Khafi BBNaija Biography, Career & Lots More

Khafi was one of the participants in the fourth edition of the BB Naija reality TV show (2019). Her presence in the house sparked lots of controversies and you will find out why. Khafi also got herself many loyal fans and admirers. This article provides you information on Khafi, her biography, career, net worth, etc.

Biography of Khafi

Khafi BBNaija Biography, Career & Lots More

Khafi Kareem was born in 1990 (which makes her 30 years of age at the moment). The young woman hails from Ekiti state but resides in London, United Kingdom. Khafi is a UK Police Officer with the London Metropolitan Police. She joined the force as a police constable in 2015. Khafi has proven herself to be strong-willed considering her decision to go for the reality TV show in spite of disapproval from her workplace. Her representative once described her as a ‘proud black female police officer who prides herself in her work’. Khafi is also talented in spoken word, singing, and dancing. On entering the house, Kareem had spoken of her religious beliefs and established herself as a fine chef. Many believe the style of the show is a far cry from Kareem’s responsibilities as a Police officer.

Khafi has always been involved in her community. In the 2019 International Women’s Day campaign, Khafi related her experience as a Police officer. She also attended the London premiere of blockbuster film Captain Marvel as part of the centenary of women in policing. She had also appeared at Peckham’s Culture Tree Centre to explain her role as Police officer to parents and children. Khafi wanted to win the grand prize at the BB naija show so she could establish a charitable organization. She also promised to hire a film crew and host a travel show where they go to every state in Nigeria showcasing the tourist beauty spot.

During the course of the show, her romance with fellow contestant, Ekpata Gedoni was a major topic of conversation, especially because of sex romps recorded. When they both came out of the house, they denied having sex when on the show. Khafi Kareem was evicted from the show on September 15 but did not return to the UK immediately.

 Khafi- Controversy

Khafi was reported to have been off-duty and was on unpaid leave before she appeared on the Big brother reality TV show. She had earlier filed applications of requests to be a part of the show but was denied. The Metropolitan Police was aware Khafi went on to the show without their permission and a spokesperson for Scotland Yard said that the Police did not support her appearance on the show, neither did Khafi represent the Metropolitan Police while on the show. Khafi faced the chances of being sacked from work with many speculating that she had breached police standards of professional behaviour.

BB Naija house controversies

Khafi got into deep waters when videos from BB Naija were released with speculations that she had sex with Gedoni. There were steamy on-screen romps which many believed was herself and Gedoni while they were both in the house. Although the organisers of the show denied that it happened, many people were not having it. Authorities such as The UK Sun newspaper reported that Khafi’s alleged sex romps with Gedoni on the show further incensed her colleagues and bosses for bringing the UK Police force into disrepute. Some of her colleagues also reported that as a serving British officer, what she did was outrageous. At this time, Khafi had lots of issues with news media houses such as, UK’s Sun newspaper where she requested, they withdraw an article that alleged she faces the sack for having sex with another contestant on the show. She was appalled that the paper had not contacted her for her side of the story and described the allegation as a “defamatory outburst”, was damaging to her image. The Metropolitan police also made it clear it did not support the officer’s appearance on the show, neither was she representing the Met Police force while appearing on the show.

While in the house, Khafi said that she is still celibate and would not have sex on the show. When Gedoni was evicted from the show, he refuted claims that he had sex with Khafi. According to him, Khafi has been celibate for eight years. Ike also confirmed that he and Diana, a fellow housemate had planted a condom by Khafi and Gedoni’s bed as a prank which they are aware sparked rumours that the duo had sex. Lastly, Khafi said her conscience is clear even though everyone thinks it was herself and Gedoni that had sex, she knew it was not them since they had both agreed not to be physically intimate because she is a very physically affectionate person. Khafi later reported that the London Metropolitan Police have asked her to resume after her participation in the reality show. Khafi said she is returning to her beat after holding a meeting with her superiors.

Khafi Net Worth

After the reality TV show, Khafi bagged ambassadorial deals such as with the Nigerian Unity Museum & Trade Tourism Village (Numatville), which she got with Gedoni. This is no surprise as Khafi has always been passionate about bringing tourism to Nigeria. She had said if she won the grand prize, she was going to set up a tourism agency. With this ambassadorial deal, Khafi and Gedoni also won themselves a plot of land at the entertainment aspect of the estate. Khafi also became an ambassador with Natural Girl wigs. While in the house, Khafi was known to always love to wear natural hair looks. This endorsement deal thus appeared to be one with a company that shares her beliefs and values. Khafi Kareem is also a brand ambassador for the Nigerian toothpaste brand, Close Up. Khafi once said she rejected a brand ambassadorial deal of N8 million because it was not in line with her values.

Khafi Networth

Khafi Kareem’s current net worth is estimated to be around $100,000





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