Lolu BBNaija Biography, Career & Lots More

Lolu was a participant in the Big brother Naija show tagged double wahala. His stay in the house endeared him to so many and also made him a reality TV star. Before his time in the house, Lolu had worked as a publicist for celebrities such as Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa, Joseph Benjamin, etc. He is also an investment banker. He decided to participate in the Big brother reality show in order to leverage on a platform that would be able to project him as a brand to be reckoned with. When he entered the house, Lolu had said that his father was not aware of his participation in the Big brother but his sister was and she was excited. He did not inform his father because he was a bit scared of the feedback, he was going to receive from him. However, after the show, his father was very supportive and was even proud of him.

Lolu BBNaija Biography

Lolu is often referred to as wordsmith of the double wahala episode of Big brother Naija. When he entered the house, many noticed him as a gentle and quiet person while others thought it was just his strategy to winning the show. While in the house, many things started to unfold about the young man, which you will find out here. Do you want to know all about ex-big brother housemate, Lolu? This article provides you with information on his biography. Here you find his age, birth, career, education, relationship status, and other things you will need to know about the celebrity.

About Lolu BB Naija

His full name is Omololu Shomuyiwa. He was born on the 2nd of September, 1989. He hails from Ogun state. Lolu had his primary school education and later completed his secondary school education at Olatunde Group of Schools. He attended the University of Ilorin between 2010 and 2014, where he studied Sociology and graduated with a Sociology degree.

Lolu lost his mother about eight years before he was a part of the reality show. At the house, he reported that he was particularly close to his mother especially as her only son and losing her made him have to grow up quickly. While at the house, Lolu also reported on how he was molested by his late mother’s house help. He said she used to subject him to lots of tortures if he did not do as she pleased. It was not until he was 21 that he was able to ever tell someone about it, he told his sister. When asked why he did not tell his mother at the time, he said he knew she had a lot of her plate even at the time.

Lolu is a “secret poet”, a dancer and a singer. While Lolu was in the house, people thought him to be proud and a playboy. People also thought he was pretending with his behaviours. Lolu however addressed these issues and described himself as one who tries his possible best to be real and blunt.

Over the years, Omololu has worked in various sectors such as media, public relations, management, investment banking, etc. He then believed he needed exposure so he could project himself as a brand and also help him to attract and retain opportunities and relationships that could make his life better. When asked what he was going to use the money for if he emerged winner of the show, he said he would go back to school because he loves to increase his knowledge base, travel, invest, help widows and the less fortunate, renovate his father’s house. AquaLib can guide in a better manner for home renovation.


Lolu is has worked as an investment banker from Ogun State. He is passionate about finance, media and leadership. One thing that drives him is his fear of being average. Lolu’s professional career cuts across the banking and media sector. He has worked with big brands such as Goldman Sachs, World Business PR and Megalectrics Limited (Operators of Classic FM 97.3 & The Beat 99.9FM), Ibadan.


  • Reading
  • Eating
  • Traveling
  • Playing video as well as board games

He is also a poet, dancer, and singer.

Relationship status

One of the things that endeared fans to Lolu was is gentleness. When asked what irritates him the most in others, he said he dislikes when people take others for granted and make others feel less of themselves.

When Lolu came into the house, he was quiet and gentle. However, when he got paired with a lady called Anto, people saw a different and excited young man. While in the house, people got to see him as an intelligent young man who had something to say about everything. However, after the house, Lolu became quieter and more reserved. Initially, he was seen attending events but as a private person which he is presumed to be, he grew even quieter.

After the show and during the Big Brother Naija reunion show in 2019, Anto disclosed that she was no longer with Lolu because he refused to date her after the reality show ended. Anto admitted to liking Lolu and wanting their romantic relationship to continue outside the house but he wasn’t interested. Defending himself, Lolu said starting a relationship went beyond liking each other and it took more than what they had. Later on, Lolu uploaded the picture of his girlfriend on Instagram.

After Big Brother

Although many thought Lolu went off the radar after the show, the young man later disclosed he had been up to quite a lot. He premiered his YouTube channel where he will be discussing social issues, personal issues as well as entertainment. He is also working on collaborating with a few international bodies towards youth development and empowerment. Although he did not divulge much information because the plans were still in the pipeline, he said his plans were looking progressive. Lolu is also working with a few corporate bodies so as to represent them. He said his presumed silence online is because he likes to make moves in silence and let his work speak for him.



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