. Moji is also an actress, filmmaker, producer and director.

She is married to Rasaq Olayiwola, a colleague in the movie industry. In 2016, she starred alongside her husband in the movie, Arinjo.


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