Tokunbo Idowu (TBoss): Biography & Career

It is quite likely that the name Tokunbo Idowu doesn’t ring a bell with most people. But with her nickname Tboss, most people would remember her especially if you’re a fan of Big Brother Naija.

Tokunbo Idowu popular called Tboss was one of the most controversial characters of the Big Brother Nigeria edition that was held in 2017 in South Africa

From her brief romance with Miyonse at the show to her controversy with Kemen, another housemate that was said to have sexually assaulted her, Tboss’s escapades were often up for discussion among fans during the course of the show.

In this post, we will be taking a quick look at the profile of Tokunbo Idowu also known as Tboss.

tboss tokunbo idowu

She is originally from Edo State but she’s half-caste due to her father being a Nigerian and her mother being Romanian. Tboss was born on the 9th of March, 1984.

Her education is a mix of Nigerian and Romanian. She attended the University of Lagos for a few months before heading to Romania to complete her university education. Also, Tboss says she struggled with loneliness when she was in a boarding primary school which led to her attracting the wrong crowd.

Due to the fame she garnered during the Big Brother show, Tboss has been able to leverage on her popularity to build a fan base called Boss Nation. She currently has over 37000 followers on her instagram page.

In the course of the Big Brother show, Tboss got fans talking for many reasons, some of which have been highlighted below:

First, she came under intense criticism when she revealed her br**sts on the show. She defended herself by claiming she used to walk around naked in her house and at the show she was just trying to be herself. Unfortunately, she didn’t expect that the fans would react that way.

Also, during a truth or dare game, she was asked to recite the national anthem which she failed to do. She defended herself once again by claiming, she could recite the national anthem but that she had being under pressure that day, as a result of the stress she had been through that day.

Tboss also generated further controversy when she was asked by one of the housemate on how she would spend the 25 million prize money. She responded that the money was going to be spent within a week.

This got everyone talking once again and she responded with the quote below:

“My life has never been about money, I like the lifestyle but there are things I wouldn’t compromise for the money, I was just saying that if I got the money and sort out all my debts,  trust me that money go finish.”

Although, Tboss has been generally seen as a controversial figure, she seems to have dispelled this status quo by stating she’s only just being misunderstood.

In the Big Brother Naija Edition of 2017, Tboss finished as second runner up but she didn’t go home empty handed as she won the Pay Porte challenge and took home N500,000.

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