Meraiah Ekeinde: Things You Didn’t Know about Her


Who is Meraiah Ekeinde?

While the name, Omotola Jalade- Ekeinde will always ring a bell as one of the most popular Nolly wood actresses and one of the most respected in the entertainment industry with a great number of following, for many, the name, Meriarah Ekeinde is one starting to make just as many waves. Meraiah Ekeinde is the second daughter of the Nolly wood actress, Omotola Ekeinde who has been making the news for many issues ranging from her beauty, style, education, and similarities to her mother. This article provides information on things you did not know about the celebrity’s daughter. Let’s go!

Meraiah Ekeinde: Things You Didn't Know about Her

Meraiah Ekeinde, the daughter of the Nollywood star actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is a 19-year-old girl who has been making great strides in the fashion industry. Meraiah graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York at the age of 19 after she had schooled in Lagos state and was the head girl in her secondary school.

Due to her styles, love for passion and confidence, it was not a surprise for many when Meraiah was spotted as one of the models used for the Too Faced’s latest campaign. Too Faced is an international cosmetics brand popularly known for promoting diversity and inclusivity with its range of products. The brand has products that range from the newest of them known as ‘Born This Way’ medium-to-full coverage foundation line. Meraiah was only 17 years old when she modeled for the cosmetic brand in the Truffle shade.

Meraiah shared the news on her Instagram page with the caption: “Your girl’s legit a model now y’all!! ????‍ with tags such as  #truffle #toofaced #sephora”.

Meraiah Ekeinde: Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Meraiah Ekeinde- Education

Meraiah Ekeinde graduated from one of the top fashion schools in America known as the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FDIM) in Los Angeles.

She graduated from a Nigerian secondary school, Chrisland College in Lagos state, after which she left for the U.S where she has been schooling since then. She majored in the study of Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising, Fashion Design and Merchandising and has now received her Associate Degree. Yes, she graduated with two degrees, an Associate of Art in Merchandise Product Development and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Both at the age of 19. This qualifies the 19-year-old girl as a Product developer and a Business manager

Activities with Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

The public and fans are usually given a sneak-peek into Meriah’s life via her Instagram page or stories or that of her mother’s, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.

Her mother often describes her as her ‘twinny’. Most recently, mother and daughter were signed as Knorr ambassadors. Knorr is a popular bouillon cube in Nigeria.

It is reported that Meraiah earned about N2.4 million naira from her Knorr endorsement. The advertisement portrayed Omotola and her daughter’s celebrity’s style and personality, the former being a family woman. The details were as follows:

  • A shoot in the kitchen
  • Mother and daughter bonding
  • Omotola in headgear
  • Green be the primary colour and theme to represent the brand
  • Traditional attire

The idea of the advert was to project Omotola as a beautiful mother, dressed in traditional wears and print yet having a global outlook. This was portrayed in the style of the outfit and make up. The advert made news especially because it kept true to the celebrity’s essence, her sexy personality and brand. Meraiah (known as her mini-me) was also portrayed as a younger version of Omotola, who was learning the ropes from her mother with a close and strong mother and daughter ambience and bond. This is another way Meraiah has been making waves as she has been introduced to the entertainment/advertising industry.

Meraiah seems to be walking in the footsteps of her mother, considering how she takes to the glam life quite easily. Many are rooting for her as an upcoming model and fashion stylist.

About Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Generally, Omotola’s children are thought to be well brought up. Her children affirm that their mother’s background has influenced her style of motherhood and how she trained them. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was born in Lagos on February 7, 1978, to a family of five and a strict mother. Her mother was quite the disciplinarian and this is seen in how Omotola also disciplines her children. It is reported that in the early days of her career, Omotola was to be starred in the movie, Nneka The Pretty Serpent but she turned it down because her mother did not approve of her role as a mermaid. Omotola was paid 43,000 as her fee for her very first movie.

Omotola Ekeinde attended  Chrisland School Opebi from 1981 to 1987, she also attended Oxford Children School in 1987 and Command Secondary School Kaduna from 1988 to 1993

Omotola attended the University of Lagos briefly before she finally graduated from Yaba College of Technology where she studied Estate Management.

However, Omotola’s degree has almost nothing to do with her career path. She described herself as getting into acting by accident.

Omotola started out as a model and followed her friend to an audition. Her friend encouraged her to audition even though she didn’t get the role and that is how her acting career took off. Omotola has starred in over 300 movies.

Omotola has received numerous awards, both locally and internationally. She is now known as an actress, musician and has amassed an enviable fan base. She is the first African celebrity to receive over 1 million likes on her Facebook page. She is also regarded as one of the most-watched actresses in Africa and one of the pioneers of the Video Film Era of the Nigerian Cinema.

Omotola was listed as one of the lists of the 100 most influential people in the world alongside Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Kate Middleton in Time magazine in 2013.

In 2014, Omotola was honored by the Nigerian government as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic, MFR for her contributions to Nigerian cinema.




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